Is Smart Cash App Scam? Can You Really Make $1,595 Per Day?

Is Smart Cash App Scam?


smart cash app review


Product Name: Smart Cash App

Author: Robert Fisher

Price: $37 plus upsells

Rating: 2.7 out of 10

Verdict: Even if this product is only $37, it does not offer anything of value. The content inside the courses seems to be just copy-pasted information from Wikipedia. You won’t find any secret there.


The internet is riddled with advertisements today. If you do not want ads on your browsing experience, you will need to jump through countless hoops. Even then, many companies are still finding new ways to insert ads into their content without you even knowing it.

Just recently, a user has found a Facebook feature that masks its ads on its source code to bypass any adblockers. That’s actually kind of clever if you think about it.

The reason I am talking about advertisements today is because the product I will be reviewing today is something I found on a social media platform, out of all things. I was browsing a popular social media platform and there was this ad that claimed: “earn $1,595 per day….etc.” Naturally, I had to take a look. After all, it’s literally my job – to review money-making products on the internet.

But before I begin with the review, I’d like to congratulate you on actually doing your research. It’s fair to assume that you are here because you are looking for a Smart Cash App review. If yes, then you are definitely doing the right thing. Majority of internet users today don’t even do a bit of research on the company they are interested with. Even simple research can go a long way in identifying scams.

That being said, you don’t actually need to do further research about this company now. What you need to know about this company, I will tell you in this article. So, without further ado, here’s my full review.


What Is Smart Cash App?

Smart Cash App is a new ClickBank product that was created by a man named Robert Fisher. It’s an app-based affiliate marketing course that claims to help its users earn thousands of dollars each day. They claim to have found “the secret” to making money by exploiting an error that nobody else knows.

If this is your first time reading that kind of claim, there’s a chance that you are intrigued, impressed even. But let me tell you right now that this kind of sales pitch isn’t that uncommon. As a matter of fact, this kind of phrasing is used by almost every known scam on the internet, but I digress.

We’re still early in the review and it isn’t fair to already brand this product as a scam. We still need to thoroughly examine the contents of this program before we can make a conclusion. But as it stands right now, it isn’t looking good. At first glance, it clearly displays almost all of the qualities of a scam company.


What Are The Claims Of Smart Cash App?

One of the first things you need to learn when looking for an online money-making opportunity is if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

smart cash up claim

If you think the claims are too perfect, then there’s a high chance that the program is only after your money. Legit companies tend to be more realistic and modest in their claims. Granted, the biggest claims tend to attract the most attention which is why so many companies to it. However, it is still fair to assume that the bigger the claim, the riskier it is.

As for Smart Cash App, the creator claims to know of an error made by a $177 billion dollar company which made it possible to earn $1,595 per day. The way it supposedly does this is it exploits this “error,” ultimately gaming the system.

As for the specifics of this error, they are being very vague about it. They are dangling “the secret” in a way to lure in customers to buy into the program. This isn’t a new sales tactic but companies purposely being vague how it works is pretty suspect.


How Does Smart Cash App Work?

As I’ve said, the author, Robert Fisher, doesn’t really explain the product at all. It’s pretty obvious that he is being purposely secretive about it. Whether or not that’s because it’s valuable is anyone’s guess but from my experience, vagueness about a product means scam.

But if you get right to it, Smart Cash App is an affiliate marketing course that promises to teach you the “ways of earning money online through affiliate marketing.” Affiliate marketing has always been a good industry to get into because we all know it’s legit.


The only issue with affiliate marketing is you need to know what you’re doing in order to turn a profit. If you’re just stumbling around with it, you’re going to lose money, and that’s basically the whole idea behind affiliate marketing courses like Smart Cash App.

Basically, Smart Cash App offers you a course for a price that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing the right way. It actually guarantees you to earn at least $1,000 per day once you’ve mastered the program.


Does The Course Actually Work?

To tell you the truth, it has the potential to work but it is very small. I took a look around and found that most of the lessons found in the course are outdated.

That’s a damn shame because affiliate marketing has the potential to actually earn you a good salary. If you have the right approach to it, it’s possible to earn online. In fact, I am mainly using affiliate marketing to earn online. It’s been my bread and butter money-maker on the internet. If you want to learn more about m, just click the link here.

Now, I am not saying that Smart Cash App does not offer any information about affiliate marketing. It does. Unfortunately, there are too many issues with their approach that are likely to lose money in the long run.


How Much Does Smart Cash App Cost?

The basic price of this product is a cool $37. It’s actually pretty cheap, especially when compared to other affiliate marketing courses that can go up to $1000+. It’s a ClickBank product so they have a money-back guarantee.

Robert Fisher offers plenty of upsells though. The $37 is only just for the basic program. If you want add-ons and additional resources, you need to shell out more money. Now, I am not going to list all the upsells here because that would be a waste of time. But if you buy all of the upsells or add-ons, that could easily cost you more than $500.

That’s a lot of money for what you are getting.

smart cash app


My Honest Thoughts About Smart Cash App

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing to write home about this company. It’s sort of stuck between mediocrity and failure that I have to rack my brain just to think of positive things to say about it. Needless to say, I managed to come up with a few positive things to say about it.


  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • $37 basic price


  • The course is outdated
  • The course does not offer much value
  • At the time of this writing, the company has changed its name (rebrand)
  • Robert Fisher isn’t a reliable author
  • Misleading claims (You won’t earn $1,500 per day on this program – that’s impossible)
  • Support is non-existent


The Verdict – Is Getting Smart Cash App Worth It?

The answer to that question is a resounding NO.

Even if this product is only $37, it does not offer anything of value. The content inside the courses seems to be just copy-pasted information from Wikipedia. You won’t find any secret there. 90% of the content inside can easily be found on the internet for free. The remaining 10% looks to be some kind of strategy that worked 10 years ago.

Suffice it to say, even at $37, you will still lose money on this thing. Forget about the $1,500. You won’t get that, not even a fraction of that.

Just remember that big claims require big evidence to back it up. If a product fails to provide that, then they are simply lying as evidenced by the deliberate vagueness of this company whenever they talk about their structure.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online opportunities out there and it’s a shame that it’s being used to sell something worthless. Fortunately, there are plenty of affiliate marketing resources out there if you know where to look. To help you get started, I will link my #1 recommended affiliate marketing course for you to check out. See you there!

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