Is Panda Research A Scam? Can You Really Earn From This Survey Site?

Is Panda Research A Scam?



Welcome to my Panda Research Review, and before you make a joke about it being a research about Pandas, let me stop you right there. This isn’t that kind of research. It’s actually a survey site if you can believe that.


Same with all of my reviews, I would like to extend my congratulations because you are actually spending time doing research about this program. That’s definitely a move in the right direction since you want to know if this program is legit or not. After all, you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on something that is no use to you at all. Additionally, you want to avoid scams, and this review will help you with that. After this review, you will have learned the real value of this program which would allow you to make an intelligent decision about it.


Below is my full review of this program.


What Exactly Is Panda Research?


Panda Research is a market research company that provides survey questionnaires to its users to help their clients gather data and use it to improve their products. It was founded in 2005 under A&A Marketing Inc. The same company has founded other similar sites like InboxPays and InboxDollars. They basically have the same 3 sites albeit with different registered names.


Unlike the other two groups, Panda Research is their best product and has generated more revenue than their other two products. Now, you may be asking, why the need for 2 similar items when one would suffice? To tell you the truth, I don’t know the answer, but I can offer you my hypothesis. Perhaps they want to get a bigger piece of the market by introducing other products in the same niche.


Panda Research acts more like a middleman between you and the clients they represent. They do not do the research or surveys themselves.


How Does Panda Research Work?


Panda Research will use all their collected data for market research purposes. Basically, companies hire Panda Research to conduct their market research for them. The answers that you provide will be used as a way to gauge the demographics, to ensure that whatever it is they’re doing works or continues working.


In any case, Panda Research would just function as a third-party service provider to companies wanting to learn more about their demographic. They would be responsible for finding volunteers to answer questions and surveys. They claim not to sell your information, well, not unless you agree to it. If you want to know more about their terms and agreements, you should browse their Privacy Policy page.


How Can You Make Money Using Panda Research?


There are basically 3 main ways for you to earn money using Panda Research.


  • Complete Surveys


This one is pretty self-explanatory. You only need to answer a few questions. You will get paid for every survey that you finish. There are plenty of other websites that also offer this kind of service. If you ask me what separates this website from those other similar websites, I would draw a blank since this is just a standard survey.


  • Complete Paid Offers


You will sometimes receive “offers” for product trials or app recommendations from Panda Research. Most of them are free and would only require a few information from you. However, some would actually require your credit card information before you can earn points from it. If they do, you have to be careful. I would even recommend you not to give any of your bank or credit card information because you would only be getting a few points for it. It simply isn’t worth it risking your security on the line.


  • Refer People


If you refer people to the site, you will get referral points. You will also get a portion of their earnings as your commission. This means that the more you recruit into the program, the higher your commission is going to be. And what’s more, is you will earn a percentage of their income which would allow you to skip working on this site altogether. This is a great way to make passive income.


Hard Truths About This Company


Now, here comes the juicy part. This is where I will put most of the common complaints found about this company. This is like the final showcase of what the company is all about. It can either make or break its reputation. Here it goes.


  • People Are Not Getting Paid


I’ve read hundreds of complaints from users that weren’t paid by Panda Research. Panda Research has a ridiculous $50 minimum threshold in order for you to get paid. You have to pay in mind that they only pay by the cents and it would take you an inordinate amount of time before you collect a $50 amount. Most users would quit way before they hit that minimum payout threshold – and that is entirely by design! They want users to forego their payment because it would translate into an even bigger profit from them. That is diabolical.


  • They Are Not Legally Bound To Pay Their Users


It says on their terms and agreements (which nobody really reads) that they have a “No Payment Guarantee.” That means that they aren’t obligated to pay you for whatever reason they deem to. This website basically makes you waive your right to get paid. Their terms and agreements say that you can’t come after them if they don’t pay you for your work. And why would you? That’s only $50, most likely. That would be a minute’s pay for your attorney. This is also by design since they only want to keep the profit for themselves.


  • Low Earning Potential


From the reviews I’ve read online, you will only earn about $50 for a month’s amount of work. Granted, you won’t be working for that full month but the time you spent on this program could have been used to work for a better platform.


If you are interested in a better platform than this, you should check out My #1 Recommendation. It’s very different from this program. For one, it is not a survey site. Right off the bat, your earning potential for this program is going to be way higher than in survey sites. That is definitely a good sign. If you want to learn more, just click the link down below.


Conclusion – Is Panda Research A Scam?


Surprisingly, even with all those negative things I’ve written about this company, Panda Research is not a scam.


However, don’t let that statement fool you. It’s not a scam but it’s super close to being one.


I’ve read many reviews of people getting paid from the program. I’ve also read people NOT getting paid by the program. It’s a toss-up, really.


But to tell you the truth, Panda Research is giving me a nefarious company vibe, as evident by their sneaky “No Payment Guarantee” clause.


In short, there are better programs out there than this one and you’re better off searching for those programs.

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