Is Palm Beach Confidential A Scam? Is This Newsletter Worth Your Money?

Is Palm Beach Confidential A Scam?


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I’ve only reviewed a handful of cryptocurrency programs on the internet and one thing that I can say about crypto is it is a highly volatile market. There is no way of knowing which products are going to soar and which are going to flop. You can make an intelligent guess but it will all be a game of chance if I am going to be strict about it.


So imagine my surprise when I saw a product that claims to help you identify which products are going to be big and which aren’t. This is the product I am going to review right now. Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Confidential is a newsletter service that will give its subscribers an insider look into the world of crypto, helping them invest in the right ones. This seems like a good deal, but is it, really? We’re going to discuss below the mind behind this program and if it is worth your time or not. Read more below for my full review.


What Exactly Is Palm Beach Confidential?


Palm Beach Confidential is an investment newsletter that discusses cryptocurrencies and other small-time investments. Basically, it is a publication or advisory service that analyzes different investments using their very own metric. The newsletter is more focused on cryptocurrencies than any other type of investment. This is mainly in part due to the owner being a figure in the cryptocurrency world.


The original aim of cryptocurrency was to create a decentralized currency to reduce fraud and to remove most of the power from central banking systems. As it stands today, our banks hold so much power over us that an alternative form of currency must be created to tip the scale even a little bit in our favor. That was the main priority of the first successful cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, a lot more cryptocurrencies have popped up in the last years or so, hoping to get a piece of the pie, and to help inflate their investments. The original idea behind the cryptocurrency has now been lost to greed but not all cryptocurrencies are doing this. There are still many cryptos that are worth your investment. Identifying those companies, however, will almost always be a shot in the dark if you are not informed about the industry – and that is the main point of this newsletter. Basically, if you are able to invest your money into startup crypto that has potential, you will reap the benefits later on – that is what this newsletter is about.


So, now the question is whether it’s worth your money? I will offer a detailed answer in this article. But first, we should discuss the people behind the program, and how it supposedly works.


Who’s The Man Behind Palm Beach Confidential?


Teeka Tiwari is the mind behind this program. He has a good reputation in the cryptocurrency world as “expert” because of his numerous webinar projects with the very popular Glenn Beck. But even without his crypto reputation, he has quite the resume, having been recruited by the Lehman Brothers and raised to the rank of Vice President at a very young age. His work portfolio speaks for itself and is actually enough to make him a reputable figure to get your investment tips from.


Teeka Tiwari has come up with intriguing concepts in his newsletter that many subscribers can attest to, and given that some of his subscribers have successfully grown their investment using his newsletter, there must be value in his newsletter.


palm beach confidential


The Pros Of Using Palm Beach Confidential


If you’ve been reading my articles on this website, you know full well that I am not big on “get rich quick” schemes for numerous reasons. Firstly, most of them don’t really work and are only looking for people to scam because of their greed. There really is no such thing as “too good to be true” programs because there’s always a catch, whether you know it or not.


Having said that, I think I have found an exception to that rule – and that is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is probably the best “get rich scheme” available right now. The amount of money that you can make just by investing at the right time is staggering. I’ve known a few Bitcoin adapters myself that was able to ride the high of the market and were able to make close to 6 digits in profits alone. This could be you – if you know where and when to invest. Buy at the right moment. Sell at the right moment. Boom – you have yourself a nice profit.


This is what Palm Beach Confidential is going to help you with. They claim to know when to hit the buy or sell button on some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.


The Cons Of Palm Beach Confidential


Of course, we need a cons section of the product in order to show the other side of the coin. In order to better understand the product, I need to find its negative aspects and weigh it against the positive ones. If we deemed the positives outweigh the negatives, I can confidently recommend this product. Should the opposite be true, I will be quick to tear this product to shreds.


That being said, one of the cons of this product is the sales pitch of “get rich quick.” It would seem contradictory that I am saying this right now because out of all get-rich-quick schemes on the market, investing in crypto seems to be the most legitimate. But here’s the thing, no one can really predict the market 100% correctly. If there’s someone that could do that, it’s game over. What makes playing the market both risky and fun is how unpredictable it is. You can predict how the market will move but only up to a certain level. Getting to 100% is impossible. It is applicable to this product, too. It can never tell you with 100% certainty which products are going to go up or down. The best they could do is offer is to give you the knowledge to make an intelligent guess of how it will go. Apart from that, you’re on your own basically.


The reason this is a con is because the company makes it seem like you are surefire to get rich quick just by getting the newsletter when the fact is very different from that. I would even go as far as saying that this product is aimed to people who are highly gullible and would pounce on the idea of getting rich quickly using cryptocurrencies.


The biggest con of this product is the price. From what I gathered, the price seems to be around $3,500 even with a discount. It is basically a monthly newsletter but from the price, you should be expecting more. In term, you will only get a professionally made newsletter that supposedly points you in the right direction when it comes to investing your money.


The Verdict – Is This Product Worth Your Money?


Answering this question with a basic “Yes” or “No” would be a massive disservice to you because there are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating a service or program. But if I’m going to give you a straight answer, my answer would be a soft “No, this product isn’t worth your money.”


The price alone is enough to make it a questionable investment. How valuable is the information inside those newsletters, really? It comes at a whopping price of $3,500 and you’re not exactly sure what to get. As I’ve said above, predicting cryptocurrency is like predicting the weather. You can predict the weather using advanced metrics and be accurate to a respectable degree, but you can never predict it with pinpoint accuracy. That simply isn’t possible. That is the reason they go with something like “50% chance of rain” or something. It really is a game of chance when it comes down to it.


Overall, if you want to have a cheaper alternative to this program, you should read my other reviews. I’ve reviewed hundreds and hundreds of programs in the online money-making industry. I know my programs very well and would confidently say that I am knowledgeable in identifying which programs to use. Therefore, I will recommend you a program that I’ve been using personally for years now. That program is called Wealthy Affiliates. It’s not exactly a popular product but that’s the beauty of it. The earlier you learn of this product, the more earning opportunities you will have. It is quickly becoming the talk of the money-making industry so better get your hands on it while early. I’ve put down a link below for you to click through.


My #1 Recommendation

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