Is Mama Captain A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Is Mama Captain A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Name: Mama Captain


Owner: Chong Cia Yong

Price: $100

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

Do you want to make money online? And want to know if Mama Captain is an excellent business opportunity to make that happen.

You’ve done the right thing by coming to our website to get the necessary details about the company because not many people take such steps and end up complaining after getting their fingers burnt.

I am not a member, so you won’t be getting a big promotion from me here, but rather an honest opinion of what most many consider any MLM type of scheme.

By the end of this review, you should have all the information on whether this is for you or if you’re better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


What Is Mama Captain?

Mama Captain is a company founded in the year 2005. This is a Cryptocurrency business.

The domain name was registered under the name “” October 2014.

Based on my research, I saw that the two highest traffic visiting the website are from Malaysia and China.

The company declared Chong Cia Yong is the sole proprietor of the business in the year 2017. Yong is a Malaysian Citizen.


What Are Products Or Services Offered By Mama Captain?

Mama Captain is another MLM company that does not have any line of products or services. Only by selling affiliate membership.

Mama Captain affiliates invest in Barrel Coin. Barrel Coin are points Mama Captain assign a value to.

  • Every $813,000 invested in Barrel Coins raises the value of Barrel Coin by 0.001
  • Every $2,000,000 of Barrel Coin transaction raises the value of Barrel Coin by 0.003

See The Detail Below.



The company website does not currently provide what this value is.

Barrel Coins can be used for purchase at merchant and Mama Harbour e-commerce platform.


How Do You Earn Money With Mama Captain?

Any affiliate that wants to join Mama Captain Affiliates must invest a sum of at least $100 in the Mama Harbor Share point.

See The Screenshot below.



  • Student – The students can Invest $100 and get 100 Mama Share Points
  • Uni-Student – Can start with $200 and get Mama Share Points that is up to 200
  • Worker – The worker can invest $500 and get 500 of such points.
  • Self-Employed – Can spend $2000 and get 2000 of the points
  • Boss – They start with $5000 and get 50000 points.
  • Entrepreneur – Can put in $10,000 and receive 10,000 Mama Share Points

These Mama Share Points are turned to Barrel points, which value are assigned to.
Their Affiliates can make use of the internal exchange to withdraw this Barrel points.
If a member goes for the $2000, they should have up to $4000 in their Mama Captain commission. This includes selling Barrel Coins.

The Affiliate commission base on some percentage:

  • About 50% commission during withdrawal
  • 20% in Barrel Reward Points which you can only be used on the merchant’s stores.
  • You should make sure you reinvest about 20%.
  • 10% service charge.

See The Screenshot Of Their Payoff Plan Below.



An affiliate can get up to 50% by meeting some requirements:

  • 1 Star (That will need you to sponsor about two affiliates and have at least fifty affiliates)– That will get you 10% withdrawal bonus
  • 2 Star (You will need to double what you do in 1 star to qualify for 1 Star) – You will get 20% withdrawal bonus
  • 3 Star (You will need to sponsor two affiliates on 2 star) – You will be entitled to 30% withdrawal bonus.

Recruitment Commissions.

The Affiliates can also earn more when new affiliates who invest are sponsored.
The different commission is entirely dependent on various types of plans you subscribe to.

  • All university students and students are supposed to get 12%
  • The Worker will get 14%
  • The Self-Employed are entitled to 16%
  • The Boss is entitled to 18%
  • While the Entrepreneur – are getting 20%

Residual Commissions.

Residual commissions are paid based on binary compensation structures.

This form of binary structures is divided into the right and left. Level one is linked to two positions, and level two is created by adding two members under you, which makes a total of four people.

More team is added, with every new one below it. This team is filled directly or indirectly by people you sponsored.

As it stands now, there is no limit to how the team can grow. All affiliates have points attached to them:

  • Student gets 40 points
  • Uni-Student will be entitled to 80 points
  • The Workers will have 225 points
  • Self-Employed you will be given 1000 points
  • Boss is given 2750 points
  • Entrepreneur gets 6000 points


How much do you need to join Mama Captain?

You need at least $100 to join the company, but you can earn to the maximum if you decide to invest with $10,000.


What I Like About Mama Captain.

  • They offer ways to make money with them.
  • The system is highly accessible.
  • They have an affiliate program.


What I Don’t Like About Mama Captain.

  • They don’t have any form of earning disclaimer.
  • It costs a lot just to get your foot in the door.
  • Owners aren’t open with everything.
  • It’s not a viable business opportunity since you don’t own the website.
  • They don’t have a product line. The Company does not sell any products to its customers.
  • New affiliate is required to invest with their own money, and this money is been used to pay the existing affiliates.
  • The only thing that can sustain the company is to keep on recruiting. If they stop recruiting, the company is sure to crash.


Who Is Exactly For Mama Captain?

Mama Captain is meant for those are good at people skills and have a decent size of the budget.

If you have a decent size of the budget to invest and think that you are the next best recruiter, then this program may be for you.

Your goals once you get involved in the program is likely going to sell the system to others and push them forward to invest more in the company so you earn more commission.

If you don’t have a decent sized budget and you don’t feel like selling the same services to other folks, then may not be the program for you.

This program is only good for those are willing to take the risk because there is no guarantee for any earning. You are totally in control of what you can earn.

Whether you believe this is the type of organization you want to get involved with is up to you. If you feel that Mama Captain is better, by all means, go ahead. No one’s stopping you.


Final Thought: Is Mama Captain a Scam?

Mama Captain is just another MLM that hide under cartoon mascot of presenting you a better business opportunity.

New members register and sign up with the Barrel coin. This drives the price of their coin up.

If they want to cash out their earnings, Mama Captain pays them with what they have initially invested. Paying old members with the former members earning is fraud to me.

The Barrel points will dry out when people are withdrawing, and new members are no longer coming in.

At such point, the business I’m sure to crash, ripping off most of their affiliates of their hard earned money.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Mama Captain that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Please Stay Safe.





6 thoughts on “Is Mama Captain A Scam?- Important Review Facts!”

  1. Hi Muan! Great post on Mamacaptain! I have never personally heard of this website but it is always so good to know about what else is out there.. doesn’t seem to be a true service or product of value that will be helpful to anybody… I mean it is all based on a system that is bound to crash and burn! Thank you for sharing this- I find that Wealth Affiliate is the best place for me and when you review other “opportunities” available such as that it just reaffirms this 🙂

    • Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for visiting my site!
      I’m also think MamaCaptain doesn’t offer a true service or products of value to help their clients.The system can crash and burn if they can’t bring in new members on board. I don’t think it is a good starting point to make money from home.
      In case of building your own business, definitely Wealthy Affiliate is better.

  2. Thanks for your review of Mama Captain. It sounds like a very complex program, and I would certainly have been very lost as to how it works if I had not come across your clear summary. I see you gave it a 2/10 rating, so I will be sure to stay away from it.

    • Hi Anika,
      Thanks for visiting my site!
      Like many of MLM programs out there, Mama Captain is a very complex program. They are not completely open up and their compensation plan is confused.
      Sure, if you’re new to these stuffs, you certainly will get lost.
      Please stay safe!

  3. Have u talked to someone who is familiar with the whole mamacaptain business model?
    Apart from the financial management platform Mamacaptain, the company also make money from their own payment platform, e-commerce platform which is doing about USD 20million per month, they also launching their new social media platform (watsup) and gaming platform this year. All of these generates revenue and data for the company.
    Saying that the company doesnt have a product or services is not too accurate. Similar to alibaba, they do not own or sell any products… But created a platform for people to trade…
    Mamacaptain creates multiple platforms for people to trade, advertise, communicates etc…
    Eg.: Barrel2u offers a platform for members to redeem from the merchants products thru barrelpoints.

    • Hi Josh,
      Thanks for stopping by and also for your input.
      Sure Mamacaptain getting better by the day! The company operate both online and offline making a better place for their member.
      Wish you all the best.
      Gook luck!


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