Is Passive Payday a scam? Don’t Be Fooled!

Is Passive Payday a Scam? Don’t be fooled!

Passive Payday is an online website that raises your hopes of making effortless money on the internet. The program presents Passive Payday works that require close to no expertise for membership.

The site is similar to other scam sites such as Home Jobs Today, Cash From Home, Secure Cash at Home, and others.

The site, comes along with promises and tutorials on the steps to emulate to generate enormous income within a span of time.

It claims that many have joined and posts positive Passive Payday reviews to lure you into believing the site.

The website is clearing the air by claiming that it is taking the market by storm. You will make effortless money, just in the comfort of your home. However, the big question remains, is passive payday scam?

I am yet to prove the authenticity of the system. I believe many will want to amass wealth in an easier way, and that which is legit.

Tired of reading lies and false promises?

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Let’s Take a Look at The Pros Vs. Cons of Passive Payday


  • There is no prior expertise needed to start earning.


  • The advert insists on limited positions remaining so that you may sign up while there is no time they will say they got enough recruits.
  • The testimonials are fake, attesting that Passive Payday has worked for them. I can attest that the testimonies are created by the system to convince you that the program is legit. However, it is a get rich quick scheme designed to rob the little cash that you have hardly earned. If only the Passive Payday is legit, the platform will earn its reputation from valid users. Unlike the system created testimonials whereby you can never contact the sources of the testimonies.
  • Passive Payday is not different from other get rich quick schemes. I have witnessed many websites claiming to get you rich for doing less. However, the programs happen to get generated from a top-ranking individual who wants to exploit the innocence and the human nature to love free things. All you do is purchase from the projects for you to start earning and you earn on commission. Similarly, I think Passive Payday is not any different. It only has a different name.
  • There is little information relating to the platform- As I watched through their tutorial video, it is not legit how they address the getting rich quick strategy. The video is an escapism strategy to avoid questions and lure the vulnerable into investing into the project. I would also love to sit and watch the money come my way. Many of the victims are needy and want to accrue wealth easily. Just as with any other hassle, nothing comes that easily. I believe that if only the program were legit, it would address the steps to follow and how to employ the strategy to get up the wealth ladder.
  • Expect to spend more money- The little or close to poor affiliate marketing strategy they offer in their tutorial is not worthy to spend your money. Once you get acquainted with the tactic, the program expects you to purchase a product, called MOBE, for you to start earning. I view this as a ploy to convince you that you are earning. You now make a market for a product you already own. The form of exploitation I can say is beyond humane.

Who it is for

Even though Passive Payday seems to get you to the edge snatching the little cash you have, some people can make real money from it. If you have been into affiliate marketing, you know how to market products and use a persuasive language to the clients, you can start here.

Also, if you have money to purchase from the high selling Passive Payday products, I cannot limit you to try your luck. However, if you have little cash and you have no exposure to affiliate marketing tactics, I prefer you invest in some other legit income-generating businesses.

Just to be on the safe side, we have witnessed many such programs such as the secret millionaire club. The sites close down even before you start making some real money.

You end up helping the program prospers, and you remain with no cash which you cannot claim back.

Training/ Tool Overview

In their video tutorial, they deliver poor affiliate marketing skills that will never help you start your own business. They insist that you can easily earn money through the program.

After you signed up your will be redirected to the following page.


However, I do not want to dispute that you can make money. But, before you make real, money, you have to purchase the upselling ticket known as MOBE. It is a play to pay game whereby, even when you purchase one product, it will not make you any profit.

You have to part from a handful of cash to buy more than two tickets to make a profit. Also, you have to recruit new members who will have to purchase from the program.

After you join the program, you are entitled to a coach who will mislead you, or should I say guide you? The coach is entitled to a percentage of your earning.

Thus, the strategy is a nut to crack since you will only discover when it’s too late that you are not making money to befit you. Rather, you are propelling the company up the ladder.

Does Passive Payday Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Many legit online jobs are income generating. Thus, I recommend you do your research and consult with others who are earning money online. I have reviewed many sites claiming to make people rich easily. The sites are at higher risks of closure.

It is time for you to try Wealthy affiliate. Read My Full Wealthy Affiliate Here.

The steps and the instructions in the site validate the authenticity of the website. Many people are making enormous cash from affiliate marketing. Therefore, I advise you invest in a more lucrative venture, unlike Passive Payday.

What is the Cost of Joining Passive Payday?

Before you start making any income, you have to pay a monthly membership fee of $295. I assure you the journey does not stop here. You will have to pay 2.5 percent, more than your commission on purchasing the product.

Every time you purchase a product, you rank a little higher and get more commission. If you sell a product which your level does not allow, the income will be for someone else.

My Final Opinion On Passive Payday

In my own opinion, passive payday is a scam. The program exists to make the founder wealthy by exploiting the vulnerability of the common people.

Free things are likable. However, you discover that the venture is not worth your time and money.

I bet that even though you want easily earned cash, in today’s society, I know you are yet to encounter easy money that comes your way for doing nothing.

I, therefore, find it worthy for you to be lucrative by investing in a renowned business that has earned its reputation over the years. By this, you will not risk losing you money to fraudsters and other scammers.

I feel relieved that I have cleared the doubt, so it is time to be realistic about what we want.


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