Is Modere a Scam? Learn The Truth About This New MLM

Is Modere A Scam?


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You are probably here because you are wondering if the company called Modere is a scam or not. The other reason why you are here is probably that you are researching some new skin products to help improve your skin. Whatever your reasons are, you are definitely in the right place.


This article is dedicated to letting readers learn of the truth about Modere. Is it a company worth checking out? Can it offer a legit way to make money online? Are all its claims true?


How am I able to do that?


I am going to do a thorough background check on this product so you don’t have to. At the end of this article, I will give you my honest thoughts. That should equip you with the right knowledge to decide whether this product is suited for you or not. In any case, this article will give you an unbiased account of the company that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s still up to you to decide what you’re going to do with that information.


What Exactly Is Modere?


The most likely reason that you searched for the background of this company is someone you know probably approached you to become a member. If that is true, that is actually not that surprising. It is an MLM company after all, and MLM companies are known to put huge stock on their recruitment program. That is because there awaits a huge incentive for every successful referral so people mainly focus on it.


Modere did not start out as “Modere.” It’s a mere rebrand. Their original name is Neways and was founded in 1987 in Utah. As you can see, it is a pretty old company which is a bit surprising because most MLM companies don’t age good. I personally know close to a hundred MLM companies that bust out before their 5-year anniversary. The fact that Modere is more than 2 decades old says a lot about this company.


To be perfectly honest, nothing really stands out about Modere. The products seem generic enough and you would be able to get a generic and much cheaper brand on just about any popular online retail store. It seems like the main power source of income for members is centered around their recruitment system – and in my opinion, that isn’t a good indication of the reputation of this company.


Modere’s Product Line


The main selling point of Modere is their focus on “Safe and effective products.” This means that all their products don’t contain harmful ingredients or chemicals that are know harmful to humans. I won’t list all the chemicals that they leave out of their products but chemicals like triclosan, petrolatum, parabens, phosphates, formaldehyde, and many others are some of the chemicals they avoid incorporating into their products.


  • Collagen Product Line


When you read about collagen, you are probably thinking of skin – and you are mostly right. Collagen has other health benefits as well. But this company focuses on its effect on the skin. Their collagen products come in the form of drinks, gels, creams, and lotions.


  • Health and wellness


This category is a bit broad in terms of what is included. For Modere, this includes vitamins, probiotic drinks, dietary supplements, and many more.


  • Household and Personal care


This includes skincare, haircare, and basically any items that relates to your aesthetic appeal. As for household items, it’s pretty obvious what those items are – laundry wash, fabric conditioners, dish wash gels, surface cleaners, and more.


As you can see, Modere has tons of products that it caters to people. If you want something for your house or personal improvement, chances are, Modere has it on their catalog. The only issue you might face when shopping for products is their pricing. All of their products, yes, even the most common household items, are priced ridiculously, like 3-4x the average retail price. It’s no wonder why their members aren’t too keen on their selling but instead more focused on the recruitment side of things.


How To Become A Member Of Modere?


Before you can make money on Modere, you need to be a member, that much is obvious. As with all MLM companies, you need to buy into the program to be able to recruit or resell their items.


How much to pay to become a member?


You need to pay a one-time payment of $29.95 as a registration fee. You are also encouraged to buy a $399 package which isn’t compulsory. This $399 package, according to them, should help you promote your products to other people.


On top of all these payments, you will pay a monthly fee of $100 per month. It isn’t exactly a monthly fee but more of a purchase quota that you have to reach. If you fail to pay this monthly fee, your membership will be voided. You can instead sell products to people then use what you made as payment for your monthly dues. Otherwise, you need to pay this fee in order to keep your membership.


How To Make Money On Modere?


There are basically two ways in which you can make money on Modere. It’s an MLM company so you may already have an idea of what these two ways are.


Reselling items


You basically buy items in bulk and resell them. As a member, you get a discount on all items that you buy from them. That discount can turn into profit if you manage to sell the items for retail prices. Unfortunately, Modere isn’t exactly a fan of this method of earning as they focus more on the recruitment side of things.




If you are familiar with how MLM works, you must already have an idea of how this works. Ultimately, you refer people into the program. If they choose to become a member, you get a commission. If they successfully recruit people, you get a commission as well, albeit somewhat lower than if you recruited them directly. This goes on and on for a few levels. The people recruited under you would become your downlines.


As for their compensation plan, it’s a bit too complex to include in this article but it’s just like any other MLM compensation plan out there. The only real difference is the percentage which is a bit different, depending on the level of your recruit. I will a short video down below to give you some sort of an idea of how to effectively recruit someone into your program.



Will Modere Work For You?


To give a straight answer to this question is a bit of a disservice. A simple yes or no would not suffice because there are far too many factors like your marketing tactics.


But based on what I’ve read about this company, I will be leaning towards NO. It’s a fact that majority of members of MLMs do not breakeven on their investment. This company is mostly similar to traditional MLM companies which means that it doesn’t do things differently. Having said that, there’s a high chance that you won’t recuperate your investment if you go ahead and invest on this program.


The Conclusion – Is Modere A Scam?


Modere is not a scam, that much is obvious.


Modere is an MLM company that sells different kinds of products but if you observe how their system is structured, you would notice that it puts more focus on the recruitment side of things. If you want to make your money by selling Modere products, you’re going to be out of luck since their products are priced exorbitantly high. The demand for “clean” items is very niche. Most people just won’t pay top dollar to buy a “chemical-free” item, which kinda makes most of your items worthless, in a sense.


In short, you will almost be forced into becoming a member for the sole purpose of referring people to it. This isn’t a sign of a healthy MLM company. There should be a balance between selling and recruiting. But then again, Modere has been around for more than 20 years which could mean that it should be doing something right, yes?


Whatever the case may be, you should always remember that MLM is not a simple work. You should be aware of all the conditions before you decide to go into this business. Now, if you are looking for an alternative, I might have something for you. I will put a link down below to my most recommended program. It isn’t an MLM program. It’s much better than that. You may have heard of affiliate marketing – and that’s what my recommendation is all about. If you want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to click down below.


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