Is MicroWorkers Scam? Is Earning Penny Per Task Worth Your Time?

Is Microworkers Scam?


microworkers scam


If you’ve been searching for an online money-making opportunity, you probably have already stumbled upon a few microwork sites. These are the kinds of sites that will pays its users after they complete various menial tasks. Of course, the payment is dependent on the difficulty of the task at hand. Most of the tasks are extra simple though, which understandably makes the payment small. But that’s the entire use of this platform – they are basically just going to provide their users with extra money, like a side hustle of sorts. But since there are literally thousands of companies similar to this one, you may be wondering if this is even worth your time – and I am going to answer that on this review.


In today’s review, we are going to look into a microwork site, a company named MicroWorkers. It’s been popping all over social media lately because of their recent promotion and it has caught many people’s attention. Now, I am going to personally do a checkup of this company to give you the details about their inner workings. Is working for this company going to make you extra money? Is it worth your time? These are some of the questions I will answer in this review. At the end of this review, I would give you my personal recommendation along with full and honest feedback on this program. Let’s start.


What Exactly Is MicroWorkers?


Microworkers is an online platform that gives its users small online tasks which only takes a few minutes to finish. For all intents and purposes, the tasks are very simple and would not actually require that much thinking on your behalf.


You can either register as a client or as a worker. If you register as a client, you can submit your online job request and hire people to do those for you. For employees, on the other hand, you can select which tasks you want to do. In this review, we are going to focus only on the employee’s side of things since that is what most of you are here for. If you are looking for reviews as a client, you should visit their website because that’s where most of that information is going to be.


Microworkers offers various tasks that are very unique to each other. You can even filter the jobs if need be since they have their own categories. This makes it easier for users to see which tasks to apply for especially if they have their own preference. I will put a screenshot below of their categories.



As you can see, they have numerous categories, some of which are more difficult than others, but obviously, the harder the task is, the higher that payment is going to be.


What Does Those Categories Mean?


I am not going to go through each and every one of the categories I’ve posted above. That would take a lot of time and be honest, many of the categories are self-explanatory. Anyhow, I am just going to give you an overview of what to expect for some of the categories above. This is to help you select which ones you want to work on.


Majority of the tasks on Microworkers deal with social media and marketing. Some examples of this are by sharing a Youtube video on your Facebook account or liking a certain post. After you’ve done that, you need to provide proof and you’re all done. The availability and difficulty of the task can be seen when you click it. You will see details like how much you will earn, how much time would you need to spend to finish, Job ID, Employer, and other various information.


How Much Can You Earn On Microworkers?


It is always important to know how much you can get paid before you start working any gig. When it comes to Microworkers though, the pay is variable. There are some gigs wherein you get paid a lot but most of the tasks there would only pay in cents. Given than you will only get paid 5-30 cents each gig, you will need to finish thousand of gigs before you can even earn a good amount. But bear in mind that the tasks are pretty easy to finish, 5 minutes tops even if you are a slow worker. Some gigs you can even finish in under a minute, so take that as you will.


One common problem of sites like this is the availability of work. There is a huge demand for workers but very little supply of work. This means that every gig will become a competition for thousands of workers. Fortunately, Microworkers is a well-known microwork site wherein there’s an ample amount of work for everyone.


How To Get Paid?


There are a few important things you need to know when working with Microworkers. Firstly, you need to have a verifiable home address before you can complete your registration. When you request a payout for the first time, you will be mailed a PIN number to which you have to input it on your profile to mark your account as “verified.” Only then will you be able to withdraw your money.


I’ve read many complaints about their verification process, citing that there are tons of easier ways to get yourself verified. A text or call verification would suffice but for some reason, they are still using mail as their only verification method. To be fair, a mail verification is pretty much the only way to prove that you have a home address, which is probably what they’re going for. Needless to say, it is a hassle for users.


Once you have verified your account, you can now withdraw your earnings on your Paypal or Payoneer account. You can also use Dwolla and Skrill. At the time of this writing, you can only use those 4 to withdraw your money. The payment threshold is $9 except for Payoneer which is pegged at $20.


Honest Thoughts On Microworkers


The Pros


  • You can use it on mobile but that doesn’t mean that it has a custom app. This only means that it has a mobile-friendly website design which is pretty handy if you are always on the move.
  • It is an international site which means that pretty much anyone can join
  • They have a dedicated support system for all the issues or problems you may be experiencing using their platform
  • Offers a respectable number of tasks compared to more popular microwork sites


The Cons


  • Limited amount of gigs especially outside the USA
  • Reports of getting blasted with spam email once you register your email account
  • Customer support not providing useful information about payment issues
  • Are There Better Sites Than Microworkers?


To be fair to Microworkers, it has a lot of good qualities but to be perfectly honest, there are tons more companies that are way better than this one. You need not go that far to see one that is better. In the same industry, microwork sites, I can probably name 5 companies that have a better structure than this one. I won’t name them specifically and I only said that to give you an idea of where this company stands.


If you are looking for other online money-making gigs though, you can try affiliate marketing. There is a huge earning potential on that industry which you won’t even touch using microwork platforms. If you want to learn more, you should check out my #1 recommendation here. Click the link for more information.


The Feedback – Is Microwokers Scam?


Microworks is a legit microtask earning site but it is plagued with many issues with regards to their payment system. This company is still using archaic and phased out methods of verifications which is a testament to how they run their platform.


One good thing about this company is they are able to provide a consistent number of gigs for their users but it is eclipsed by their inability to capitalize on that opportunity by giving payments that are simply way below average.


If you are looking to earn some money on the side, I suggest that you look somewhere else. If you still want to try this company out, feel free to do so but bear in mind my recommendation.



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