Is SimpleSite A Scam?- So Simple, So Easy, Worth It?

SimpleSite Scam Review- So Simple, So Easy, Worth It?

Name: SimpleSite


Owners: Morten & Jacob Elk

Price: $0 – $28.95

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit

You must have heard of the  SimpleSite or from a friend. And you may find yourself asking if this company is real or another piece of scam out there.

Based on my research, I found them to be a reputable website builder out there.

But it is a good thing to find out about them and if their services are what they promise because most people go into business with another company and end up with an unpleasant experience at the very end.

The reviews below should help you decide if the company is good to do business with or not.


What is SimpleSite All About?

SimpleSite is a drag and drop website builder that is established around 2003 in Denmark by Jacob and Morten.

They happen to be a company that specializes in web hosting and also helps build websites. And they have a reputation for creating amazing mobile websites.

The company provides you a simple and easy way to build a website regardless of your level of experience or technological knowledge.

Since they started their company in the year 2003, they have been able to have a customer base of up to 80,000 using their services.

Their business has been expanding in the recent year and has produced local versions of their website in about 25 countries in the world.


How Does SimpleSite work?

Once you log into their website, you will be required to sign up for a free account and then start to build your website.

However, you will be encouraged to upgrade to Pro Package with a discount which will cost you just $1 in the first month.

First, you will want to choose what kind of website you are creating and then you will go through of filling in all the information you want on your websites to make its unique.

Their drag and drop method of creating a website is very easy, but you have few options when it comes to customizing your site because most of the features available are almost the same.

It turns that the few things you will be able to change are your site layout and the background of the images, which limit what you can do with your website.

You will find that their website builder is not the best out there if you want to have a well- designed and a unique website.


Costs & Membership Packages Of SimpleSite

Below are the various prices for each membership:

Basic Membership (Personal use)- This plan is free.

The Basic membership package walks you through the steps on how to build a good website, but they don’t include the domain.

It will make the ranking of your site on the search engine a bit of challenge, so you will want to buy your own domain to overcome this problem.

The Basic membership package offers you:

  • 15 pages
  • 300 images
  • 600 seconds of video
  • Limited design and font option
  • 5 online stores
  • Paypal integration
  • Simple Site advertising

Pro Package(Entrepreneurs)- This cost $11.95 for one month and $29.95 for three months. It is a perfect choice for bloggers, anyone who need a website and entrepreneurs.

The Pro Package includes :

  • Unlimited pages
  • unlimited images
  • unlimited video
  • unlimited designs and font options
  • Your own domain name
  • Custom email address
  • No advertising

eCommerce(Large Business)- This cost $29.95 for 1 month and $74.95 for 3 months.The eCommerce Package is for business and top businessmen.

They can help you build your online store. If your company is selling a product, this could just be the best package you will want to create your site.

The eCommerce Package includes everything in Pro Package plus unlimited online store products.

There’s Is No Comparison To My #1 Recommended Program For Building Websites and Online business.

What I Like About SimpleSite

  • The company offers you a free trial to see what their website builder will offer you. No scam company will likely offer you.
  •  The website building process is easy.
  • Media Add-ons and Integrations- Most website builders leave you alone to integrate your various social media account to your site, but the company included it on the site.
  • Payment Processing-The company makes sure your site will integrate with the payment option, which helps you fast track most of your sales on the e-commerce site.
  • The offline mode of payment is also included by the company to enable your customers to make payment via their email.


What I Don’t Like About SimpleSite

  • They are not the best of the website builders.
  • Their website builder does not have most of the features to make your website superb
  • Your website will likely be faced with challenges of standing out in the search engine. They use same templates will be used for other people.
  • You are not giving any SEO training, which means you have to learn it on your own.
  • The company is more geared to web- hosting
  • Insufficient customer support
  • Compare to others web- hosting and website builder it is pricey.
  • No clear refund policy or money back guarantee.


Training Tools And Support

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints you will want to head to their FAQ page. Also, you can submit tickets to their ticket system or email their customer service. They usually respond within two business day.

The guides offer through SimpleSite are minimal, because the basic nature of the site is no real need for a depth walkthrough.

The support is very basic and often very a few tips on how to get started.


Final Thought: Is Simpesite A Scam?

Through my various research, I don’t find SimpleSite to be a scam in any way, but they don’t meet my type of website requirement.

I will say SimpleSite will help you put your content on the web in no time without bothering your head of the best design or layout of your website.

But if you are looking for a well-designed website that will rank well on the search engine, Simplesite shouldn’t be your first choice.

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Do you have any questions or comment about SimpleSite? You can direct them to us through the comment Box!

Thanks for reading.





4 thoughts on “Is SimpleSite A Scam?- So Simple, So Easy, Worth It?”

  1. Another company that is not a scam but still isn’t the best. I was looking up on the internet and the best website builders and I saw this programme. When I was reading your review, I was pretty excited that it seemed so easy to create your own website. But then I looked at the cons and the fact that you are not given SEO training is a big turn off. What is the point of having a website if you don’t know how to get it to rank? Even though this is a legit website, maybe it’s not the best one to join to build a website. I checked out WA and they seem like the real deal. Not to mention that you actually get help with what to do to rank in search engines. That is the point of a website anyway. Great review!

    • Hi Lindsey, thanks you are here.SimpleSite is a good website builder. It is so simple and easy. The only issue with them is they don’t offer SEO training.This is no good for someone just started out online. Wealthy Affiliate offers both basic and advance SEO training. They can teach you how to get your posts rank in minutes soon after you publish them. This is the point of a website.

  2. I have never heard of ”Simplesite” until I started receiveng charges on my Visa debit card of 12 euros from ”simplesite copenhagen dk”. Try to stay away from them cause it seems that they can scam you even if you’ve never heard of them let alone give them your debit card information, which I didn’t. I have lost a lot of money because of this and there is no one who can help me out. Just stay away!

    • Hi Antonio,
      First of all, thank for stopping by!
      I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with “Simplesite”
      Personally, I don’t think “Simplesite” is a scam. Be careful with their Terms and Condition if you get involved in them. In addition, I would suggest, don’t give out your card info online with the vendors you don’t know.

      Please stay safe!


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