Is Online Flex Job A Scam? Riddled With Red Flags!

Is Online Flex Job A Scam?


online flex job site review


This article is a review of a new earning opportunity called Online Flex Job. The company name is not exactly unique but it rolls off the tongue pretty easily which makes it somehow memorable. It does share the name of a popular worksite called FlexJobs, and I think this is deliberate. I’ll explain why in a minute.


I repeat, Online Flex Job is not a the same as FlexJobs. FlexJobs is a freelance work aggregator website that is pretty popular with professionals. Think of FlexJobs as a less popular version of Upwork and Freelancer.


I believe that the reason for the slightly similar name is because Online Flex Job wants to ride on the rising popularity of FlexJobs. Not only do they differ fundamentally but it appears that they should not even be in the same sentence together. Even at first glance, Online Flex Job does not look like a legitimate website – and that’s what we are going to find out today.


In this review, we are going to take a look in this semi-copycat company called Online Flex Jobs. I will say though that I am not particularly hot on reviewing this product because there are obvious red flags. Nonetheless, I will still present to you the whole review, unbiased and honest.


What Exactly Is Online Flex Job?


If you go to their website, which I won’t link to (the URL is the same as the company name), you can clearly see that this particular website does not look professional at all. It looks like the content was transposed into a simple template to be passed off as a professional landing page.


If you go to their about page, you can read what this website is all about. I will have to warn you though that their description is pretty vague. If you can read between the lines, you can clearly tell that they’re just saying things for the sake of saying things, but I digress.


online flex job scam


Let’s look at their website in a more detached perspective. According to them, their website helps people get online “flex” jobs by giving them a platform to access job openings by Fortune 500 companies.


If you read their statement at face value, it would give you the impression that you can get online jobs by signing up for their program. But there’s a catch though — and I will explain those in the section down below.


How Can You Access Available Jobs?


The short answer is you can’t. There are no available jobs, actually.


If you go through their website and follow the registration process, which is suspiciously pretty simple, you will be taken into another page which is where things got even weirder. All they need is your name, email address, full address, and phone number, and you’re all set., at least that’s what they say.


In the next part of your registration, you will be asked to install the software. They say that it’s an antivirus program to make sure that your computer is “safe” before you start your online work. Now, if you still can’t smell it, let me spell it out for you – this “ensure the computer is safe” business is entirely BS.


Here’s how it works according to them; you will have to BUY the antivirus software first before being granted access to their job listings. The price of the antivirus is $25, which they say will be reimbursed once you send a scanned or screenshot of the receipt.


Full disclosure – I did not buy the program, partly because it’s pretty obvious what they’re trying to do, and mostly because I’ve already read stories about this particular scam.


In the next section of the article, I will the numerous red flags about this product.


Red Flags – Online Flex Job Is Riddled With Them


Writing this section in all of my reviews is one of my favorite things to do because it can make or break a program, depending on what I find out about it. If you see that I’ve written plenty of red flags, it’s almost a given that the program I am reviewing is a scam.


For Online Flex Job, I am just going to write FIVE RED FLAGS. Granted, I could’ve written maybe 10 but I left out smaller issues because I would run out of space to write. That’s how bad this program is. I figured that 5 bad things would suffice.


Here are the RED FLAGS:


Paying upfront for a bogus software


As I’ve said above, they are selling an antivirus program which they say is mandatory if you want to work. You see, I’ve worked online for years now and never in my two decades of experience has any legitimate online job website required me to use an antivirus, much less buy it.


Misleading claims


I have to hand it to this company though because their earning claims aren’t as ridiculous as other companies. In their sales pitch, they say that you can earn up to $24 per hour, even at part-time. That’s actually somehow believable.


Compare that to other scam companies claiming “earn $100,000 each week,” their claim is surprisingly pretty tame. However, that does not discount the fact that all of it is a LIE.


Deceptive Marketing


Online Flex Jobs is operating under the false premise that it is an online job hiring website – it is NOT. They are just riding on the “FlexJob” moniker to lure in people into their dubious marketing scheme. The truth is, they aren’t what they claim to be.


Complaints from users who actually bought the software


If you search the internet for Online Flex Job reviews, you will be flooded with complaints upon complaints about this company. Apparently, many people still bought the software in the hopes of making money online.


These people are desperate enough to buy a bogus anti-virus program and that’s exactly the type of people that this website lure in, so be careful out there.


There is no JOB


There is actually no JOB here, only offers. If you dive deep enough into this website, you will notice that it’s riddled with ads for other companies. It’s as if it’s not even a job portal but an ad dashboard website.


Apparently, when you become a member, you will not be given a list of jobs you can apply for but a list of ads for products that you might buy. That’s ridiculous.


Things I Like About Online Flex Job




Normally in my reviews, I will find something good to say about a product even if it is proven to be a scam. Maybe the website looks good, or there’s a money-back guarantee or something of the sort. I’ll squeeze my brain sometimes to find something good to say.


For this product though, that proved to be difficult. Their website does not even look good. Even if you transport their website into the year 2000, it would still look dated.


The Conclusion – Is Online Flex Job Worth It?


The answer is an echoing NO.


Even if you are just considering to check this product out for the sake of curiosity, let me save you the time by telling you that this website is pure trash, plain and simple.


The fact is, programs that tell its users that earning money online is as easy as letting a program run on the background are often scams. If an automated money-making program like this exists, every online marketer must be making bank but we all know that that’s not the case.


A good marketing program tells you exactly how it is, without masking the actual difficulty of earning money online. If a program starts out with a ridiculous headline, chances are, it’s only after your money.


Now, I don’t want your time to go to waste…


Therefore, I am still going to recommend you a program. It’s a program that I’ve been using for the past several years. So far, I am doing great with it, and have received tons of positive feedbacks from the people I’ve recommended it to.


If you have the time, please check it out – My #1 Most Recommended Affiliate Program



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