Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam? Learn The Truth

Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam?

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Product Name: Millionaire Biz Pro

Price: $80 plus plenty of upsells

Rating: 2.2 out of 10

Verdict: There are plenty of signs of this program being a scam. It uses plenty of shady tactics that be shamed and be referred to as what it really is – a SCAM!


If you’ve been working in an office for a long time now, there’s a good chance that you’ve thought about working from home. After all, the lure of working from home is too strong to pass up. What’s not to like? No more commute and office politics, for a start. But is working from home really all good news?

If you’ve actively searched for work from home opportunity, you may have found plenty of programs claiming ‘free money by doing this or that.” The truth is, plenty of those platforms are outright scams. They just use the buzzword ‘work from home’ as bait to lure in people into buying a useless program.

In today’s review, we’re going to review a program that claims exactly just that. I am not saying that this program I am about to review is 100% a scam, but if it is, we’re going to find out here. The name of the program is Millionaire Biz Pro. Just like any other make money online programs, this program makes plenty of claims that are not only intriguing but also doubtful.

I am going to go down on each of its claims to determine if it is worth your time or not. Without further ado, here’s the review.


What Is Millionaire Biz Pro?

Millionaire Biz Pro presents itself as a work from home opportunity for people all around the world. In reality, it’s a course about how to make money from doing absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that right – from doing absolutely nothing!

This idea that you can earn from doing nothing gets repeatedly bashed into your head as soon as you visit their main website. In there, you will see plenty of graphics showing “User X has made this amount” along with false scarcity warning like “Due to high demand, we will close registration as of x minutes.” We all know they won’t ever close their offer. This is just a sales tactic to force you to buy without thinking.

There’s plenty to talk about their website but the truth is, there’s not much in it that explains what this program is all about. They just push this narrative that once you pay for their program, you will automatically make money, no exception. Not only is this an outright lie but an illegal claim at that.


How Does Millionaire Biz Pro Work Exactly?

Their website actually has a section explaining how Millionaire Biz Pro work. However, upon reading it, you won’t gain knowledge about the program. Somehow, it managed to explain something without actually explaining anything.

Apparently, Millionaire Biz Pro is all about generating income quickly and easily through the use of internet marketing through posting of your product links onto several platforms. This statement is such a vague concept that you can apply it to basically any online platform and get an approximate idea of what it is all about.


how millionaire biz pro works


Truth be told, their explanation may very well be about quantum physics because it’s as unrelated as the actual explanation they offered.


The Typical Makings Of A Scam

I’m going to post a screenshot of their registration page to illustrate the various techniques that scam websites use to dupe in users to buy into the program.



If you notice, their registration page is not even for Millionaire Biz Pro. It’s for a different company called Bitcoin Evolution.

It’s become apparent with this move that Millionaire Biz Pro isn’t what it claims to be. This bait and switch technique illustrates exactly what is wrong about this company, and why it is purposely being vague about its inner workings – it’s because it’s selling a different scam product.

Just on that screenshot alone, you will see plenty of big signs that it is indeed a scam masquerading as another work-from-home opportunity. We’ll discuss those things in the next section below.


The Giveaways – How To Tell If A Program Is A Scam?

On the screenshot I’ve provided above, there are plenty of things that will jump out at you if you look closely. The first thing you might notice is the face of Bill Gates on the video in the middle. That’s a deliberate move on their part. Bill Gates has nothing to do with this company. They are just using his face to appear more reputable than they are. This is a shady business practice that unfortunately still misleads a lot of people.

Another thing is the fake scarcity above – “Due to extremely high media demand, we will close registration as of 6:00.”  They won’t close it. As an experiment, I let the clock run out and you can still register just fine.

They also plaster all sorts of company logo near the bottom. Again, this is to appear affiliated to those companies even if they aren’t. They’re just for show, to appear more professional than they truly are.

They also make liberal use of the word ‘Bitcoin’ which for most people means free money. That is not the case, unfortunately. If you actually read further, you will learn that they are not even affiliated with any kind of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for that matter.


Additional Red Flags

I don’t need to dig deep to claim that this program is indeed a scam. But to make my conclusion as sound as possible, I added several proofs of it being a scam.

  • The actual Millionaire Biz Pro has closed down. Every potential registration is redirected to a landing page of a product called Bitcoin Evolution. Bitcoin Evolution is a known scam. By sheer association, we can safely assume that Millionaire Biz Pro is also a scam.
  • It’s just a repackaged version of Explode My Payday which is yet another scam.
  • It uses the same fake actors as Explode My Payday.
  • Using fake actors for a scam website isn’t complete without using it to create a fake owner, which is what Millionaire Biz Pro did. They have a complete profile for a person under the name of Derek Maxwell which is obviously a fake person, as seen in the picture below.


fake actor derek maxwell


The Verdict – Is Millionaire Biz Pro A Scam?

I’m going to keep this short. Yes, Millionaire Biz Pro is indeed a scam.

There’s plenty of signs of it being a scam, many of which I’ve already discussed above. It uses plenty of shady tactics that be shamed and be referred to as what it really is – a SCAM!

There’s not much to talk about this product, really. Personally, I won’t consider this a product at all because you won’t get anything of value from it.


Alternative To Millionaire Biz Pro

If you want to actually make money, you should check out my most recommended program. It has helped plenty of people make money online. They have varying levels of success but success nonetheless. I am comfortable advocating for this program because the same program has been the source of my income for quite some time now.

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