Is Quantum Ad Code A Scam (New Iteration Of Old Scam Website)

Is Quantum Ad Code A Scam?

is quantum ad code scam


It is really hard to pass up a chance to earn money on the side because money is money, and earning more of it surely won’t hurt. And with that, comes one of the most polarizing industries on the internet — online money making schemes. To be fair, online money making schemes on the internet is not new and has been a staple of the internet even way before it became a household necessity.


Today, we’re going to review another Ad Cash System that promises its users a shot at becoming a millionaire. It’s a pretty tall claim and is probably just a lie. But we’re going to check its merits anyway because that’s what we do here. If you want to check additional reviews, head on over to this link to check out the most popular money making schemes today.


What Exactly Is Quantum Ad Code?


Quantum Ad Code is a free ad cash system that claims to help its users earn up to $13,671.32 per day. As I was saying earlier, the amount they claim is a bit absurd, and when you actually read it aloud, it becomes even more outrageous. It’s a ridiculous claim. No system can generate that much money in a very short amount of time, but then again, maybe it does? I am about to do a deep dive into the inner workings of this system to see if anything checks out.


The website of Quantum Ad Code looks nice enough if you look at the design but it does follow a template. It’s a landing page template used by most affiliate websites. The template goes like this – a big claim with an absurd amount right at the top of the page, a video down below explaining the system vaguely, and an about page. That’s basically it. Some systems add more to this landing page template but as far as these websites go, they almost always opt for the same basic template like the one used by this website.


Quantum Ad Code claims to have created software using bleeding edge technology that allows its users to exploit the power of the internet. They call this technology Near Quantum Speed or NQS. Now, if I’m being really honest here, this alone should make you run out the door. No self-respecting company would claim to have invented a functional technology that puts a “Quantum” word on it. First of all, Quantum is a branch of science that only a handful of people truly understand. To use it as a buzzword for an affiliate marketing system screams SCAM.


How Does Quantum Ad Code Work?


The owner, “Michael Crawford,” claims to have been using this Near Quantum Speed technology to trade money and because of the “Quantum” tag, it never loses a trade. It will make you five figures every day just like that!


is quantum ad code scam


The details of their supposedly bleeding edge technology are quite vague. If you read enough of their materials, it would appear that even they don’t exactly understand what they’re saying. Their pitch basically just says that their system would make you win every trade, every time, every day, no risk and without any losses.


One problem with this claim is if it is indeed true, why even sell the program? If what he’s claiming is real, and Michael Crawford never losses a trade, why even bother selling this item? But that’s not even his biggest problem. Because upon searching his name on any popular platforms, nothing comes up. You will never see a billionaire Michael Crawford because there isn’t one. It’s a fake name using a fake technology to lure in real people to leech off their money.


In the next section, I will list down the pros and cons of this product. But unlike my other reviews, we’re going to start with listing the cons because there’s just so much of it. The pros, I imagine would only include their money-back guarantee policy but I’ll still include what I can. That is if I find any “pros” within this program.


What Are The Cons of This Product


Right out the gate, let me tell you now that Quantum Ad Code is not even a real system. They’re just using fluff words on their website to make it seem like they know what they’re doing when the face of the matter is, they don’t.


We’re not even sure if the owner’s real name is Michael Crawford because you can’t find a piece of single information about him outside of this product. The videos used no the website, has reportedly been used on other similar programs as well. If reports are to be believed, once the website has been found out, he will create a new one with the same website template. He will change a couple of things here and there, but overall, he will still run the same scam, only this time, it has a new name.


The reason we know of this is when you go to their checkout page, you will not be billed for a product called “Quantum Ad Code” but for a product called “BannerBit.” If you go and dig a little deeper, you will soon find out that “BannerBit” is also the product given for several now-defunct scam systems, Quantum Code and Free Ad Cash System.


What this shows is the owner of this website is a mastermind scammer and will continue to run this scam as long as people get lured into it. But such is a way of life for internet scammers. There’s actually very little thing you can do about them because there isn’t any consumer watchdog that watches over these scams.


Fake Testimonials


One of the major red flags for programs of this kind are the fake reviews and testimonials. The reviews seem written by the same person, using photos that are stock images. Usually, you will only see 5-star reviews where the reviewer talks about his/her time about the company, how awesome their products are, and similar embellished stories that would make you want to try it out. They have a ton of fake testimonials on their hands, and it looks like they’re not even trying to hide it.


If they are willing to do these shady strategies to get on your good side, then it’s highly likely that whatever they’re selling to you is crap as well. Once you pay them that subscription money, you will never hear from them again. And before you can request a refund of your money, they’ve already changed their brand name and moved on to something else.


Comparing It To The Best Affiliate Product Today


When you compare it to my #1 recommended affiliate program, you will quickly notice the many glaring holes this company has. There is too much fluff content on their website that even when they’re saying a lot, they convey so little information that you will end up getting more questions than answers.


If you truly want to see what a capable affiliate program can do for you, you need to check out my #1 recommendation. I will not talk about it here but the link above points to the review where it should speak for itself.


To Answer The Question – Is It A Scam?


It is a SCAM, no doubt.


There’s actually very little evidence that points out to it being a legitimate company. It is a get-rich-quick scam that only aims to get you to fork over your hard earned cash in the swiftest way possible.


What’s even worse is this is not the only company of this kind. Sites like these have been popping up non-stop since the 2010s and will only multiply as social media usage increases. It’s quite a shame since there are still legitimate online money-making companies out there but because of these scams, the industry as a whole is losing its credibility.


There should really be a short internet course for people to help them point out which programs are scams and which aren’t, because right now, the internet is flooded with it, and there’s no sign of it ever stopping. With the advent of viral marketing and other marketing shenanigans, it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid scam products.


If you want a product that is proven to work, and also has a long track record of success stories, you should check out my #1 recommendation. You will never go wrong using this product.





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