Is Maxbounty a Scam? (WARNING, Amazing CPA Platform!)

Is Maxbounty a scam? (WARNING, Amazing CPA Platform!)


Is MaxBounty a Scam?

The first thing that comes into the mind of most people when they encounter MaxBounty on the internet is that it is a scam.


The chances are that you have an idea of what MaxBounty is and how it operates if you have experienced other affiliate marketing programs.


The question for most people would be whether or not you can trust MaxBounty for the money-making opportunity. You can find out about all that by reading through this article.


What is MaxBounty?

MaxBounty was founded in 2004, and it is a cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate marketing program. It operates as an intermediary between affiliates and advertisers. It was founded to create an avenue for bloggers to earn income via lead generation.


MaxBounty has more than a decade of experience in dealing with affiliates and advertisers.


You earn income in exchange for a given amount of commission that matches well with the type and bulk of traffic that is directed from blogs or sites.


Here’s a Short Video on How to Get Started with MaxBounty.



The affiliates get paid after accomplishing specific tasks or actions. As such, it means that besides creating traffic to the products of the advertiser, you must also achieve the desired action, such as signing up for the products and filling out a form.


MaxBounty claims to help affiliates to earn income by marketing or promoting more than a hundred services and products.


However, don’t mistake this with a get-rich scheme because you must work harder than before to earn the reward that you deserve. Besides, MaxBounty is a cost per action program; therefore, you must act.


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How does MaxBounty operate?

MaxBounty assists advertisers to meet their marketing needs by connecting the advertisers with a network of affiliates to help them in selling their services and products online.


Members then earn a commission when they promote the services and products on their social media or websites.


Here’s a Video on How to Get Around the MaxBounty System.



The commission earned by members comes from performance marketing when visitors visit the websites of the advertisers and click on the advertisement, make purchases, or fill out forms.


Also, commissions paid by MaxBounty are made on a net 15 basis. That means that affiliates get paid on the 15th of the following month for the sales made on the previous month.


Members receive payments via cheques, PayPal, direct deposit, and other gateway options. Additionally, affiliates are not charged to sign up as the company’s affiliate.


MaxBounty is, perhaps, one of the best CPA affiliate marketing programs in the past over a decade. MaxBounty is famous for paying the highest commissions to affiliates.


The company operates actively in Canada, and it has continuously offered the best services to advertisers and members who wish to expand their reach among the billions of internet users by providing leads.


MaxBounty acts like a consolidator by gathering advertisers who are open for affiliates, which is unlike most other affiliate marketing programs. Additionally, the company teaches the basics of becoming an effective affiliate.


MaxBounty later converts into traffic rates based on the generated amount of leads that affiliates gather in an array of categories.


The company pays its affiliate marketers as low as $1 and as high as $80 per the lead generated based on the sector where the campaign name belongs.


MaxBounty also claims to offer its hardworking affiliates an all-expense paid vacation and bonuses. The chances of earning a decent income with MaxBounty are high as long as you manage to create good traffic to sites.


How to make money with MaxBounty

You must work extra hard to become one of the bonafide affiliates of MaxBounty if you want to earn money with the company.


Most of the company’s affiliates shared their sentiments on several platforms noting that it can be challenging to join the company.


As such, people who want to join MaxBounty must prove and do a lot of convincing that they deserve to join the affiliate’s team.


But, you have a wide range of options or choices to earn money once you have joined MaxBounty.


The company has a category of industries that you can choose from to generate leads on their behalf in exchange for a commission that is based on the equivalent cost per click rates.


Some of the industries that MaxBounty has categorized include travel programs and car loans. You only have to select the sectors where your website belongs to and the ones that you would like to promote.


What do I like about MaxBounty?

Lots of positive reviews

You have perhaps seen several negative reviews from random affiliates on several forums concerning companies like MaxBounty.


However, MaxBounty is among the top CPA network companies based on the several positive reviews it receives from its members. You will notice several positive reviews on several blogs.


One of the positive reviews that will also probably catch your attention is one that claimed that MaxBounty is a force to reckon in the industry.


The analysis further pointed out that you should not have doubts about earning decent pay with the company’s offers.


The affiliate who posted a positive review about MaxBounty claimed that it is among the best and most reliable CPA affiliate network in the sector.


Performance marketing training

MaxBounty offers its affiliates an online course that equips them with skills of affiliate marketing services and products effectively online.


The company has a program that features video-based training on policies and guidelines concerning affiliate marketing. The good news is that the program is free for MaxBounty affiliates.


Excellent BBB rating

Currently, MaxBounty has been rated by the Better Business Bureau and given an A+ rating.


Additionally, no client has presented complaints with MaxBounty for the last three years. The company has, however, received one complaint since it was established 15 years ago.


As such, MaxBounty has received lesser complaints on BBB, which makes it a more preferred company in the affiliate marketing industry as compared to other companies.


Different types of affiliate offers

The best part about being an affiliate for MaxBounty is that you can earn money promoting lead-based offers.


The best part about lead-based offers is that they are easily convertible as compared to sales based offers. The good news is that MaxBounty offers affiliates the option of selecting either type of proposals.


Supper supportive

When searching for reviews about MaxBounty, the chances are that you will come across reviews that boast of the firm’s support.


Its support system that consists of its customer service representatives is super supportive.


The support system handles all issues presented by clients such as a billing complaint, a tech problem with the platform.


MaxBounty offers a quick response to, and it quickly deals with the situations that come up to make the affiliates happy.


High-quality leads

MaxBounty has strict regulations that limit the people they accept. The provisions have enabled the company to filter on affiliates, rather than allowing every other person who wants to sign up to the program.


The strict regulations are for the benefit of advertisers. Besides, MaxBounty makes sure that all affiliates have a significant number of no-spam traffic as opposed to legit organic traffic sources.


What do others say about MaxBounty?

Besides the positive things about MaxBounty, other people have opposing views concerning affiliate marketing company based on the overall services that they offer to advertisers and affiliate as well as the target markets.


MaxBounty has been trying hard since 2004 to maintain its reputation online as the best CPA network firms in the industry today.


Some people find it challenging to believe that MaxBounty offers the best services because of the considerable number of negative reviews field against them. Some people even claim that it is not easy to join the company.


What I don’t like about MaxBounty

Intensive signup process

The entire process of getting acceptance by MaxBounty as an affiliate is more restrictive than most other affiliate networks.


For instance, you will be required to submit an online application that requires you to include your experience working with an affiliate marketing company and your necessary contact information.


The company’s affiliate manager reviews the information that you provided to determine if you qualify to join MaxBounty or not.


If you are not qualified to join Maxbounty, you can try sites like Inbox Dollars, Survey Voices, Daily Rewards, Pinecone Research Surveys, and Survey Rewardz.


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After that, the affiliate is required to speak to the manager over the phone. The manager asks the member to prove how he or she intends to promote the service or product campaigns during the phone conversation.


The approval does not meet approval if the affiliate does not have a website and experience.


Minimum $100 payout requirement

The other complaint that you are likely to come across on the web concerning MaxBounty is its $100 minimum payout requirement.


The company requires affiliates who want to cash out their earnings to have more than $100 in camping earnings.


It may take you quite some time to access any actual money based on how good you are at promoting services and products.


Therefore, most people complain that this requirement prevents them from cashing out cash anytime they need to access the earnings.


Make sure you follow their campaign rules

MaxBounty has strict regulations on the ways used to promote an affiliate company. For instance, affiliates are required to follow all the guidelines to the letter. Otherwise, MaxBounty will close down your account.


Consequently, you will lose all the earnings that you have earned when the company closes down your account due to the failure to adhere to the campaign rules.


How much does MaxBounty cost?

You don’t need money to sign up as an affiliate for MaxBounty. Additionally, the training is free.


Also, there are no upsells, which is good news for anyone searching for a genuine way of earning money online.


Some companies trick people into joining their network affiliates and offer them perks, but they later discover that they must pay for all the benefits later.


Unlike most other CPA affiliate networks, affiliates signing up to join MaxBounty experience challenges. For instance, you must be approved first before you begin earning.


Additionally, this CPA platform is particular about the affiliates who want to join, and they sometimes call the wannabe affiliates to assess them.


You must pay attention to some things if you’re going to join or stay in the company successfully. Some of the requirements before entering the program are listed below:


  • A functional website with good traffic
  • You must understand the kind of traffic that you have, even if MaxBounty accepts affiliates from all over the world. Some advertisers are specific about the type of leads they aim at attracting.
  • MaxBounty should know the medium and marketing strategies that you intend to use
  • You should not be involved in sketchy or suspicious marketing activities or promotions


Final thoughts about MaxBounty

I don’t think the accusations that MaxBounty is a scam are right, despite the fraud against the CPA program. The CPA program is a legit company that offers real offers to its target group.


Only that the company has strict regulations and the inevitable mistakes, together with several unresolved concerns on different forums.


The unresolved concerns collected negative reviews against MaxBounty, which resulted in a lousy reputation regardless of the efforts to maintain a positive reputation.


Additionally, besides the allegations, MaxBounty has a functional system that entails legitimate payout to its affiliates.


Besides, some bloggers have benefited from the company by offering MaxBounty real traffic and the bought types of traffic.

MaxBounty is not a scam. Besides, several people have worked as affiliates with MaxBounty for several years and have earned.


Also, the company offers free affiliate marketing training as well as rewards to the well-performing members such as all-expense paid holidays and performance bonuses.


Other members also admit that MaxBounty is an excellent company with high-quality products and great attitudes.


In my opinion, MaxBounty is a legit CPA program as long as you adhere to their rules and consult the manager before starting any promotions.


For instance, you can make a passive income if you have a website. Therefore, why not give it a shot? The only challenge is probably the suspicious account suspensions because MaxBounty has strict regulations.


So, that’s my opion on MaxBounty. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below in the comment section.








Overall Quality



  • Lots of positive reiviews.
  • Performance marketing training.
  • Super Supportive.


  • Intensive signup prosses.
  • Minimum $100 payout requirement.
  • Strict campaign rules.

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