Is PrizeRebel Legit? Important Review Facts!

Is PrizeRebel Legit? Important Review Facts!

Online jobs that give you some good amount of cash have become very common, and you are always coming across new companies offering you a chance to earn online.

You have most likely come across online site during your internet browsing. Is prizeRebel scam real? Will you earn a bunch of money by joining them or is it a PrizeRebel ripoff?

In this review, I will exclusively talk about whether PrizeRebel is a scam or whether it is still a legitimate “get paid to take survey site”.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a “get paid to” company website. This company has been in existence since 2007 and claims to offer you a legit way of earning money online.

PrizeRebel website rewards points to the members whenever they complete online surveys, conduct product offers, filling out your profile, liking the Facebook page, referring other people, and more online tasks.

These surveys and product offers are done according to the request of PrizeRebel partners and sponsors.

In return, you redeem the points you have been awarded for various prizes including clothing, prepaid game cards, video game codes, and music and Amazon gift cards.

Here’s a Quick Video on PrizeRebel.

What I Liked About PrizeRebel

1. Free to Join

One of the best thing that I liked about PrizeRebel is that its free to sign up and get started. I filled in my details, and I became a member instantly.

2. User-friendly

The PrizeRebel site design is one of the most pleasant and user-friendly. The website sections are easy to access and well plainly laid.

3. A plenty of ways to earn with them.

You will earn money in a plethora of ways. You can complete surveys, take on product offers and many another task as stated earlier. The offers page clearly outlines the surveys and offers available.

4. They are a legitimate company.

Another positive thing about PrizeRebel is that the company has no many online legitimacy complaints. It has been in existence since 2007. The ten and years testifies for its legitimacy.

However, the company isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau at the time of this review.

5. Low Payment Threshold.

Lastly, prizeRebel payment threshold is super low. You only need 200 points to redeem and earn. The payout is quick and within twenty-four hours.

6. They have an affiliate program.

You can make more money by referring others to their website.

Here’s is a Short Videos About their Affiliate program.


What I Didn’t Like About PriceRebel

1. Limited earn potential

The limited earning potential is one of the aspects I did not like about PrizeRebel. Earning rewards is time-consuming as compared to the little cash you will get out of it.

Did you know you can earn more money sharing your opinion and giving feedback on products and service at Swagbucks and Fusion Cash?

2. Not reliable source of income

Another disadvantage is that you cannot build a reliable solid online income through PrizeRebel. It is a site for investing the few hours you spend doing other leisure activities to earn a bonus otherwise to sum, up on your other cash sources.

3. Disqualified for surveys

Lastly, it needs a lot of patience to get a matching survey. This con is found in many survey sites and is not specific to PrizeRebel.

I would fill many pre-survey questions only to be hit by a statement saying I don’t qualify for the particular survey.

This upbeat message is very frustrating while it encourages you to try harder to qualify for the survey.

Who Is It For?

PrizeRebel is meant for all those people willing to give it a try in doing some of the online surveys for various products and other simple online tasks. It’s one of the internationally inclusive survey sites, and any person from any country can join.

In actual terms, even if prizeRebel has no location restriction, your country will affect users experience as the offers, and surveys are demographic and location specific.

PrizeRebel members residing from UK, USA, Canada, and Australia will have higher chances of receiving surveys and offers.

Moreover, you must be over 13 years old to qualify for price rebel. If you are over 13 years but not yet 18, your parent or guardian is required to provide consent.

By finishing an online task, you earn yourself some cash as you relax in your comfort zone. However, this may not be a site to depend on for earning a bunch of money. PrizeRebel works best as a source of some extra cash after work as you relax.

How is the Training Like?

With the basic online smartphone knowledge, I guess you are good to go. The sign up is free and straightforward.

You can sign up via your Facebook account all otherwise fill in your details if you don’t want the company to interfere with your account details.

Also, the terms conditions and privacy policy are well indicated on the first page before signing up, and you should carefully go through them before committing to the company.

Once you signed in, you will be taken to the simple and attractive site where they displayed a bunch of special deals and special offers for a new account.

You should take time and find the deal that fits you best from the varying offers. The headings are well categorized making it very intuitive and easy to use.

What About PrizeRebel Support Service?

PrizeRebel is an axis in which the users use to earn some extra cash when they are relaxing or out of their daily activities. I found the elements of the website orderly with well-elaborated details of each section.

I accessed the sections of the site quickly without a struggle. The company has yet to feature in a severe legit scam. No major genuine complains that you will find about this company.

As the website states, its features are legit and are one of the tops in this industry. I was thrilled by PrizeRebel, and I cannot hesitate to recommend you to sign for it.

Despite the chance, you should first scrutinize it to make sure that it is your best choice to invest your time. In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages at play here, and it only depends on your view.

I would fill out a survey or two while I relaxed at home which took me closer to my goals without much effort.

Is PrizeRebel Worth Your Time and Effort?

Most if not all “get paid to” company sites are not worth your time as they provide low earnings. You should not have high expectations of earning more than about $5 utmost per hour on PrizeRebel.

However, PrizeRebel provides one of the lowest cash out amounts as compared to other online survey sites. Not extraordinary as other claims, a hundred points are worth $1.

The minimum cash out being $5, you hence need five hundred points to attain the minimum cash out. Paid offers may earn you decent cash, but you have to pay for them.

PrizeRebel rewards you according to your input so it’s true that earning requires your time. Why not kill some time by filing some surveys while you relax during leisure at home.

Final Opinion: Is PrizeRebel Legit?

PrizeRebel is a thump up for me. After a detailed review, we concluded that PrizeRebel Company is not a scam, and I recommend you to join its site.

PrizeRebel pays you after completion of various tasks including conducting surveys and undertaking offers.

Even though not a website that you can primarily depend on to earn your living, it’s worth a trial. When you are idle, you can sign up for the company and take some online surveys and other tasks.

I easily got 500 points by filling in my profile, registering for offers and taking a few surveys. It may even seem like fun, and in few months, the redeemed points may give you a perfect few extra bucks.


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