Is Print Profits A Scam? Can It Help Build Your Online Store From Scratch?

Is Print Profits A Scam


print profits scam


If you are looking for a program that will help you increase your sales and traffic, chances are, you’ve already made several research using the internet. Unsurprisingly, most of your searches would turn up with many relevant results but a good chunk of them are probably advertisements. Ideally, those advertisements would help you earn your money. However, because we live in a world governed by greed, you will most likely run into a lot of scams before you can find a good program.


Luckily for you, you have come across a website, my website, that has reviewed several hundred programs on the market. I have tried literally hundreds of make money programs on the internet that it’s fair to say that I’ve become somewhat of an expert regarding this matter. I could confidently say that I can take one look at a product and almost instantly figure out whether it’s a scam or not. It’s actually pretty easy once you know what to look for, but for today, let’s leave that job to me.


Today, we’re going to review yet another program that claims to help you increase your sales and traffic. This program also claims to help you get your business up and running from the ground up. Unlike many other programs I’ve reviewed before, this program does not have a big sales pitch like “earn $5000 cash today!” or something of the sort. The program is actually pretty tame in its claims and actually looks quite decent on the surface. The name of the product we’re going to review is Print Profits.


What Exactly Is Print Profits?


Print Profits is a relatively new product developed by Michael Shih and Fred Lenney, both of which are real people. This is quite a deviation compared to the products I’ve reviewed in the past. Most programs actually use fake owner names and bogus accounts to hide from the public in case a class action lawsuit gets filed. From the get-go, this company doesn’t do that which is always a positive sign because they are not afraid of any backlash from their product.


print profits scam


The owners, based from the profiles on the website, both have made their fortunes using different marketing techniques. From their profile, it is said that they managed to discover a new strategy in marketing that helped them achieve an unprecedented jump in sales. They focus on Print-On-Demand business because this is the niche of their business.


What is a Print-On-Demand Business?


Print on Demand business is when you sell your merchandise that are customized. This can range from T-shirts, mugs, skateboards, and other household items. Setting up this kind of business is not a walk in the park like others would lead you to believe. There’s actually a lot of work involved in a business like this which you have to master in order to turn a decent profit. This program, Print Profits, claim to help potential businessmen achieve their goals by giving them a step-by-step guide into building their own POD Business empire.


How Does Print Profits Work?


Print Profits is actually a step-by-step guide that will show you how to build your e-commerce site from the ground up. The whole course is divided into 8 parts, all of which discussing on different aspects of Print-On-Demand marketing. The course as a whole would then converge into a cohesive program that once you’ve learned, you can now take your business to the next level.


The next question is – is the module worth its price? Well, the answer to that is very tricky but we’re going to be on the safe side and answer with “it depends.” As I’ve said, the course offers eight modules that, depending on the business you have in mind, you would find either useful or not. I’m going to discuss the module below to give you an idea of what to expect from this program.


The Eight Modules of Print Profits


I am going to provide you a summary of what to expect from this program to see if it carries its values based on your requirements.


1st module: This is basically the start-up module, where you will be given a basic rundown of what to expect when starting an online business. This would teach you the fundamentals along with all the terms that you need to know going forward.


2nd module: This module will guide you in designing your Shopify store to make sure that it looks appealing to potential customers, translating into a higher conversion rate.


3rd module: This basically shows you different strategies that you can use to ensure that your Shopify account will always sell its product without any noticeable dips between seasons. It also teaches you how to position your product on the market as well as setting up partner apps.


4th module: Advertising and increasing traffic to your online store is the main focus of this module. This will show you how to run a successful campaign on all social media platforms especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media advertising is quickly becoming the market of choice for many online sellers which is why you need to master it.


5th module: This is almost an extension of the fourth module but this one focuses on Facebook Advertising and ways to expand your business into other stores.


6th module: This module focuses on shipping and reminds you of the most important things you need to know to make sure you stay on top of your inventory list. Along with this are discussions about fan page management, autoresponder, customer service, and more.


7th module: This module is about generating more sales by better placement of products and increasing the time spent of your customers in order to increase the average price of their orders.


8th module: This is the final module where all the module comes together in a coherent package that will allow you to expand and develop your store based on the preferences you made during all the prior modules. This is the stage where you are able to put in together all your knowledge and create an online store that will continuously generate sales and traffic throughout the years.


Once laid out, the course sure looks like a valuable tool for all aspiring online businessmen. It certainly will help anyone without prior knowledge of operating an online business become adept at running one. However, for the seasoned businessmen, does this course offer any kind of value?


Can Print Profits Really Help You Grow Your eCommerce Store?


Based on the course that comes with the program, it certainly looks like it can.


The course doesn’t come cheap though as it costs nearly a grand, coming in at $997. The reason I’ve posed the question if this product is indeed worth the price or not is because of the fact that it’s quite expensive. For some, this would seem like a drop in the bucket because of the amount of information present in the course. However, for some, especially those who have already had their hands on running an online business, would see this as a cash-grab.


The Final Verdict


Print Profits is a legit program, but would I go as far as saying it’s a good program? Probably not, since I still have my reservations.


The success of the program mostly depends on the drive of the person who purchased the program. Anyone can buy this program but not everyone can make it work. It takes a special amount of skill and patience to see work this program to its full potential. The main course contains about 8 modules and each and every one of these modules is more detailed than the last.


If you want to master everything about this program, you need to invest your time with it. Make sure you have read each module many times over to have it imprinted on your brain. But also keep in mind that what worked for their program doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. You need to learn to adapt and just use then necessary steps, and not all of them if possible, because as I’ve said, every product is different.


The only real negative thing I can say about this product is that it does not offer any kind of refund. Once you have paid the amount, there’s no way to get it back. It’s also tempting to add the results are not guaranteed to the negative things this product has but you can say that to almost any product. There’s never actually a product that could 100% guarantee your success. A lot of it has something to do with the person.


And since we’re talking about the guaranteed success of the program, let me sway you on my other reviews by clicking here. Also, you can check out my most recommended reviews, and while this program I’m recommending does not guarantee 100% success, it does guarantee it on a high degree, probably the highest among all the products I’ve reviewed before. If you are interested, just click down below.


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