Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? Is One Of The Oldest Survey Provider Still Worth Your Time?

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam?


opinion outpost review


If you want to earn money on the internet, you probably have heard of answering surveys or questionnaires. I am telling you now that those opportunities are legit but they aren’t as easy as it may sound. Getting into a survey program can actually be tough and the pay is usually really low compared to other activities. Think of it as something you would do if you want to earn some pocket change. There’s nothing too noteworthy about answering surveys apart from the fact they almost always will be the #1 search engine result if you search for “online money making for students.” That keyword should already tell you something.


Now having said all that, I am going to review a new product called Opinion Outpost. It’s a survey provider that pays its users for every completed survey they submit. It’s one of the few thousands of survey websites that you can see on the internet today. Because of the popularity of surveys today, many companies are trying to get themselves a piece of the pie by creating their very own survey sites. However, as with all the most popular niche industries today, the survey industry has become a breeding ground for all kinds of scams out there. This is why you need to do quite a bit of research before even trying out a new company.


This is my full review of the program, Opinion Outpost. Read on.


What Exactly Is Opinion Outpost?


Opinion Outpost is an online survey provider that allows its users to answer questions about certain topics which would then earn them points, rewards, or cash. The website is owned by a bigger company named Survey Sampling International (SSI) which is a big global survey provider. The company is registered in Connecticut, the United States which also serves as its headquarters.


Opinion Outpost is surprisingly an old website that is around 10 years old. Only now has it gained some popularity but if you consider its age, it’s one of the pioneers of this industry. The industry has only found its footing maybe a decade ago and this company has been operating that long. That sort of adds to its credibility at the very least. But before we jump into any conclusion, we will need to dive deeper into this program to learn of its secrets, if it has any. At the end of this article, I am going to tell you exactly what I feel about this program – if it’s worth your time of not.

How To Start Using The Program?


Just like any other survey website you have seen online, Opinion Outpost is completely free to use. Anyone can sign up as long as they have an internet connection as are of legal age, 18 years old to be exact. You only need your email account to be able to join. If you want to, you can also use your social media account to register but I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way since you’re going to need to give them permission to view your account activity which is not a good thing at all.


It’s a good sign that this platform does not need that much personal information. In fact, it rarely ever asks you for some. One of the biggest tells of scam websites is they would always ask for your information out of nowhere. That is because they are collecting those and selling it to some third-party information gathering website. Opinion Outpost do no such thing which is a good sign that it is a legitimate website.


How Does This Program Work?


If you know how survey companies work, you most probably should already know how this works. There’s nothing unique about the way this company operates at all. It functions just like any other survey providers. You sign up then you wait. If a survey comes that is suited to your profile, you will get a notification. If you accept, then you can now answer the questions as truthful as you can. Once done, you can reap the rewards.


What Are The Rewards?


You can opt to get your payment in either rewards/gift cards or cash. Most people would go for the cash option but if you want to get gift cards, that’s cool too. You’re likely to spend the cash on Amazon anyway so why not save a step and go direct to gift cards if that’s permitted, right?


You basically earn points for each survey that you finished answering. You can only withdraw your earnings once you reach their minimum threshold of $10 which is equivalent to 100 points. This is for their cash options.


For their gift card option, however, you will only need $5 or 50 points in order to request a withdrawal of the gift card. You can also opt for an iTunes gift card if you want to. The choice is yours.


Honest Thoughts About This Company


  • It pays a lot better compared to others


One of the best things about Opinion Outpost is it pays considerably higher than average. More often than not, survey companies only pay by the pennies, but not this platform, no. Some of their surveys are worth up to 50 points which is equivalent to $5. I know that looks like a small number but trust me, in this industry, that is quite a lot, especially when you consider that other survey sites only pay $0.10 per successful survey.


  • You can do referrals


If you want to add to your earnings, you can refer your friend to the program. That would amount to 10 points credited to your account which is equivalent to $1.00. Refer 5 friends into the program and you can easily get yourself a $5 Amazon gift card.


  • The website looks dated


As I’ve said, this company is one of the pioneers of this industry and it shows, but not in a good way. It seems like the layout of their website is still stuck to the year it was founded. You won’t find an appealing graphic design on it. It’s just a simple website with simple texts detailing what it does. It’s a product of a now-gone era, and it shows.


  • There are some complaints about it online


You should not actually take this as bad news. More like 50-50 news. The fact is, most users would only post feedback if they feel strongly about a product, and that’s either if they really really like it, or they really really hate it. If you read some reviews online, it seems like the latter is more prominent. There are some scathing reviews of Opinion Outpost on the internet but at the same time, it has some very good reviews, too. Overall, the vibe is mostly positive and I would say that that’s a good thing.


  • Low Payout Threshold


Compared to its competitors, their minimum payout threshold is very low. And the fact that you can withdraw your money just by answering a couple of surveys on the website makes it a very welcome change. Most survey companies have $50 as their threshold and they only pay a measly penny for every survey. It would sometimes take users months just to reach that threshold. Most of the users would’ve quit before then.


Conclusion – Is Opinion Outpost A Scam?


Opinion Outpost is a legitimate money-making opportunity online but it’s not without its flaws. It may be one of the best survey providers in its heyday but if the recent reviews are to be believed, it’s not anymore. Apparently, some new website has taken the crown. If you want to know what this new company is, better check out my other reviews here.


If you’re going to ask me for a recommendation, I would gladly say that this program is worth trying out. At the very least, you will earn a $5 coupon on Amazon. That would net you a sassy gift this coming Christmas.


But if you are not interested in that, I have a better recommendation for you.


This recommendation comes from my years of experience teaching people how to earn money online. You will simply not earn enough money answering surveys online. That is a fact. If you want to earn money online, the best way to do it is by marketing products – and right now, the best kind of marketing is affiliate marketing.


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