Is Postal Job Source Scam? Is Getting Hired Here Possible?

Is Postal Job Source Scam?


postal jobs source review


Product Name: Postal Job Source

Creator: Unknown

Price: $48 with downsell $36

Rating: 1.5 out of 10

Verdict: Your chances of getting hired when you use this company doesn’t seem to increase, which points to it being a useless piece of work.


Today, we are going to review a website that claims to offer jobs in the US Postal Service. The name of the company is Postal Jobs Source, which is a pretty lame name if you think about it. But at least it’s self-explanatory.


At first glance, Postal Job Source truly looks like an online job portal for the US Postal Service. It even says so at the headline on their website, “The Postal Service is now hiring.” But if you actually took the time to think about what was said in there, it actually seems pretty vague as far as hiring taglines are concerned.


What I am here for, basically, is to help you determine if this company is worth your time or not. There are plenty of job hunters today that are interested in working for the government. This website says that it can help people secure jobs in the US Postal Service.


Are there merits to this claim, or is it just another marketing gimmick to lure gullible people in?


In this review, we’re going to determine exactly just that. I am going to review this company and dig in any information I can find to give you a comprehensive look into this program.


What Exactly Is Postal Job Source?


If you believe what is written on their website, it looks like this website is a job portal for US Postal Service job openings. But it seems rather fishy, no?


Usually, government jobs are posted on the website of the department that is ordering some employees. They don’t really use a separate website for their hiring endeavors, much less a sketchy looking one at that. In some cases, they outsource their hiring process to a couple of big job aggregate websites.


If this website is indeed telling the truth and if it’s really affiliated with the US Postal Service, then it’s the first time I’ve seen such thing.


The website looks innocent as it is. In all honesty, it looks pretty sleek and in line with the aesthetic of most government websites. It has a certain ‘government-funded’ feeling around it, which says a lot of things. Maybe it is indeed a legit website, let’s unravel more!


The Promise Of Postal Job Source


The main claim of Postal Job Source is it can help its users find work more easily rather than, let’s say, finding work on their own. This is quite a tall order considering that government jobs are always in-demand. Furthermore, the economy isn’t doing so well right now, so securing a job is kind of a big deal.


All things considered, Postal Job Source is making quite a hefty promise, relatively speaking. But that’s exactly what they want you to see because underneath the surface, there’s some fishy business going on with this company.


I’m going to post a screenshot of a job opening I found on the website.


job hiring review


It actually looks pretty decent and believable. Only after you click the job opening will you notice some strange requests and processes that aren’t typical for a standard job examination. Let me explain.


Oddities Of Postal Job Source


If you click on any job opening on their website, you will be taken into a registration page which would require you to create a profile. They say that creating a profile is a requirement since it gives them a quick look at your qualifications. It seems fair enough.


However, at the end of your registration process, they will spring up a “registration package” that’s a requirement before they go ahead with your application. It’s a $48 registration package.


They claim that they have a processing fee because they are basically guaranteeing you a job once you completed your profile.


Do you see the problem with this?


What Will You Get From The $48?


If you believe what they’re claiming, the $48 is basically a placement fee.


However, I feel obligated to tell you that as of right now, there’s just no proof of this website ever securing a job for anyone.


Nevertheless, you will still get something from your $48. You will get a complete guide – this is a guide that supposedly helps users secure the job by giving them insider information of what to do and what not to do during application.


You will also be given sample exam questions, complete with answers. A personal job counseling will also be provided.


Red Flags About Postal Job Source


It is not affiliated with the USPS, US government, or its agencies


This is a bit surprising, considering that this website operates under the guise of being affiliated with the US government. If you read their disclaimer, you can clearly see them admitting that they are in no way affiliated to the US government. They just make it look like so, which is extremely misleading.


job postal source scam


Misleading reviews


On their website, you will see plenty of awards, which don’t really mean anything. They have a “Certified Postal Hiring Award,” which if you go and search for, you’ll learn that it’s a fake award given to fake companies wanting to increase their reputation. The fact that this website uses that fake award is alarming.


They claim 200% refund


I’ve read plenty of reviews centered around this refund thing. Apparently, they don’t even give out a full 100% refund, much less a 200% one. The reason that they’ll give their users is they must have failed some aspect of their interview which does not entitle them for a refund. It seems pretty sketchy.


It is available outside of US


Now, this is where it gets laughable. Of course, a legit USPS hiring service can only hire US citizens. The fact that you can apply and pay for this job opening no matter where you are in the world means one thing, and that this is a scam! This company doesn’t want to limit their scam to US citizens, so they opt for the worldwide tactic.



The Verdict – Is Postal Job Source A Scam?


There’s a popular saying nowadays that if you are paying the company to get a job, that isn’t a job, and that YOU’RE THE JOB.


This doesn’t make a lot of sense all the time but it does so here.


This particular gimmick is nothing new. Plenty of companies in the 80s have used this technique to scam people out of their money. These are companies that promise all kinds of jobs, only to renege on their promise because of some random reason.


Postal Job Source does the same thing. The only real difference is it does it online. There’s no job here. The fact that it uses the US Postal name should already be a red flag. It only uses the name to fake its reputation of being trustworthy.


It does seem to work because plenty of people are still falling into this scam.


My point is, if you really want a job in the post office, you just search on the internet for a job opening. Paying $48 for a “guarantee” is not a wise decision. You will not stand to gain much for paying $48. In fact, your chances of getting hired are no different than when you applied through a different job portal. The only real discernable difference is you are out of $48, which you could’ve used somewhere more useful.




I know, this conclusion is a bit depressing, seeing that you are clearly looking for some money on the side. But this sad news is definitely better than not knowing at all, right?


Now, I don’t want you to go without any consolation, so I’d like to introduce you to a program that’s helped me earn money for several years now. I’ve recommended it to my readers and they’ve all had positive things to say about it, so far. If you want to learn more about it, just click the link above.






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