Is My Lead Company A Scam? Get The Answer In My Review!

Is My Lead Company A Scam? Get The Answer In My Review!

Name: My Lead Company

Owner: J.R Jackson


Price: $9.95- $199.95

Overall Rank: 5 Out of 10

There have been a lot of hype about the company for sometimes now and I have decided to research more about what they are all about.

You must have heard about this opportunity for a blog post or from the social media, but not sure if they are legitimate or not.

Is My Lead Company truly a scam?

Can you build a solid business with My Lead Company?

I have gathered all details about this company so you can make an informed decision.

Please read through our My Lead Company to make a perfect decision.


What Is My Lead Company All About?

My Lead Company is a Network Marketing Company and it is operated the same way as others Multi-Level Marketing companies are operating.

My Lead Company is owned and operated by JR. Jackson who is well known direct marketers. The company was launched in 2008.

The domain name registration for My Lead Company website was first acquired on June 24, 2008, and then last updated on May 24, 2016, with the owner set to private.

They claim that you will receive 100 leads after watching a video on their sale page.

However, most people found out that they got the same 100 free leads as everybody else rendering My Lead Company leads too redundant to help anyone.


What Are Products And Service Offered By My Lead Company?

My Lead Company is a Multi-level Marketing company. Right now, They offer leads packages as the main product to their prospective customers.

The My Lead Company doesn’t have any product line. They are one of the multi-level marketing companies that sell lead packages. And a good MLM will always have goods and services that will benefit the customers.

See The Screenshot below



The lack of a product line also means that there isn’t any chance for retail sales to take place. It pretty much impossible to have a legit opportunity without the presence of retail sales.


How Do You Earn Money With My Lead Company?

Just like any other multilevel marketing company out there, My Lead Company comes with the comp plan. You can make money as an affiliate by bringing in people onboard.

With that being said, you will need to sign more people up to make more money. Make sense?

The company promises that you’ll get paid 18 ways and get paid daily.

Listed Are Ways you’ll Make Money With Them:

First Order Bonus (FOB)

You’ll earn up to 50% commissions on the first order for anyone that purchases lead from your website.

You’ll be compensated based on the lead package your customer purchase.

Daily Infinity Commissions

You’ll earn daily commissions based on the entire daily sale volume down the straight line.

  • Marketing consultant 5%
  • Marketing manager 10%
  • Marketing Director 15%
  • Executive Director 20%
  • Vice President 25%



Bonus Pools

This is ten 1% bonus pools which ranging from bonus pool #1 to bonus pool #10. You’ll get 1% of the total company sales for the day.

The Bonus Pools are 10% of the entire company sales, calculated and paid daily based on the entire sales from every marketing associate no matter who enrolled them.

Founders Pool

This is where you’ll be helping the My Lead Company expending world wide and you will receive 1% of the entire of the company sale.

Note: To qualify for founders pool you’ll will have to be an active subscription member and you must also have another commission for the day to trigger your Founder’s Pool to be paid for that day.

Matching Bonus

You may also earn 10% based on the commissions of any team members that you have personally sponsored. The Matching Bonus allows you to multiply your earnings as your organization grows.


What Is The Cost Of Joining My Lead Company?

To get started with My Lead Company as an affiliate, the cost is free.  However, you must purchase one of their lead package to start generating an income.


The Pros Vs. Cons Of My Lead Company


  • Free to sign up.
  • You can make some money
  • Work from home.
  • More flexible.


  • My Lead Company you to its customer.
  • You will need to learn how to bring in others to the system and how to build teams in the process.
  • You are not building a real business.
  • Direct marketing is not for everyone.

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Who Is Exactly For My Lead Company?

My Lead Company is meant for those are good at people skill. If you think that you are the next best recruiter, then this program may be for you.

Your goals once you get involved in the program is likely going to sell the system to others and push them towards to invest more in the company so you earn more commission.

If you don’t feel like selling the same services to other folks, then may not be the program for you.


My Final Opinion On My Lead Company

At the end of the day, I believe that My Lead Company is a good company. Like any business thought, you’ll need to put in time and effort to start seeing the results.

In term the business opportunity, my only issue is they use recruit business model. It is hard because one you recruit a new member, you jobs is half done.

Whether you believe this is the type of organization you want to get involved with is up to you.

A couple years ago I gave up the multi- level marketing and joined a training program where they offer step by step training that teaches you how to set up your business.

Ideal for newbies, you can join for free and often a few days, you will have your own free website and build your own online business foundation.

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What is your thought about My Lead Company or have you had any experience with it in the past? Why not share it and let us learn from it!

Thanks for reading.

All the best!







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