Is Market Hero Scam? What Separates It From Other Autoresponders?

Is Market Hero Scam?


market hero scam


Email marketing plays an important role in any kind of business that relies on exposure, and since most businesses would benefit from added exposure, the majority of businesses would improve when they use a good email marketing scheme. Because of the demand for good email marketing system, you can see a lot of email marketing providers out there if you search on Google. Today, we are going to look into other email services, Market Hero, to see if it is indeed worth a second look. After all, there are already so many email services available on the internet today – is this new email marketing system worth your money?


I will play around with this product for a couple of days or weeks to study the ins and outs of the program and check if it is better than the most popular email marketing software already available. After all, if you’re going to change email marketing system, it should be better than the ones you’re currently using. Otherwise, what’s the point? Without further delays, here’s my full review of the product.


What Exactly Is Market Hero?


Market Hero is an email marketing service that was created by Alex Becker. For those not familiar with his work, Alex Becker is also the author of many SEO trainings and marketing books that made him somewhat of a figure in the marketing community. Because of this deep grasp of the importance of SEO, he is well-aware of the impact of having a good email marketing system, hence, his creation of the program.


Market Hero is just like any other email services already available – it allows you to create forms, automate your emails, build your email list, send timed emails, and many more features. What Market Hero claims to have that others don’t is their ability to get leads out of your email list. What they mean by that is they can generate you good revenue because they have found a way to harness the power of a good persuasive email campaign. They promise to teach you the best ways to use email for your marketing – the how’s and when’s of sending emails is their main selling point.


We will discuss how Market Hero works below.


Market Hero – Who Can Use It?


Anyone that does marketing can benefit from getting a solid email marketing service. Anyone with an email list or anyone who wants to build one should take a look at getting an email service. You don’t necessarily need to get this one but getting a good one should help you immensely.


They even included a free training program named 8X academy training which aims to teach you how to build your own online business using proven and tested techniques. As I’ve said, Alex Becker is a known SEO marketer and he claims to have found a way to harness his marketing genius to earn money on the web. If you want to take a peek on what’s inside his mind, you definitely need to read 8X academy training that is included for free in this program.


Market Hero Pricing


Their basic plan starts at $19/month. You can have a total of 1000 subscribers on this plan which is perfect if you’re new to the game. However, for small to medium businesses, the cap on the number of subscribers might be a bit limiting.


The next plan which is perfect for small to medium businesses is $49/month. The subscriber limit is set to 3,000 which is more than enough for a medium company. However, for a handful of users, the limit if 3000 is not enough, and that’s where the next level of their plan comes in.


$99/month is their next plan with a subscriber limit of 7,500. This is perfect for heavy-duty users who are continuously building their email lists, but this is far from their final offering as they provide “enterprise” levels of email marketing services.


I will put a screenshot down below of their pricing structure.




Their “Enterprise” plan taps out at the price of $4510/month and has a limit of 500k subscribers which is more than enough to run an average corporation. If you need more than that, I don’t know what to tell you because you’re probably already running a big corporation. If you surpass that number, you probably already have your very own email marketing service customized for you. Nevertheless, these are their plans and whether their pricing is fair or not depends entirely on the users.


pricing 2


How Does Market Hero Works?


It works just like any other autoresponders on the market like AWeber, Mail Chimp, etc. You can manage your email lists in there, create an email campaign, and many other things. What separates this program from other programs is the added features that deem it more useful in the modern era where social media messaging is so rampantly used. I will discuss its unique features below.


What Separates Market Hero From Other Autoresponders?


  • Intuitive UI


They have probably the most modern email marketing design I’ve seen especially when compared to the dinosaur-era email services we’ve been using in the past. The metrics are very easy to comprehend as if they tell you a story using only numbers. Here’s what their dashboard looks like, simplistic yet very informative.




  • It helps you make a sale


The number 1 priority of this program is to provide you a good email marketing system that is versatile and robust. The number 2 is to give you an opportunity to improve your money-making abilities via integrating this program to the core of your marketing strategies. Alex Becker is a known marketer and he probably knows a thing or two about generating a sale, and he makes that more apparent in this program where he carefully integrates money-making into email marketing.


  • Facebook Messenger Integration


This one is big because not all email services have this feature. Some don’t even consider getting it to their system mainly because of their false idea that it won’t improve their system. This is obviously wrong. Most users are active on Facebook and if you can harness and use this messaging app to share your messages, then it would immensely improve your conversion rate.


  • The creator is a marketer himself


Another great thing about this email service is it was built by a successful marketer for other marketers. He had a vision of what a perfect email marketing system should look like and made it possible. This means that you would see metrics that are very helpful in setting up your marketing strategies. After all, this program is specifically made with you, an online marketer, in mind.


  • Not just an autoresponder


You will also be given access to a supplementary training program called Market Hero 8X Academy. This training will teach you how to utilize this email service to up your online marketing game. The two systems are sort of complementary of each other but can function without the other. This is available even with their standard package.


Honest Verdict On Market Hero


If you are looking for a solid autoresponder, you can never go wrong with Market Hero. Considering that is still relatively new to the game, it is impressive how robust and complete the system feels like. It certainly feels like an email system made by a marketer for a marketer.


There’s a bunch of features that even I could not understand, but they’re there nonetheless. The UI is simple yet very detailed, just the right amount of balance, which makes it a very enticing dashboard to look at. You can go from creating a simple automated email response to managing 1000s of email subscriptions in a matter of clicks, which is also impressive.


So to answer the title of this article – Is Market Hero Scam? Not by a long-shot. It’s a legitimate program that is honestly one of the best products I’ve reviewed so far. The creator is a real person, and not just a real person but a knowledgeable guy in the industry, which is more than what we could wish for. This program is one of those tools you know would get better in time.

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