Is Purium Scam? A Full Review Of This New MLM!

Is Purium Scam?



One of the very first things we need to do when you come upon a new earning opportunity is to do thorough research to determine whether if it is a scam or a legitimate opportunity. After all, it is our money and we want to make sure we are investing it in something that we believe in. You are probably here because you are doing research on a company named Purium and you want to know if it is indeed a worthy investment. Luckily for you, I am going to answer that very question but before that, I will discuss everything that is to know about this company. I am going to do a full review and take a deep look into the inner workings of this company.


Not only are we going to determine if this company is a scam or not, but we are also going to get a better understand of the industry it belongs to. I am also going to give alternative programs in case this company does not pan out. In any case, this is going to be an informative article about the company Purium and the industry as a whole. So without further delays, here’s my full review.


What Exactly Is Purium?


So, what exactly is Purium? What are its products, and are any of them good?


To answer that, first, let’s identify what kind of company Purium really is. It is an MLM company that offers health supplements to its consumers. Truth be told, this isn’t exactly a unique enterprise since most MLM companies have the exact same setup. Most MLM companies today offer health and wellness products and it seems like more companies are following suit.


Purium does not exactly shatter the industry’s standard when it comes to how they deal with their business. The opposite is true in fact because they basically solidified the image of MLM more since they never did away with the “expensive health products with a side of recruitment” image. Having said that, Purium is definitely not a scam. It’s an MLM type of earning opportunity that’s been done a couple thousands times over. The questions now is whether this opportunity is for you.


How Do You Make Money Using Purium?


Just like any other MLMs out there, you have pretty much 2 major ways to earn money. That is to recruit or sell products. Many MLMs put emphasis on the recruitment side of things and these are the companies you should be wary of. MLM companies that skews their compensation plan towards recruitment would almost always look like pyramid schemes. On the other hand, MLM companies that focuses on selling their items instead are one of the good ones. The perfect MLM company is one that prioritize both – and would allow you to earn money using only one of those 2 major ways.


Here’s a quick video presentation that came directly from Purium.



Can You Succeed Using Purium?


Knowing all the things I’ve said above, can you really earn money using Purium?


The answer to that is quite tricky, to be honest. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider like drive, motivation, compensation plan, and many other things before you can determine your success. But one thing is for certain though – most MLM members fail to make money, and this is a fact. Most MLMers would not want you to know the frightening statistic that around 95% of MLM members fail to earn. As for Purium, when you look at their income disclosure above, you can see that 94% of active affiliates have not earned money to cover their investment.


There are plenty of reasons why affiliate fails but that topic is for another article. For now, let’s settle on the most obvious thing – and that is the compensation plan. If you understand how MLM works, it would be pretty obvious why people don’t actually earn from it. The premise of MLM is to have people sell products to their friends, families, or strangers – or they could recruit them to be a member to earn a commission. After you go down several levels of recruitment, you will saturate the market, and this would in turn, make it harder for you to earn money. This is the problem with most MLM companies that’s why you need to find an MLM company that puts emphasis on both the recruitment and product selling.


If you want to learn about an alternative program that would allow you to earn money without the negative of being in an MLM, you need to take a look at my review of my #1 recommended program.


What People Are Saying About Purium?


Now, let’s take a look at the products of Purium to determine if it’s worth your money or not.


Purium actually sells you on the idea that you can loss weight and gain muscle at the same time without exercising. They claim to have found a way to cheat the natural process and have you gain muscle without doing much work just by munching on their supplement. Sounds dubious? Well, because it is.



Here is what they recommend their members to do for 10days.


  1. Take Purium Power Shake for 10 days ($249).
  2. Take their vegan amino protein tablets, which they claim to help you build muscle without exercising
  3. Take their other detox products which they claim is able to rid your body of toxins


That’s pretty much it. And if I am going to be perfectly honest, none of those things are true at all. If there ever such a thing that can build muscle without working out, fitness people would’ve had their hands around it as soon as it came out. But unfortunately, this product does not exist. Also, full-body detox is pseudoscience and there’s not one study that shows the benefits of doing body detox using tablets. We have our own detox center – our liver and kidneys namely.


How To Get Started With Purium


  • Basic Pack ($49)


You won’t get any products with this package but you will need to purchase $65 worth of Purium items every month to keep your membership.


  • Standard Pack ($199 – $500)


$199 – you won’t get any products upfront but you don’t have to buy items from them monthly to keep your membership

$500 – if you buy items from them worth $500, you will automatically become a member


Compensation Plan


As I’ve already stated above, you can earn money either by selling or recruitment. Other MLM companies would tell you that this isn’t true as they have other ways of helping you earn money. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t true. This is really just the only 2 ways you can earn money. They just make their compensation plan complicated enough so they can get away with claiming to have several earning opportunities when the fact is, they’re just two – sell or recruit. It’s simple as that.


This company is no different. They have around 10 ways of earning money but if you get right down to it, it’s just recruitment for the most part. And selling, of course. Here’s their video discussing it.



The Honest Verdict


Purium is a legit MLM company, I’m going to say that right now. However, is it a worth it program to join? That is an entirely different question altogether. The fact that it is a legit company does not warrant my recommendation for it. The opposite is true, actually. The fact that it is a legit company makes me want to examine it more closely.


What I found out is that Purium suffers from the same issues that most MLM companies do. Their products are priced way over the fair market value, which is always a tell that it is an MLM company. What’s even worse is they are claiming outrageous things about their product without getting the proper studies first. As far as I know, all the things that they are claiming about their product are, in fact, false and misleading.


A good sign that you are joining a robust MLM company is if their products are well-received. If their products are working as advertised, even if they are a little bit more expensive, you can easily sell them on the market since they are effective. If you believe in the product that you are peddling, you are more likely to succeed than if you don’t. Therefore, if you think that Purium products are worth your money, then go ahead and join. Otherwise, keep your money and join others instead.

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