Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? Increasing Income Or Losing Everything?

Online Wealth Markets Scam Review

Name: Online Wealth Markets


Owner: James Ulrich?

Price: £4.95 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

There is a lot of questions and confusion about a work from home business opportunity called Online Wealth Markets.

This write-up should give you an expected answer to the many questions my readers will have in mind. So I will be digging deep into to find out if Online Wealth Markets a scam?

Please read below as I share exactly why you should or shouldn’t invest into online wealth markets.


What Is Online Wealth Markets?

Online Wealth Markets is an online job opportunity which involves binary trading software.
This online opportunity has been advertised through various marketing methods.

Many have come across this company through several new termed ‘Finance Reports’. It’s a form of landing page full of junks to lure you into the Online Wealth Markets scam.



Once you click on the links on Finance Reports, you will be redirected to a page where you will register.

This is totally misleading as they are trying to prevent you from knowing what they really offer to make the news they send your way to be real.

They claim via their news that a guy called Matthew Hicks is making nothing less than four thousand Euros every month by trading with their company.

They claim from the information that He was from London, but nothing could help us trace the identity of Matthew Hicks to know how real the opportunity is.

This news eventually leads to the company website of Online Wealth Markets.

The site is the United Kingdom-based, but the location is being hidden and the owner of the website is also using a service to hide their identity.

There are three countries involved in Online Wealth Markets website- Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom.

The malware report also has been detected in this website.


What Is The Cost Of Joining Online Wealth Markets?

They are simply after your money.

For you to be eligible to or certified for some home jobs opportunity, then the only sure way of doing that is by buying and taking some Wealth Certification Course which is worth $97. This work from home opportunity involves you posting links.



The company then will sell you binary trading software related to binary trading, which is totally an upsell and they will keep on luring you thereafter with much more until they collect a fortune from you.

I simply term them a link posting scammers. It doesn’t add value to the people clicking on it, which makes it a complete deception.


Red Flags And Deceptive of Online Wealth Markets

Below are various reasons why Online Wealth Market is more of a binary trading scam rather than a work from home opportunity:

They publish news in which one can take to avoid online scammers which you will find beneficial merely looking at it. A link from this news will land you on the company website.



They are also interested in typing skills, which is not in any way related to binary option. But involves dedication and hard work which Online Wealth Market won’t allow you understand when you are about to sign up with them.

The company claims that you can start making money immediately. But the risk disclosure on their site is something different. They say their product does not guarantee success.

Their false claims and lies tell several stories to their risk disclosure showing how they are promoting a scam as a way of making money on the internet.

Fake testimonials

The various pictures used by the company for their sales pages are just stock image. They are not real images.

Furthermore, they also paint a picture of a man that made it with them, without providing ways to trace or confirm such information.

The person you see in the promotional video is not a real person.

Fake funds

With your success in a game introduced by the company, a robot will notify you to withdraw your cash. If you put in your details to withdraw, you are able to.

They have very unreliable customer service and their live chat features are hardly accessible.


Final Thought: Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam?

I can boldly conclude that Online Wealth Markets is nothing, but a Scam which will only waste your time and money.

The promises that it is 100 % successful and risk-free, ensuring zero loss profitability is a fake statement. There is no such a thing as 100% success rate in the binary options trading.

The program’s creator James Ulrich does not exist.

I don’t recommend this program to my enemy because it offers nothing to help investors in term of the profitable trading process.

Anyone claiming everything is going to be super easy and any kind of marketing practice that promises easy money is clearly not to help people.

So, let’s avoid this program at all costs and stick to the program that has a proven records.

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Online Wealth Markets At A glance

Name: Online Wealth Markets


Owner: James Ulrich?

Price: £4.95 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

Verdict: Do Not Recommend

Have you had any experience with Online Wealth Market? Please share, what you think about the program? I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

Please stay safe!





4 thoughts on “Is Online Wealth Markets A Scam? Increasing Income Or Losing Everything?”

  1. Wow, this guy looks like a real shyster (a British term by the way). It looks like just about everything is FAKE. Not being able to track him down is another reason not to trust this venture. Great job researching this. It’s people like you that keep the rest of us from being suckered.

    • Hi Doug Arthur, thanks for sharing your thought here.Surely, as you describe, the creator of Online Wealth Market is a real shyter. The guy doesn’t has any social profile.In addition, the site is involved in several countries. Since the creator of the program is using anonymous service to hide their identity you should approach this with some caution or your hard earned money might rip off.

      Wish you all the best!

  2. Sounds terrible and expensive. Compared to WA they have nothing going for them accept for an affiliate program. I will stay away from this scam. Thanks for the warning.

    • Hi Peter, thanks you are here. Yes, it is terrible and expensive. The site is full of misleading information to lure you into program. When the program is compare to Wealthy Affiliate, it clearly offers nothing to benefit their members. Simply put, not all make money online program are created equal. Definitely, Online Wealth Markets is one of the program with low quality that you should steer clear from.

      Good Luck!


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