Is Quantum Profits A Scam? Important Review Facts!

Is Quantum Profits A Scam? Important Review Facts!

Name: Quantum Profits

Owners: Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari & Nishkarsh Sharma


Price: $5.95 + Upsells.

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

In the following review, I’ll be showing you everything you can expect if you would decide to purchase this product as well as whether I would personally recommend this to you guys or not.

The first thing you should know is that I am not an affiliate or distributor of Quantum Profits.

I have the fact!

Is the business legit or a scam?

Does it deliver on its promises?

Find out whether you will actually make money or if you are better off exploring other option to Make Money Online.


What Is Quantum Profits All About?

Quantum Profits is basically a training course that claims to teach you how to make money online using a 100% free traffic sources.

This new training course was launched on December 8, 2016, by Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari and Nishkarsh Sharma who are pretty well known for selling their products within the WarriorPlus marketplace.

They claim that their training will help you easily and quickly earn $121.71 per day by following their method.


Will this program actually work?

Let’s see how it stacks up!


What They Offer

They offer you 5 different things for the price of just $5.95.

Below Is A Screenshot Of Member’s area.



‘ Fast Cast ‘ $100 Per Day Blueprint.

The little-known traffic source covers in the fast cash blueprint and you will start making money within hours of getting started.

Step-by-Step Video Training.

All you need to follow along to the video training courses and implement the strategies and techniques that they show you.

2X Your Income ‘ Custom Software. If you want to take things to the next level, work less, and double your income, you will need this software. They use this software to boost their income to $148.72 per day and more.

Bonus #1. Quantum Kickstart.

This package will help you make it quick and easy to get results even faster. It is a reference for referring back to later if you have a question.

Bonus #2. Quantum Cash Methods.

You will get 2 more methods for quickly getting to $100 + per day and beyond.

Combine everything together, it makes it extremely easy for newbies to start making $100+ per day on complete autopilot.


Why It Seem Like A Scam?

The sale page for this products shares many of the scam traits as many other scams that I reviewed.

It has the same appearance as many of the scams that will just completely take your money and leaving you nothing in return. Even though it is not ones they at least give you something.

It uses the same templates as many of the scams and uses some of the same tactics.

  • Claiming that the price will go up if you come back later, but when you come later it is all the same.
  • A scary low starter price. This is a scammy price that has been proven to convert traffic into buyers and making newbies fall for it every single time.
  • Everything they are telling us on the sale page is promising us overnight riches! If anyone is promising you overnight rich, they are fooling you because 99% of the time it’s a scam.


What Is The Price?

The front end price of the product is between $5.95- $9.95. After you purchase Quantum profits, you will hit with other offers for a couple more expensive products.

There are 3 upsells associated with this program.



Upsell #1: ($17/downsell $12). Done-For-You Campaigns.

These are complete done-for-you stuff to help you get instant results.

Upsell #2: ($27/downsell $17) 2 Step-by-Step Case Studies.

They laid out the entire system that they used to make a $1000 using their method with 5 minutes.

Upsell #3. ($47/downsell $37). Advance Training.

You will get access to their proven training which will teach you to make use of the untapped secrets to drive targeted traffic by leveraging the search engines for free, without any SEO involved.


What I Like About Quantum Profits

  • Good amount of training for beginners.
  • Some worthwhile insights on getting better results.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to follow training video and system.


What I don’t Like About Quantum Profits

  • Sale pages is similar to many scams.
  • Several upsells once you actually purchase.
  • No extensive training.
  • Takes more time than suggested.
  • There are much better training options out there available for free.
  • Everything they are telling us on the sale page is promising us overnight riches.


Who Is This For?

Quantum Profits is for anyone looking to get free traffic to their sites and ultimately making money through affiliate marketing.

Obviously, the program is geared toward newbies who have never made a cent online and any marketer who wants to add passive $100+ per day to their online income.

If you are an advanced marketer, this might not be for you because the training is very basic.

For complete newbies wanting to get started with affiliate marketing, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation Here.

It is your one-stop for everything about making money online. No credit card or bank details required. Just sign up and you’re in.


So, Is Quantum Profits A Scam?

All things considered, I’m happy to say that this product isn’t a scam and probably worth $5.95.

Whenever easy money is promised, there’s always going to be people who jump to the opportunity (me included).

Unfortunately most of the time these things will turn out to either be scams or not even close to what they promise they would be.

This was basically the case with me when I started out a few years ago, though I did spend money initially and worked so hard, I made next to nothing in the process.

This is the results so many people who try these types of schemes end up experiencing.

Nothing is ever push-button easy so don’t be fooled by anyone saying it is. I’m not saying Jason, Mosh and NishKarsh did that, but take the online marketing with a grain of salt.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Quantum Profits that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!




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