Is Make Money Even Scam? Another Pyramid Scheme In The Making?

Is Make Money Even Scam?


make money even scam

We are going to take a look at another affiliate marketing program that is structured like a pyramid scheme based on its compensation plan. It does have a product that accompanies that one-time payment but whether or not this product has any intrinsic value is still debatable. We’re are going to check whether this program is worth your time or just another affiliate marketing scam that is out to get your money.


Without further ado, here’s my review of the product Make Money Even.


What Exactly Is Make Money Even?


Make Money Even claims itself an affiliate marketing but with one key difference. It claims to have found a way to bypass all the negative aspects, or “roadblocks” as they refer to them, associated with affiliate marketing programs such as the price of the program, lead generation, consistent growth, and other things related to growing your business. That’s their main sales pitch and that is basically what they are selling to you. But whether their statement is true or not, you should read on for further.


I’ve been involved in many affiliate marketing programs and all of them convince their users that their program is “the one.” They wouldn’t mind putting other affiliate marketing products down as long as they get to put their product on the pedestal. This is exactly what this product is doing. It is claiming that it has identified the problems with other affiliate marketing programs and will provide a solution to make sure you earn.


To be fair to this product, they do not claim something ridiculous like earn $5,000 per day or something. What they claim is very plain and simple – that they have found a way to game the market using their proven methods. But how good are their methods, really? Is it worth the price of admission? We’re going to find out today in this review.


How Do You Make Money Using Make Money Even?


I have not used the Make Money Even system myself but I’ve personally known people who have. My knowledge of this product comes from interviews and the research I’ve conducted the past several days. I went through all the stuff connected to this program to make sure I can provide an unbiased review.


Just from watching the video on their website alone, it seems like this company shows similar qualities to that of a pyramid scheme. While it doesn’t explicitly say that it is indeed a pyramid or even an MLM company, the structure of this program makes it seem like so. The entire system is based off recruitment and as far as I can tell, that is where the bulk of the income would come from. Think of it as an MLM program but instead of getting a tangible product after you join, you would get an internet product, sort of a training program, which is what this company will give you once you join their program.


So to recap, the only way for you to earn money is by recruiting people and getting a commission every time someone joins using your affiliate link. When put this way, it really seems like it is a pyramid scheme and one that doesn’t do a good job at hiding it.


If you want to spot a pyramid scheme easily, you should watch the video down below. It’s a short animated video that discusses the inner workings of a pyramid scheme and how to know whether you’re in one. It’s a helpful video since the internet is full of pyramid schemes, each harder to spot than the last.



How Good Is The Training Of Make Money Even?


The company could argue that they are not working as a pyramid scheme based on the fact that they have a “product” in the form of their training materials. Fair enough. However, is there really value on their product just like they claim?


I went ahead and checked my friend’s training materials and let me tell you, you aren’t really missing much. The training material is so outdated that you can find most of what it’s in there for free over the internet, no payment whatsoever. What’s more, are some of the modules there are too optimistic and would give projections that aren’t quite realistic in today’s market. The truth is, the training material is just a lame attempt at making a product for their program. Their real program, or at least a chunk of where they get their profits from comes from the recruitment packages. The more people get recruited to the program, the more they earn, and in turn, you earn too.


This is one of the biggest problems of this program. Most of this “pay to recruit” program has a product but it’s really hard to see the intrinsic value of that product because it usually has none. Their products are just there for the sake of not being labeled a pyramid scheme. It’s clear on their introduction video that they care more about the recruitment aspect of their company rather than the training materials itself, which is saying a lot about the real value of their training modules.


Their Compensation Plan


To join Make Money Even, you need to pay $10. Of which, you will get a training material that is supposedly worth the same amount. You will now then be given an affiliate link which would allow you to recruit members. You will get a commission for each person you recruit.


It seems just like any other pyramid or MLM scheme you’ve seen before. However, their compensation package does get a bit complicated once you hit your first milestone.


Let’s say, for instance, you managed to recruit 10 people. You will get a $5 commission for every successful recruit you processed, which should give you a total of $50. But not quite. In their compensation package, you are only eligible to get a commission from the 5 out of 10 people you recruit. The commission from the other 5 recruits would be given to the person who recruited you. It goes on like this up to the last level.


It does get complicated but at the very basic level, it’s basically just you recruiting people and them doing the same for you. Do you know what that looks like? Yes, a pyramid.


Red Flags On Make Money Even


Apart from the pyramid-like structure of their compensation package, the guy behind the program seems a bit shady. The guy’s name is Martin, and that’s the only real information you can get from him. For all we know, it’s not even his face that was used in the video but some actor they found on Fiverr.


A lot of these programs are fond of using actors for their sales pitch to absolve them any of the backlash from the eventual failure of their program. I’m not saying that this “Martin” guy is an actor but I wouldn’t put it far from what companies of this kind do.


The Bottom Line


Based on what I’ve gathered from my research, Make Money Even seems like a pyramid scheme, a SCAM.


The compensation plan is very telling and is actually very obvious once you take a step back and observe how the payments are generated. The bulk of your potential income would come in the form of recruitment which is never a good sign that it is a legitimate company.


At the end of the day, this is just like any other internet scam out there. So, for your own sake, stay away from this program, and if you can, just find another affiliate program that doesn’t show any signs of being a pyramid scheme. I’ve reviewed close to a thousand affiliate marketing programs and I can confidently say that I am somewhat of a guru when it comes to spotting the best programs out there.


In my years of reviewing money making products online, I’ve only seen a handful of products that I can confidently recommend to everybody and that is – Wealthy Affiliates. It’s my #1 recommended program and it never failed me, even one time. If you want to know more, click the link on the name of the product.

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