Is Sqribble a Scam? Important Review Facts!

Is Sqribble a Scam? Important Review Facts!

In this detailed Sqribble review, I am going to take you through the program exhaustively. Sqribble is typically a new cloud-based that enables users to create reports, eBooks, digital books, or other whitepapers on the fly, easily and quickly. Sqribble is the software you might have been searching for if you are a freelance or self-publishing writer who has been searching for a program that helps you make some cash by creating eBooks.


You undoubtedly agree that it would be beneficial to possess the ability to create professional-looking eBooks, naturally and quickly. Most individuals believe that a designer takes a lot of time and resources when it comes to creating eBooks. Here is where Sqribble offers a valuable solution. The software promises fast speed where users can create an eBook in seconds, even if you don’t have personal content.


Now, if you want to jump into the world of creating white papers and eBooks, you will not find a solution that is better than Sqribble. In this article, we will outline how the software works, its pros and cons, how to make money with it, and whether it’s legit or not.


What is Sqribble?

The individuals involved in marketing spend a substantial amount of time designing marketing materials in the form of white papers, reports, and eBooks to add weight to their marketing campaigns. Although countless tools in the market help you to create eBooks, most of these programs are unpredictable, buggy, and sometimes features crappy templates. Here is where Sqribble beats the other apps in the market because it’s reliable, and it helps users create eBooks in a couple of minutes.


As I said earlier in this review, Sqribble is simply a cloud-based application that incorporates inbuilt professional templates and attractive covers to help you create reports, eBooks, manuals, product information packages, white papers, guides, and other forms of documents within a short period. The good thing about this program is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to start creating eBooks with it.


Here’s a short video on Sqribble.

The fact that it comes with numerous helpful and powerful features that would definitely save a lot of time and effort for marketing agencies makes it a program that every marketer needs. Sqribble app is an incredible platform since it features an automatic table of contents, automatic pagination, straightforward drag, and drop design, automatic headers and footers, as well as over 300 fonts to select from. Continue reading this review to learn much more about the program.


How Does Sqribble Work

Sqribble works in three easy steps. Once you buy the program and sign in, you can start creating eBooks by following these simple and easy steps.


Choose a Template that Suits You

After signing in to the system, you are free to choose a template that suits your eBook design process. Currently, the system has more than 50 template designs that one can select from. These templates are designed for various niche or topics. With this capability, you can comfortably choose a template that you would like to work on. After selecting a template, click on the view button to have an overview of the appearance of your final digital book.


Add the Instant Content

As I said earlier, Sqribble comes with an automatic content feature. This functionality allows users to create instant eBooks by merely acquiring content from blog posts or by grabbing content from the URL. You just need to get the URL that amazes you and then copy and paste it inside the program. This functionality is ideal for you if you own a blog site or typical website, and you would like to turn the content of the website into an eBook. The program eliminates the HTML coding and only includes content and images from the site.


It is also possible to include content from the program’s massive library. The library boasts private label articles that can be freely used by the users.


Content can be added to the software by uploading a word file document. If you have content written in a word document and you are wondering how you can transfer it to an eBook, worry no more! After uploading the word document into Sqribble, it will be put into an expertly designed book.


Customize and Publish your eBook

At this step, the software enables you to brand your eBook. Here, you can personalize the templates or add extra flip pages. After customizing the eBook, you then publish it. All that is required of you is merely tapping on the generate eBook button and hurray your eBook is ready!


How to Make Money with Sqribble?

Sqribble is best suited for independent internet marketers, small business owners, freelancers, and small marketing agencies that want to establish lead magnets, create and sell eBooks, publish Kindle books, or even create whitepapers.


If you are looking forward to creating additional income via this platform, you will be delighted to note that the program comes with a commercial agency license intended for client work usage. This license gives you the freedom to provide unlimited eBook creation services to create eBooks, which you can put up for sale, and the profits made are all yours.


Sqribble also offers you a ready-made site with a pre-filled portfolio. With this type of website, you can just upload the content to any domain and then start selling it to prospective customers. The site can be sold for more than $ 500, which is a good amount of money since you won’t endure the hassles of designing a website from scratch.


Sqribble Ugly Truths Revealed!

There are several things that you need to learn about before following the masses and purchase Sqribble.



The program has four upsells, which totals to $ 418. You may not require all upsells, but it is likely to require some at certain levels. The front-end Sqribble costs $ 46.90, upgrade 1 (Sqribble professional) costs $ 97. Nevertheless, at Upgrade 1, you are offered, extra templates, 150 additional professional eBook templates, and several other types of content made for all niches.


Upgrade 2 (Sqribble Prime) costs $47. By subscribing to this level, fifteen new, premium and limited eBook templates are added to your dashboard every month. You may exhaust your designs quickly if you are determined about making some dollars from the program.


Upgrade 3 (Sqribble Fantasia), which costs $ 77, comes with 2-in-1 features. This level unravels the 3D cover creation functionality. Besides, it allows users to create ‘flipbooks’ which enables the eBook’s interactive pages to turn like real book pages.


Upgrade 4 (Auto Job Finder software) retails at $ 197. If you want to use Sqribble application to create eBooks as a service in order to get paid, then this is the upgrade you need to subscribe to. Here, jobs will be automatically sent to you instead of searching them on various freelancer websites.


Selling an eBook is Certainly Hard

You will need to sell the eBooks you create via this system by yourself. The owners do not offer training on how to sell the eBooks you design, which in my opinion, is much more complicated than the process of writing the eBook.


EBooks are Becoming Obsolete

There is a group of individuals that use eBooks a lot, and still, people want to create eBooks for this group. However, podcasts and audiobooks are becoming much more prevalent than eBooks. This is something that you need to take into consideration.


It isn’t a Passive Income Opportunity

Unless you have personal content that you want to insert into an eBook, this isn’t an ideal way of making passive money via the internet. If you are a blogger who has a personal audience already, your audience will definitely purchase your eBook irrespective of how it looks.


What I Like About Sqribble

It has Client Management Functionalities

As opposed to other design systems, Sqribble possesses a special client management section where you can communicate with your consumers, and they can comment on the project you are doing for them. This aspect is beneficial because it prevents the hassles that come after completing the job.


You can create a Proficient eBook in a Couple of Minutes

This is probably the biggest benefit of using Scribble. If you own content that you would like to insert in a book, then spending forty-seven dollars is the best way to have a professionally-designed eBook made within a short period.


EBooks can be Sold to Customers

A lot of users are looking forward to creating professional eBooks. You can use Sqribble to provide services to create eBooks for clients.


Several Color Palettes

Sqribble has twenty color palettes, which can be applied to any eBooks. This reduces the time wasted attempting to find out the colors that work best on your design. However, this feature may not be ideal for you if you are branding your templates in a particular way.


It has Automatic Content

Sqribble is not your ordinary app! It is made in such a manner that it’s able to insert instant content into your book without you having to write or type anything. You can find this content on the internet, and all that is needed of you is providing a URL and then drag the content into your eBook.


Flipbooks Creation

Another viable functionality in Sqribble is flipbook creation. This feature allows your digital book to look and feel like a real book. In simple terms, it makes your book seem as if it can be grabbed and make the pages turn like those of a physical book. This aspect not only lures readers but also gives your content value.


Amazing eBook Covers

Using Sqribble offers you a wide array of gorgeous eBook covers to select for your book. This is another functionality that makes the software beat its rivals in the market. Instead of having a digital book with dull colors, you are able to design books with impressive covers enabling them to stand out in Kindle or Amazon.


Is Sqribble a Scam?

Sqribble isn’t a scam in any way. Generally, the Sqribble eBook application builder is a must-have for all internet marketing specialists because it saves them a lot of time and money when creating marketing materials. Presently, readers prefer eBooks over print media since they can use eBooks wherever they go. You can use Sqribble to make additional money by providing eBook designer services.


How I Make a Living Online

I hope I outlined everything about Sqribble in detail, and that the information given will significantly help you. I certainly hope that the info helps you in your online pursuit. However, when it comes to generating passive income over the internet, there are two sides. One side hopes that joining a get-rich-quick scam and then hope for the best is the best route to follow. The other side pursues passive income by using the internet as an instrument to optimize their efforts correctly.


Everyone dreams of earning an income while sleeping. A large group of users finds it hard, creating passive income without investing a substantial amount of money. Nevertheless, affiliate marketing has created a passive income for millions of people across the world. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can get started with it without investing any cash. In my case, I am an affiliate marketer. By being an affiliate marketer, I usually make some cash by promoting particular products from a given company. The commission is rewarded to me every time the products I promote get sold. What you need to know is that customers determine whether you will succeed or fail as an affiliate marketer. Without any sales, affiliate marketers cannot receive the commission.


I know I say this regularly, but it’s the whole truth. Life is beautiful nowadays that I am a full-time affiliate marketer and my own boss. I look forward to each day, and it’s a superb feeling. I genuinely love rising up every single morning and start promoting other company’s products on my website. Before I started working as an affiliate marketer, I knew very little about this hustle and earning passive income online. Now, I want to confidently say that working as an affiliate marketer can genuinely change your life.   

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  • Selling eBook is hard
  • eBooks are becoming obsolete

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