Is Pay Diamond A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before You Join!

Is Pay Diamond A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before You Join!

Name: Pay Diamond

Owners: Carlos Luis & Adriano Azevedo?


Price: $200- $36,000

Overall Rating: 3 Out of 10

Looking for a solid Pay Diamond review? Get everything you need to know about yet another multi-level marketing company before you spend any money.

Pay Diamond is a multilevel marketing company that your earning is based on the various levels you are in the company.

I will say you made the right decision for doing this, because a lot of people invest in a business without checking out what the business will offer, and later complained to you that they got their fingers burnt.

You don’t want such experience right?

In this review, I will outline what this company has to offer you and if they are really a decent company to sign up with or if you’re better off exploring other options to Making Money From Home.


What Is Pay Diamond All About?

Pay Diamond does not provide the full details of the brain behind the company. The domain was registered around 26th of December 2014 and the last

The domain was registered around 26th of December 2014 and the last update was March 7, 2017, with the registrant address situated in Hong Kong.

Alexa ranking shows that a lot of the traffic on this site comes from China while few from South Africa. With these facts, we can conclude that they are really operating from Hongkong.

The part of Pay Diamond that looks skeptical is the anonymous admin behind the company.

See The Screenshot Their Website Registration Below.


(Courtesy of WHOIS)


What Are Pay Diamond Products

There are no good and services offered to their customers, which mean that affiliates will only sell membership packages to the new members.

MLM is a good method to earn on the internet, but when they are not offering products or services to their potential customers it becomes very difficult one to make good money from.


How Do You Earn Money With Pay Diamond?

You have to invest a certain amount of money into this company to earn as affiliates.

See The Following Screenshot Of Their Weekly Payout Below.



The Affiliates can choose from five level of investing:

The Affiliates can invest $200 at the level Joy and expect a return of $10 weekly.
The Affiliates can invest $400 in Light level to get $20 weekly a return of what was invested.
The Affiliates who invest $1,200 at a level called Plus will be entitled to return to their invested that is $60 weekly.
The Affiliates that invest $3,600 at the Level of Master will get $180 weekly as a return of their investment.
The Affiliates that invest $36,000 premium level will earn up to $1800 weekly.

You get the return on the investment for up to 50 weeks, with their direct payment; affiliates will also be able to earn more money by recruiting new members.

The recruitment commissions paid to their affiliates are listed below:

Sponsoring Commissions

The commissions you earn when you sponsor any member are listed below:

When you sponsor affiliate for joy level you are entitled to receive $5.
When you Sponsor affiliates for the Light level you will get $10.
When you Sponsor affiliates for the Plus level you will be entitled to receive $30.
When you Sponsor affiliates for the Master Level you will get $100.
When you sponsor premium affiliates you are entitled to get $1000.

Residual Commissions

You get it through binary and matrix option.

Matrix Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is paid in the 3×10 matrix. And all this can be filled with the members from your upline or your own downline. All the members here is worth 50 cent commission.

Binary Compensation Plan

Binary compensation plan has a right and left foot which you can build to any length. They can be filled with the excess from your upline or your own downlines. And every of the investment has a point.

See The Screenshot Of The structure Below



The Joy Level is 50 points
The Light Level is 100 points
The Plus Level is 300 points
The Master Level is 1000 points
The Premium Level is 10,000 points

All of this your commission are add up and offered to you.


How Much It Cost You To Join Pay Diamond?

They actually charge you per month, but they don’t tell you directly that you will be charged monthly.

The cost of the various investment plans are listed below:

The Joy is $200
The Light is $400
The Plus is $1,200
The Master is $3,600
The Premium is $36,000


What I Like About Pay Diamond

  • You can make some money
  • Work from home.
  • More flexible.


What I Don’t Like About Pay Diamond

  • Pay Diamond turns you to its customers.
  • You must have people skills. You will need to learn how to bring in others into the system and how to build teams in the process
  • Hound families and friends.
  • You are not building a real business.
  • Direct marketing is not for everyone.


Who Is Exactly For Pay Diamond?

Pay Diamond is meant for those are good at people skill. If you think that you are the next best recruiter, then this program may be for you.

Your goals once you get involved in the program is likely going to sell the system to others and push them towards to invest more in the company so you earn more commission.

If you don’t feel like selling the same services to other folks, then may not be the program for you.


Final Thought: Is Pay Diamond a Scam?

Based on the review above, you may not be able to tell if Pay Diamond is legit or not.

The return on investment of this company may be high, this is because they are using the money paid by new members to fund the old members in the company.

So, is it really a scam?

Is Pay Diamond a scam, or can you trust it?

I would say Pay Diamond isn’t a complete scam, but there is definitely something you should be cautious of.

Should I invest in this opportunity?

You alone can decide that because details about this company have been given to you to make the right choice.

Do you have a question or comment? You can drop it in the comment box below!! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Please Stay Safe.





108 thoughts on “Is Pay Diamond A Scam?- Get The Facts Here Before You Join!”

  1. Thanks for this review. I really am not a sales person and I absolutely hate these pyramid schemes. It really is pricey too! 36K for premium? They are insane. I love the layout of your page and how you broke it down into easy to read sections. This is useful information and I appreciate it.

    • Hi Melanie,
      First of all, thanks for visiting my site!
      Definitely, 36K is quite expensive compare to other program out there. With this amount of money, you can make down payment your new home or a luxury car.
      I don’t think, you will need that amount of money to start an online business.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    • Hello, I sign up with pay diamond in July 2017 with 200 dollars as an investor. What also a lot of people don’t know is that you don’t need that amount of money to start. I have been paid 300 dollars as a weekly bonus as at today. You don’t need to be a sale person to invest in PayDiamond. By the end of 50 weeks, I will make a total of 300 dollars profit from my 200 dollars invested, giving me a total of 500 dollars to withdraw.

  2. No, not for me. This has a headache written all over it. The process is too complicated for me. And I don’t like pyramid type money making ventures anyway. Plus I think it would be hard to get people to join in with you. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Hi Ronnie,
      First of all, thanks for sharing your opinion. Totally agree. Multilevel marketing comp plan are complicate.
      MLM was my thing in the past and been headache by all the plan like Unilevel, Compression, Roll up, Binary, Directors Check Match, etc.
      The market out there is quite tough. The new member you bring in might buy a few thing, and leave. Then you’ll new to replace a new member and go on with this cycle.
      BTW, thanks for stopping by!
      All the best!

  3. Hi Maun!
    Interesting reading. I’d never heard of Pay Diamond before. My immediate impression of it was … ugh … too complicated. Right from where you mentioned there were no real “goods or services,” but memberships, I didn’t feel very good about it (of course, I’d also seen the 3 out of 10 rating but wanted to learn more). The more I read, the more confusing it all felt. I’m amazed that “companies” like this get as far as they do.
    I’m reminded of the old KISS method: Keep It Simple, Stupid! I’m not calling these people stupid, but if someone asked me to explain this … well … let’s just say you’ve done a much better job than I ever could!
    Well done. It’ll be a help to a lot of people.

    • Hi Kevin,
      First of all, thanks for visiting my site.
      Definitely, MLM comp plan is difficult to understand. After looking into several MLM comp plans: Unilevel, Compression, Roll up, Binary, Directors Check Match, etc. Aka, more complicates than solving Calculus problem. This is the nature of their business model.
      In my opinion, KISS is a great concept for MLMs companies.
      Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion.
      All the best!

  4. PayDiamond is the only company that has been paying members without need for downlines.
    PayDiamond is legit and has been in business for over 3 years.

    Still have doubt? Read this “Link Remove”

    • Hi Franklin,
      First of all, thanks for stopping by and share your experience!
      I am happy to hear it. I will bookmark your link and learn more about it cause I found Pay Diamond interesting.
      I am sorry for promotions are not permitted on this site.
      I wish you the best in the world!

    • Sir I have invested 3200$ three months ago …and only once I received withdraw of 300$ from my senior sponsor…after that he said there is no a proper mode of withdrawal in Pakistan.Please guide me regarding this…..

  5. I am confused ,because somewhere you have written this company is belong to Brazil and head quearter of this company is in is reference in Pakistan

    • Hi Saqib,
      Thanks for commenting.
      I am not sure where you find the word Brazil somewhere in the article. I’ve been in Hongkong several times past a few years. I love Brazil I know a lot about the country even my favorite soccer team is there.
      Btw, thanks for stopping by.
      Wish you all the best!

    • Hi Ibibo,
      First of all, thanks for commenting.
      Definitely, we will watch and see. Personally, I believe the company has a good intention because it has passed the test of time.
      Wish you all the best!

  6. I am confused, there are things I done understand. You said pay diamond is not a complete scam ,what those that mean?
    Again you mention the money paid by new members is use to fund the old members in the company, what is the meaning of that?
    Is paydiamon any person in the world?

    • Hi Enguiba,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Personally, I don’t think the company is a complete scam because there are many good things in it. However,if new members are funding the old members, this could be a borderline scam. This is just my opinion.

      Definitely, the company is not everyone.

      I see you work hard for Pay Diamond. So I wish you the best in the world.

  7. Hey men why not get in the small part of the business ($200 )with the return of $10 dllrs a week for 50 weeks total $500 dollars and your out at the 25th week with your money back , the other 25 weeks are sugar to your pocket.
    and you didn’t mention about the diamonds ,in my opinion you shut get more information before you form an opinion , like they say get in, and get wet to see if was clean or dirty water. with all my respect to you .

    • Hi Alberto,
      First of all, thanks for sharing your experience with us. It sounds very interesting and I think I would check it out for more info.
      If you feel, Pay Diamond is better, by all means, go ahead.
      Wish you all the best!

  8. Hi Saqib,
    Thanks for commenting. I am happy to hear that you are making money with Pay Diamond. It takes time to find something that really works. So if you find something that works for you, stick to it and go to the end of the tunnel. The light is there.
    I am sorry for promotion on this site is not permitted.
    Btw, thanks for sharing your positive experience with Pay Diamond with us.
    Wish you all the best!

    • Hi Babar,
      Thanks for commenting the post!
      Definitely, it is very hard to call something a scam online. Personally, I don’t want to bash any company. I try to look at the good thing every possible for any company that I reviewed.
      In my opinion, you should use extra caution if you decided to join Pay Diamond. Another thing is the price is one of the factors.
      Anyways, thanks for stopping by.
      Wish you all the best!

  9. same kind of scam happened in pakistan a few years ago. in those day religious touch was given(called muzaribat). the story was the same. people invested million of dollars or rupees. in the beginning all was well. almost every one was participating. but after a few year, all of sudden it crumbled. almost every one lost what ever they have invested in… it reappeared with a new name or company (pay diamond).

    its true there is no goods and services involved in paydiamond. at the end it will meet the same end as Muzaribat met.

    poor people are always looted this way with new names and compaies.

    • Hi Muhammad,
      First of all, thanks for stopping by!
      You will want to proceed with caution if you want to join Pay Diamond. It might happen like the one you mention in the comment. If that happens, the poor are always suffered.
      BTW, thanks for commenting.

  10. Hi Maun,
    Do you have any news/knowledge , that PayDiamond master card is not fake as if we invest usd 3600 and they pay profit 180/weekly so at the end (50 weeks) how to get cash it out , how to get master card and the procedure on Euro Exchange is fake/scam or not

    Pls reply , thank you

    • Hi imran,
      First of all, thanks for leaving me such very interesting question.
      Personally, I don’t think Paydiamond master card is fake. This is an independent out of Paydiamond at Euro Exchanges Securities.
      You can request this master card directly from their official website and they’re going to send it to you within 72 hours after the request.
      You can withdraw the fund in most of ATM around the world or you can transfer the fund from Euro exchange directly to your bank account.
      Wish you all the best!

  11. I would like to how is the way of payment? Do you deposit the money direct to the bank accounts or you mobile wallet?

    • Hi Aliija,
      First of all, thanks for stopping!
      You can make a payment using bitcoin. There are also other ways you can make a payment such as Western Union, Visa, Paypal, and more. But you will want to connect to your upline and he will explain it to you.
      All the best!

    • Hi Sunday,
      PayDiamond offers 5 ways how to withdraw money from them. They have a Euro Exchange Master Card, MKT Coin, Western Union, PD Code, and Transfer up/down. It depends on you which method you prefer.
      Wish you all the best!

    • Hi Waqar,
      First, you will want to go to their official website and sign up for them. Then you will want to choose their membership packages or the amount to want to invest.
      Wish you all the best!

  12. Well, how can we check the status of registration of paydiamond with euro exchange securities. Is there any insurance behind the company? What are the assets of the company? What is the risk factor? Answer please.

  13. It is a total fraud because company is having nothing at its back end. These scams emerge in poor countries from poor country. Why paydiamond is not working in USA, UK and other developed countries? They have strong rules regarding that. Its only a site registered withsome one. Once off it will off forever. Dnt indulge urself in all such frauds.

    • Hi Muhammad,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.Your opinion is heard. Yes, it amazing because I live in the USA, but I found very little info about this company and people register with them.
      You will want to be cautious, you are going to sign up for them. If you feel something is not right, don’t do it. Your instinct is usually right.
      Please stay safe!

    • Hi Ameriman,
      You will want to use their master card out there to withdraw the fund. If you experience any inconvenience, you should contact them.
      Wish you all the best!

  14. when u see easy money somewhere that is definitely scam…this is my xperience and i cant say anything about this company…think before anyone join

    • Hi Asad,
      I agree with you “think before you join”.
      At the end of the day, it’s you work hard for your money so before you invest in any program, you should think.
      Any program that promises easy money online, most of the time turns out to be a scam or delivers nothing close to the promises.
      Please stay safe!

  15. hi dear i already working with GMI means gold mine international but after few years they stop there working so today i know information aboùt pay diamond all about working in net base how we trust it?

    • Hi M Zareef,
      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
      Definitely, it is hard to believe everything on the internet so before you decide to join any program, you should do your homework. It will save you a lot of headaches.
      All the best!

  16. HI,my people,iam also a member of paydiamond from the federal republic of nigeria.its working here,my network is growing.iam happy for being withpaydiamond

    • Hi Akilu,
      I am happy to hear that you have a good experience with Pay Diamond. If you find something that works for you, go ahead.
      Wish you all the best!

  17. Hi dear
    Icot understand the withdrawl procss
    Iwant ti join
    Iwant to make my locale bank attech with home i will do my withdrall

  18. in my opionion its a touch risky and the method of withdrwal is difficult minimum amount of with draw is 200$ that is so hard other wise its very good

  19. Hi
    Thank you Maun, for sharing such interesting information about PayDiamoind, well in my personal view, I do not believe in such service, these type of sites first attract people and to build a trust they even refund people (we know they first earn from you and the same refund). When people get involved and they create more users, the site suddenly down and even not answered. If these type of services are true why people do hard work, why not everyone buy such a stupid packages? So please be aware from these type of services and just believe on your hard work. Thanks

    • Hi Nizamullah,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      You will be good if you are willing to learn about the mlm system. Keep in mind that you will want to work hard at it.
      Good luck!

  20. Hi there I just want to know according to your experience is this the good time for invest in pay diamond or not plz answer in yes or no don’t say me to search all yourself or blah blah blah plz yes or no

    • Hi Haider,
      The answer to your question could be yes or no. From my view and personal experience, I would say no because you have to work so hard to make money with them.
      Wish you all the best!

  21. Hi Maun, thank you for sharing very interesting information which would really help to make investment decision. My question is from the domain information, what does date of expiration mean ? Will pay diamond be expires on 26th Dec, 2020 ?

    • Hi Khana,
      Thank for the question.
      The domain will expire on 26th Dec, 2020 that means after that date, the owner of the domain name will need to renew their registration. Or they can close this domain name if they don’t want to renew it.
      Wish you all the best!

  22. So paydiamond is a scam if it wasn’t they would never have to close it’s just a way they get rich from our money and we have nothing or somebody has to stay behind with nothing I don’t think that’s fair

    • You have to bear experiences to send your money through western union,easy passa , mobicash ore any online bank

  23. Hi Maun. I’m Qasim from Pakistan. 1st I want to learn mlm system. Can you help or guide me about this.

    • Hi Qasim,
      You can learn MLM system both in online and offline. With almost a decade experience in MLM, in my opinion, the best way to learn is from your upline that has a real success in the system.
      Wish you all the best!

  24. Hi Maun,
    If there is no real product fabrication from Pay Diamond, and all this is marketing, can a company like this last for several years?

    2. or only it will pay the old customers by the new ones before they stop everything?
    3. why they don’t operate in developed countries but often in the 3rd world countries? …it have any share capital?


    • Hi Haider, and thank for dropping by!

      In my opinion, the company will not last long because its operated on recruiting model. This business model is only good for first joiners. If you are a late join, you are just feeding the first joiners.

      I find there is little to no Paydiamond affiliates active in the USA because we have very strict law about this kind of business here.

      Please stay safe!

  25. Pls, how can i withdraw my money from paydiamond??? i have been operating it over a year now, and there is no withdrawal option on the site

  26. Sir you can say it’s a scame! Or not this company has been working since 2014 to 2018
    also it’s running on the rank of 54 position in the world!
    My many friends working in this company since it became in Pakistan company never lost my friends money..they are earning money every week and they set their lives well…it’s depends on you if you want to join well come if you don’t want to join do you don’t need to affraid …


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