Is Profit With Our Sites A Scam?- True Review Facts!

Is Profit With Our Sites A Scam?- True Review Facts!

Name: Profit With Our Sites

Owner: Jake/Craig Hammer


Price: $17

Overall Rank: 2 Out 10

Hey, friend!

Welcome to my Profit With Our Sites Review!

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the Profit With Our Sites so I decided to check it out and see what it’s all about.

With so many fake and scam sites popping up on daily basis, it is vital to ensure you thoroughly research any program you are thinking of joining.

What is Profit With Our Sites?

Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to make money online?

Is it worth investing time in a site like this?

These are some the questions that we will be focusing on in this short review.

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Profit With Our Sites, Jake & Craig Hammer

The Profit With Our Sites goes by the name of Jake is most likely a fake persona.

According to several sources, the real owner of Profit With Our Sites is Craig Hammer (TIM Marketing Inc.) who also owns several other sites with a similar concept.

To confirm that Jake’s story is completely fake, you’d want to compare the stories of other Craig owned sites like Copy My Websites, and Copy My Commissions, both of which were functional around the release of the Profit With Our Sites.

The Profit With Our Sites website domain (“”) was registered on March 3, 2017. Craig Hammer is listed as the owner with an address in United States also provided.

According to the Profits With Our Sites website domain registration, Craig is based out of Ohio in the US. This is presumably where Profit With Our Sites is being operated from.

Jake claims that his training will help you easily earn $1000.00 per day starting today, by following his method.



Who Exactly Is Profit With Our Site For?

One of the best ways to know whether or not a program is for you is to check out the sale video.

I don’t mean “getting sold” by watching the video. It’s more of a watch what they do and not what they say.

Profit With Our Sites promo video is just like most of the other promo videos these days with its manipulative language and hype.

They employ typical blind sales tactics instead of trying to show you what you’d really be getting.

A lot of what they talk about in the video is really affiliate marketing but with so much hyped up language that you’d think it was something people know nothing about. Obviously, they’re trying to target newbies.


What Will You Be Doing Once You Join?

When you join Profit With Our Sites, they’re going to give you links that you will be promoting Profit With Our Sites.

They offer some basic training how to post affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter to help you make money online.

When someone buys for $37, you’ll receive a small commission.

They also give you a bunch of simple websites and landing pages that people can sign people up to your mailing list so you can promote Profit With Our Sites.


How Much Does Profit With Our Sites Cost?

The cost of Profit With Our Sites is advertised as $37 with a special emphasis on never having to pay a recurring monthly fee.

If you click away from the sale page you get first $10 discount and again if you click away you’ll get second $20 discount meaning that you can get the program for only $17.



I’m not a fan of this because it looks to me as if they’re rewarding folks who aren’t interested in the program as those that buy immediately.

So basically the is to access to some basic training about affiliate marketing, get some very simple websites, and a lot of links with no direction plan of attack.


What I Like About Profit With Our Sites

  • It has some information that can be useful for beginners
  • Offer a 60-day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like About Profit With Our Sites

  • Profit With Our Sites is nothing more than a copy and paste sales page
  • They try to gain your trust without enough time trying to prove that this is a program that can help you make money online.
  • Fake earning statement
  • Thrive on the get rich quick mentality
  • Unrealistic claims that you’ll make 1K a day starting today which isn’t possible especially if you are a newbie.
  • This not a viable way to make money on the internet


Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

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Profit With Our Sites At A Glance

Name: Profit With Our Sites

Owner: Jake/Craig Hammer


Price: $17

Overall Scam Rank: 2 Out of 10

Verdict: DO Not Recommend, Don’t Live Up To The Promises

Do you happen to have any prior experience with Profit With Our Sites that you would like to share with everyone else today? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this review.

I wish you the best in the world.











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