Is Panel Payday a Scam Or Earn $25-$75 Per Survey?

Is Panel Payday a Scam?

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I you are thinking of making money online without much doing hard work, you probably come across a survey site like Panel Payday. They claim that they will help you make $25- $75 per survey and you get free and instant access to a proven method to earn money from home. But, “is Panel Payday a scam or earn $25 -$75 per survey?” Does Panel Payday hold up to its claims? Can you really make money with Panel Payday?

In this Panel Payday review, I will provide you with the most detailed breakdown of the program and will be answering all your burning questions. By the end of this article, you will know for sure if Panel Payday is for you or not.

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Is Panel Payday a scam? Panel Payday a Quick Review (Overview)Is Panel Payday a Scam? Honest review

Name: Panel Payday


Owner: Anonymous

Price: Free to Sign Up

Summary: Panel Payday is definitely not a scam. You get access to their extensive consumer survey and panel database, hundreds of different offers to choose from, share your opinion on consumer products and services, make your own hours and earn money whenever you have the time, participate in as many as you’d like and more… However, the major down side is that you’ll not going to earn money as they promise you because most surveys will pay only $1- $5. So, I would say Panel Pay is a great platform, but it not worth your precious time.

Overall Scam Rank: 4.8 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, But Minimum Earning Potential

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Exactly What is Panel Payday?

Panel Payday is a middleman website for companies that are looking for consumer’s opinion products and services. They are not a website offering surveys. Instead they match you with their verified third party websites to fill out the surveys.

As businesses are operated online more than ever for the sake of accessing larger pools of clientele attention, real opinions on products and services are becoming very important.

Big data is as valuable as ever, and in the name of analytics for business enhancement and development, many companies are willing to pay you for your opinion.

It is opinions that help businesses to better brand themselves and to improve their products. This website works especially by collecting people’s opinions to help its customers to curate their products towards a more competitive edge.

Panel Pay Day, therefore, is here to pay you to share your opinions on specific issues in which it is interested.

Here is the member’s dashboard.


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The Pros Vs. Cons of Panel Payday


  • Panel Payday helps out major research firms with their work by conducting paid surveys. It also conducts research for local and international brands that seek to improve their products for the sake of the general public. It helps the public to participate in improving local and global manufacturing and service rendering.
  • It allows the public to earn from just sharing their opinions. Through opinion sharing, participants earn either gift cards or cash rewards that could range from as little as $10 to as much as $150.
  • The surveys create an intriguing and informative avenue for the general public to learn and interact with new products that are continually designed and manufactured or produced.
  • The surveys also allow participants to interact with global products and fellow international participants and, therefore, functions exceptionally as an agent of knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • I love the surveys because they facilitate team players and social friends to have common topics of interest and discussion thus cultivating quality human interaction for people who participate in similar surveys.
  • It is a freelance earning opportunity that allows you to use short periods of time, while anywhere, to make time.


  • Panel Payday does not offer tax advice, and it has no obligation to fill out tax forms for its independent contractors. However, it will send you the required 1099 IRS Form for you to fill out your earning details with us and meet your tax obligations.
  • It hard to make consistent income
  • Exaggerated income claims
  • Hyped landing page


Who Is It For?

Panel PayDay is a creatively designed platform specifically curated for the growth of businesses across several countries which have laws that go inline with the company’s activities and goals.

It is designed to boost the efficiency with which research companies collect primary feedback on products. More specifically, the online survey website is for anyone who likes to make money in their free time.

Panel Payday creates a lucrative platform with which participating members just take surveys easily and without any form of commitment or tiring mental or physical work.

It really is an easy way for people to improve trade by forming idealistic and realistic recommendations for improving actual products that are set for release to the market.


How Does Panel Payday work?

Sign Up

You must sign up to the website service in order to participate in the surveys. The sign-up process includes joining Panel Pay Day’s Earning Station.

When signing up, you must fill in all the mandatory personal information that will include your payment processor preferences.

A confirmation link will be sent to your email afterward for security reasons and you are required to confirm it from your email address.

Only then can you begin to take surveys and earning points and rewards. Every participant is only allowed to register one account.

Go to their survey directory page

Before you start earning, you must first sign up with the companies that actually pay for your opinions and feedback.

Therefore, immediately you finish the sign-up process, proceed to Panel Payday’s survey directory page and evaluate about 25 of the internet’s paid surveys and register for free as long as you are a Panel Pay Day registered member.

Get Survey Notifications

It is understandable that you will not always be online on the website to see its staff uploading surveys online in real time. Personally, I have never logged onto my account to keep refreshing as I await those interesting surveys.

Therefore, you should allow the website to send you notifications to your email informing you of every time they get a survey in which they would like you to participate.

This is especially because the average number of surveys that members who do not position themselves extra strategically are 4 surveys every month.

Earn for every completed survey

Get paid some extra bucks for just a few minutes of your day. The surveys vary in the detailed complexity that they require and the opinions are analyzed privately and discretely.

Some can attract about $10 for you from the interested companies, and some can attract heavy rewards that tally up to $150. Some surveys offer gifts and other non-cash redeemable rewards.

It is not such a bad thing to take surveys for gifts, and that strategy is great for the company to know which participants actually like the prospect and take it seriously.

I have to confess something to let you in on a secret; I take as much of those prize surveys and get plenty of rewards I can use or resell.

However, the strategy always earns me enough credibility and favor within the system to get more cash-paid surveys than other participants.


How soon can I get paid?

You do not go for over three days after a successful sign up without receiving surveys for which you get paid. The companies for which you take surveys send checks to you after a few weeks.

However, Panel Payday is currently partnering with its opinion-seeking company clients to institute PayPal payments.

Those who have been paid via PayPal know just how fast and reliable that Payment processor has made payments to become at the Panel Payday earning station.


Here’s What I Really Think

This has to be how I sum up my review on Panel Payday. The guys running this service website and business make good money from providing participant opinions for questions specifically curated and agreed to by the participants.

It is also very much aware of its moral and legal obligation to protect all of its user’s data. It does so very faithfully, and that is why it still thrives to date.

It is a website that creates value for American businesses and earning opportunities for us regular folks.

However, you should understand that you can’t make a good amount of money filling out the surveys. You can’t get rich. Surveys sites are meant to give you only some extra cash.

So, if you want to make some cash during your spare time, this would be good way to pass your time and earn an extra bucks.

Personally, I no more fill out surveys form to make money online, because you won’t get that much compare to the time and effort you put in. Instead, I make money via affiliate marketing. It is the best way of earning unlimited money and worth your time.

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Panel Payday

Free to Sign Up





Overall Quality



  • Share Your Opinion On Products or Services
  • Earn Money by Filling Out Surveys
  • Get Gift Cards or Cash Rewards


  • Hyped Landing Page
  • Exaggerated Income Claims
  • Hard to Make Consistent Income

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