Is Point And Click Profit A Scam?- Old Scam, With Much Noise In Town!

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam?- Old Scam, With Much Noise In Town!

Name: Point And Click Profit


Owner: Amy Jensen?

Price: $37

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

You probably bumped into Point and Click Profit and got excited because you imagine how you would make 6- figures online in 90- days or less with their system.

Unfortunately for most of these people, the internet is flooded with a lot of gurus that want to take your money rather than helping you make it.

As a newbie who want to make money online, you are bound to fall for these schemes, hoping that you will make money as stated in their pitch videos.

They use smooth words and it’s hard to avoid the trap if you’re completely new to this kind of thing.

Personally, I have tried many of the opportunities like Point and Click Profit myself and one thing I can tell you is that I got my finger burnt like many.

Can Point And Click Profit be another Scam?

Well, it’s a good thing you are here now because at the end of this review you should be able to answer that question.

Within the following review, I will be showing whether Point and Click could you would make 6- figures online in 90- days or less or if you’re better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


Exactly What Is Point and Click Profit?

In the case of Point and Click Profit, we’re dealing how to make money selling goods on eBay opportunity that offers little to no background information on its official website.

They claim that you would make 6- figures online in 90- days or less with their system.



However, looking for data on who owns the company, who founded it or where it’s located? you are straight out of luck.

Moving along to the domain registration for the domain, I was met similar lack of information. It’s easy to see that the domain was first registered on August 26, 2011, and last updated on August 26, 2016, but that’s it.

Since the registration is listed as private, info on where it took place or who behind it is entirely absent.

And with all that said, that’s pretty much when it comes to background information.

This is about as barren as you get and that’s not a good thing at all.

Immediately, you click ” Check For Availability “, you will be redirected to this page to watch the presentation and then to fill up application.



In the presentation, you will see the image of Amy Jensen which we assumed to be a stock picture. This strategy is similar to most scam websites we have on the internet.

The owner of such website hides behind the image, and hide their face to avoid any prosecution by the law.


How Does Point And Click Profit Work?

Point and Click Profit is a program that claims to teach you how to list and sell products on eBay.

The sale page of this opportunity describes this job as the person who partners with major retailers to list their product for them on eBay.

All you have to do is to fill out a free form provided with things such as your first and last name, your address, your phone number, and of course your email address.

However, after you have submitted your form and make a payment of $37, you come to know that you are signing up for another program called Aspire.



Aspire is part of Digital Altitude program – a training program that helps you build an online business. Aspire is the lowest entry point of Digital Altitude Program.

There are 5 other levels you can buy in Digital Altitude.

  • Aspire, $37 – The lowest entry point of Digital Altitude Program.
  • Base, $597
  • Rinse, $1,997
  • Ascend, $9997
  • Peak, $16,997
  • Apex, $27,997

That’s literally it!. There is no training and support whatsoever available for Point and Click Profit System.


What I Like About Point And Click Profit

  • There was literally nothing whatsoever that I liked about Point and Click Profit.


What I Don’t Like About Point and Click Profit

  • They don’t mention the price of the program.
  • Pressure sales tactic.
  • Misleading.
  • They don’t provide the details information what you will be doing.
  • False income claim.
  • Amy Jensen is not the real face behind the company. I believe they use the stock picture like another scam website out there, to avoid the law.

The Point and Click Profit is not a program to be trusted. They are all filled with fake promises and red flags.


Should You Join Point And Click Profit System

Their program is just another remodeled scam with the same trick to scam people of their money. I will advise you to stay away from them as much as possible.

They are just a scam program that wants to tell you what you want to hear. They know a lot of people want to make money doing nothing and they use that to take their money from them.

All the people that you see in the Point and Click Profit system are all paid to do those videos. And all you will hear them say is unrealistic claims of wealth they can’t prove to you. All their statements are deceptive from the beginning to the end.

They will also tell you that they have limited spots. You will realize that its meant to trick you to quickly register to get their scam program. They are waiting for you to put I huge amount of money for them to benefit.

They also tell you that you will earn $3K a day is an absolute scam.


Here Is What I Really Think

Unfortunately, Point and Click Profit System is nothing more than an attempt to collect information from people who want to learn more about making money on the internet.

If you have unfortunately provided your information to Point and Click Profit or another similar scam on the internet, be careful to screen all of your emails and make sure to not agree to sign up for making money at home products that people are calling about.

The last thing that you should do however is to lose heart. Learning how to run an Internet-based business that can earn you a full-time income is, in fact, a reality.

It does take time and effort on your part, with the right training, you can succeed in earning a life-changing income.

Don’t let scams such as Point And Click Profit deter you from finding successful online marketing course on the internet as they certainly exist.

If you serious about making money online, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation below!

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Point and Click Profit that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



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