Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam?- Get The Answers In My Review!

Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam?- Get The Answers In My Review!

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Is Paid Surveys UK a scam?


Name: Paid Surveys UK

Owner: Affility Media Inc.


Price: Free to sign up

Overall Rank: 5 Out of 10


my #1 recommendation


Have you been looking for a way to make some extra cash on the Internet and think that Paid Surveys UK would help you achieve that, but not sure if they are legitimate or not?


If you worry that Paid Surveys UK is a scam, it’s normal because the very nature of this Paid Surveys UK’s business is one that easily arouses suspicious in the minds of people.


You’ve done the right thing by coming to our website to get the necessary details about the company because not many people take such steps and end up complaining after their fingers burnt.


This article will help you understand how exactly the Paid Surveys UK works and simply answer the question is Paid Surveys UK a scam?


What Is Paid Surveys UK All About?

Paid Surveys UK is yet another get paid to take survey site like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Survey Voices, Daily Rewards, Pinecone Research Surveys, and Surveys Rewardz. was launched on July 21, 2005, and currently, the site is owned and operated by Affility Media Inc.


Paid Surveys UK is not a professional market research company. Instead, it is simply a portal website that brings you to a variety of market research companies that are looking for people in the demographic you represent.


Finding the right surveys sites in this platform is very importnat aspect of getting sucess with paid surveys.


To multiply your chances of making money with survey sites, it is best to join several paid survey sites with referral or affiliate program.


There are survey sites that will ask you sensitive information like your name, address, date of birth, and so forth. So, if you’re not comfortable answering those question, then avoid those types of survey sites.


If a survey site does ask you sensitive information, it doesn’t mean it’s not legit, but be aware that scam survey sites are usually ask you these sensitive information.


There are others surveys sites that basically just require you to sign up on their websites. They are absolutely free and don’t ask you personal inforamtion.


If a survey site is charging you for a fee to join in order to participate in survey, you will want to avoid that type of survey site. Because legit survey sites are not charging you to join them.


Most of legit survey sites will ask you for email address, your name and where they can send your payment.


I have tested several survey sites, and all the sites recommended here are legit and free to join.


The good thing about Paid Survey UK is that you can gain access for free which means no upfront fee or registration needed.


What Happen When You Join Paid Surveys UK?

Paid Surveys UK simply connects you to other, certified market research companies, there is no way to predict how you will be compensated for the surveys you complete.


The site work slightly different than most of the other survey sites is that you do not need a user ID and password to sign in.


See The Screenshot Of Member’s Area.


Paid Surveys UK Member's area


But keep in mind that when signing up to the actual survey spots which pay you, you will have to enter personal information. Just a heads up.


Currently, they have 18 survey panel which includes:

  • MintVine
  • Univox UK
  • Surveygoo
  • Opini
  • OneOpinion UK
  • MySurvey UK
  • Toluna UK
  • Pinecone Research UK
  • Opinion Outpost UK
  • Quest Mindshare
  • RewardTV UK
  • Survey Network UK
  • Surveyeah
  • Ipsos UK
  • SurveySavvy UK


What Happens Next

After you enter your information on each of the above websites, you’ll be given surveys from time to time to complete.


Some companies require you to create a PayPal account and you are paid with actual cash deposit into the account.


Other companies reward you with gift cards, prizes, or cash rewards that are different depending on the time and type of surveys you are taking.


You’ll earn less than $1 or $2 for a survey you completed, so the more companies you sign you for the more surveys you’ll be emailed to take which technically means you can make more money.


There Is No Comparison To My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online.


What I Like About Paid Surveys UK

  • You can make some extra cash online
  • Absolutely, free to join, no upfront fees or personal info required.
  • Paid Surveys UK provides you only reputable survey panels
  • You don’t need user ID or password to get started with them
  • Paid Surveys UK doesn’t hype up its sales page and promises big earning.


What I Don’t Like About Paid Survey UK

  • Paid Surveys UK doesn’t offer you surveys to take.
  • You’ll have to sign up with other companies to get survey invitations.
  • Your personal information is given out to these companies who may use it in the future.
  • This way of making money is not stable or even close to supplementary. It’s not worth it.


Is Paid Surveys UK Worth Your Time?

One thing to always keep in mind when looking at a survey company is that before you are given any compensation, you must either complete a certain number of surveys or reach a certain dollar amount in your account before you can receive any rewards.


You need to make sure number is a reasonable amount otherwise you may end up doing lots of work without any compensation at all.


From my vast experience in dealing with online surveys and have heard pretty much the same (bad) things from other people, one thing you can, unfortunately, count on is that with these places, you’ll make very little and spend a lot of time filling out surveys.


Usually, you’ll earn pennies for each survey you take. In some cases, dollars are awarded as well, but not as often as you may think and when this thing accumulates you’re probably going to be doing an hours worth of work filling things out and be earning next to nothing.


Is that really worth it? I think not.


My Final Opinion: Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam?

Not at all. The number one concern about an online survey company is whether or not the website is asking you to pay money in order to be a member or to get access to the surveys.


The reality is that any legitimate paid survey company should always be 100% free for you. If a website asks you to pay money for online surveys, you should leave immediately because the same information can be found online for free.


Paid Surveys UK is not only completely free to join, but they also provide you with the most trustworthy survey panels in the industry.


Also, Paid Surveys UK is very clear about explaining to the participants that taking the survey is not a way to get rich. Instead, its simply an opportunity to make some extra money each month.


What Now

For a very long time, I was fooled by widely legitimate paid surveys reviews that supposed to give me access to survey panels that offer surveys for money.


I want to make some money with these incredibly easy well-paying surveys. I sign up for all the best and recommended survey sites and I wouldn’t make a dime. I wasted dozen of hours taking hundreds of surveys.


I have seen promises $50, $75 or $90 per surveys! Making you believe every survey will pay that much is an outright lie! Because most surveys pay $1-$5.


Now, I make a full-time living online by doing affiliate marketing. I also help others to do it too. All you need is your name and email address (no credit card or bank details required).


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Paid Surveys UK at a Glance

Name: Paid Survey UK

Owner: Affility Media Inc.


Price: Free to sign up

Overall Scam Rank: 5 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, Very Limited Earning Potential


Do you happen to have any previous experience with Paid Surveys UK you would like to share with everyone else today?

If you do so, tell me all about it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

All the best.






Paid Surveys UK






Overall Quality



  • Free to Join.
  • Paid Survey UK provides you only reputable surveys panels.
  • You don't need user ID or password to get started with them.


  • Paid Survey UK doesn't offer you surveys to take.
  • You need to sign up with other companies to get survey invitations.
  • You personal information is given out to other compnies.

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