Is Slice the Pie Legit? You Must Read This Before You Join!

Is Slice the Pie Legit? You Must Read This Before You Join!

Slice the Pie is the largest website that focuses on paid reviews. If you have ever thought of making some quick bucks while spending time on your favorite hobby, you better signup for so, what exactly is this website all about. was created with the objective of promoting budding musicians. They can upload their music, tunes, and songs from the website. Those who will listen to it give it a review. And the reviewer gets paid for that.

In short, slicethepie is the online platform for musicians to get reviews about their work while the reviewer gets paid. If you’re wondering if there is any Slice the Pie scam out there; you need to read this Slice the Pie review.

We will take a look at everything from who Slice the Pie is for and what you can get by joining it.

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How does Slice the Pie Work?

A lesser-known musician does need the opinion of the people. It helps him/her to gain insight into the market. It genuinely helps them in modifying their music before launching themselves into the competitive world.

Now, allows them to upload their music. People who listen to it are required to give a review.

A listener is required to rate the song on the scale of 1 to 10. Here, 1 implies that the song is worst and ten is the best.

If the song plays for more than 90 seconds, then the listener gets access to rate the artist. So, if you like the song and play it for the full length, you will get to rate the artist the well.

Now, this rating is not that easy for money making. You have to mention details about the musical notes you loved, the artist’s approach, its lyrics and so on. The more detailed the review, more money you earn.

Here’s a Quick Video on Slice the Pie.

There are many reviewers who earn more than a thousand dollars just because of fulfilling the parameters. When you post the review, the website suggests you the edits for earning more.

So, the ones who are now adept at it, know how to write such a review. They get paid as much as $25 per review as compared to $ 0.05 made by the newcomers.

In addition to that, the scouts; reviewers are known by this name; also receive merchandise, free access to certain applications and also get to listen to the free tracks. All in one, it is an attractive and fun way to make some money online.

Is the effort worth it?

Many do ask the question if the efforts done on this website are worth it? Is it a legit way to make money? Don’t musicians need to get reviews anyway?

Why are the scouts paid money to leave a money? Why do you get access to rate an artist only after listening to the track for 90 seconds?

We have answers to all your curiosities.

First of all, it is a legit way of making money. Just as the examiners get paid for marking your examination copies, scouts get paid for reviewing musical tracks. Just the mode of operation is different. You get paid online through PayPal.

The efforts that you make for reviewing a musician is actually worth it. When you post your detailed review, the musician knows what is his/her strong point and the weak points as well. He/she knows what kind of songs suits his/her voice more.

This way, they sing the tracks that cater to the musical demands of the people. When you gauge the number of efforts they put up just to get your honest review, you realize that it is more than just paid reviews.

It is your honest suggestion that is motivating a lesser known musician to come forward. Many times, radio stations and local T.V. channels also take a cue from this website to feature a local artist.

They gain recognition and appreciation. The rest comes under their success saga. So, saying that the efforts on the website are worthless is actually completely false.

But, there is a downside too. the time which you spend on listening to the track and then rating it is never counted in your professional experience. Unless you are a music expert, you don’t even know the minute details of the song.

Most people can’t differentiate between the sound of an electric guitar and a non-electric one. So, how do such people can establish the level of an artist’s musical knowledge?

Also, instead of using your time and effort on this website, if you invest it learn some vocational training, you will be better equipped to earn more.

You can earn pocket money from this website but not the whole month’s salary. Moreover, it will not add anything to your skills.

If you have a penchant for writing, you can better utilize your time in copywriting. There, you will be paid better and will also develop skill sets.

Copywriters are today in large demand owing to the large demand of quality online presence.

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The final verdict: Is Slice the Pie Legit?

During the course of our evaluation, we didin’t feel that the website is a scam. People do get paid for their reviews.

Only you have to reach a particular withdrawal limit and that actually takes time. Moreover, it is a fun way to listen to the tracks from budding musicians.

If you are some kind of music director, you will actually get lots of untapped talent on this paltform. From the reviewr’s point of vie, you will get piad for your ratings.

But, then we also feel that it is not worth the efforts. You get paid pennies for about one hour of your efforts. And, if you are not a music expert, you cannot write in so much detail.

We conclude that despite this website being a legit way to earn some money, it is not the one to go for in the long run. You can’t pay your bills and groceries. So, better invest your time in some good paying jobs.

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