Is Life Force International A Scam? Get The Facts Here Before You Join!

Is Life Force International A Scam?

Is Life Force International a Scam? Get the facts here before you join!

Welcome to my Life Force International Review!


Let me guess, you’ve been contact with Life Force International distributors, you’ve seen the business presentation they sent you to, and you’re intrigued to know if this is a scam or if it’s real.


They are making promises that you can make a lot of money in your spare time or build a home-based business selling their products. This is an MLM opportunity and the company have never tried to hide that fact.


Right now, there are well over 3000 network marketing companies and more are popping up every week. The task of find the right one can make your head spin. Choosing the right company doesn’t guarantee success, but it does increase your odds.


Signing up for a new business venture can be daunting, so you want to make sure that you have done your due diligence before you invest. I’m glad that you have done your homework and you’ve let your desperation to earn you a quick buck get the best of you.


What is Life Force International all about? Is Life Force International scam or legitimate? Is Life Force International just another MLM nightmare? Shameless plus or realistic make money from opportunity? Is it your ticket to financial freedom?


You will get all the answers in this Life Force International MLM review.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about Life Force International.


Let get started…

Life Force International a Quick Over ViewIs Life Force International a scam? Life Force International's homepage

Product Name: Life Force International

Product Owners: Wayne & Gerri Hillman


Overall Rank: 4.8 Out of 10

Price: Vary

Summary: Life Force International is legit to some extents. Becoming their distributor couldn’t be easier. They offer their distributors free tools, reports, free website and ton of training. They teach you what you need to be successful, and are with you every steps of the way as you walk out what you’ve learned. However, the major downside is that their compensation plan is built heavily upon recruiting like a pyramid scheme. Pyramid scheme is illegal. So, I would say you will want to be extremely careful if you want to join them.

Recommended: Yes, but take an extra caution

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What The Heck Is Life Force International?

Life Force International is a multi-level selling company that manufactures and markets health and wellness products. Healthy and wellness products are big business.


The company is specialized in several key categories of health and wellness products. These include daily wellness, weight management, sport nutrition, hemp and more.


The company was established in 1984 by Wayne Hillman and Gerri Hillman and is headquartered in California, USA. This company has grown since than and hasn’t stopped.


It was all begin when Gerri was suffering from a mysterious disease that gave her frequent headaches and left her physically exhausted.


Wayne looked for ways to help his wife and experimented with a number of ingredients. Eventually he managed to put together a blend of nine varieties of sea vegetables and aloe vera that helped his wife recovered from the ailment. Now, the product is known as Body Balance.


According to their website, they had over 6,000 health care professionals recommending the Body Balance to their patients and customers. This company has grown since then and hasn’t stopped.


One of the main question people are starting to ask the question, “is Life Force International a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?” is because the company is using multi-level marketing system to market their products and services.


Now, the company has expanded operations to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore with the world headquarters in California, USA.


In addition to the headquarters, the company also has physical addresses in Auckland New Zealand, New South Wales Australia, and Singapore.


This lends some legitimacy to an MLM company like Life Force International as many of MLM companies aren’t listed their physical address online.


Life Force International is also listed on the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) website but they are not accredited. They have NR rating (No Rating) at the time of this review. In some case BBB is not rating the business because of the insufficient information about a business or ongoing review or update of the business profile.


They have been in health and wellness experience over 36 year now and sold products that range from vitamins and food supplements to health and diet products. So, you can see that they have a lot to offer. Life Force International is definitely one of a more successful MLM company out there.


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Are The Products Any Good?

Most people are familiar with the products in Life Force International because they really do have a lot of products and that is the way to get people to have IBO’s of the company.


The company’s flagship product is called Body Balance. It is a liquid nutritional supplement that is certified organic, nutrient-dense, whole food multivitamins and mineral liquid.  It made up of 23 essential vitamins, 74 trace minerals, 21 amino acids, 9 sea vegetables,120 phytonutrients, 7 enzymes, and numerous essential fatty acids.


They claim that this health drink provides an endless benefits to your system- from colon cleansing properties to detox circulatory system to nourish your glandular and lymphatic system. However, I don’t find any scientific studies to back up these claims.


Here’s a Short Video on Their Products

Daily Wellness

Daily Wellness products deliver a balanced mix of protein, fruit, vegetables, grains, sea plants, and aloe vera. They consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes for providing a strong foundational support for individuals of all ages.


Body Balance

This Body Balance products were actually the same exact ones that got Life Force International started in the first place. These products were very popular when Life Force International first started and have been of their biggest products.


Rebalance: Recharge & Recover

These products are designed for those are loving an active and busy lifestyle. They help you accelerating your muscle recovery, decreasing your muscle inflammation, promoting your brain health, sharpen your mind and memory.


Bones & Joints

These products are for promoting healthy bones, joints, and teeth, maintenance of heartbeat (heart muscle) regulation and increasing flexibility and bone strength.


Weight Loss

This is fitness and weight loss program created for those who live a busy, active lifestyle and need a more effective, efficient way to become their very best.


Athletic Nutrition

This nutrition is targeted to provide you to fit your specific athletic or fitness needs.


Health Immune Support

These products are formulated to support your body natural defender before it’s attacked by boosting key minerals in the body, promoting immune cell development, and supporting restoration effective immune response.


Energy & Relaxation

This product line of energy and relaxation supplements are designed to help you target specific physical and mental energy needs anytime of the day.


Cleanse & Beatify

This particular product line is centered on cleansing and beautifying. These products will help you feel light, rejuvenated and younger, and you can feel that way quickly and easily.


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Are Life Force International Products Worth Their Prices?

Life Force International’s catalog contains dietary supplements, weight loss program, the immune system builder and herbal supports and more.


The products target people who are into maintain a healthy lifestyle through balance diets and exercise and sports. You can find a list of the products ingredients on their website.


Their featured product is Body Balance. They claim that the product will provide you with an endless benefits to your body. This is a pretty broad statement that most any vitamins and minerals on the market can do. But it doesn’t target anything specific. A lot of these products are basically supplements which you can probably find somewhere else.


Life Force International product: Body Balance


As you can see the Body Balance product is retails for $31.45 which is a fairly competitive price. Vitamins and minerals are a very competitive market and there are ton of these products out there.


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How Do You Make Money With Them?

Just like any other multilevel marketing company out there, Life Force International comes with the comp plan. To make money with them, you will want to sell their products. Plain and simple. The more products you sell the more money you can make.


You will probably start by asking friends and family to give it a try. Anyone who interested in a healthy style may be interest.  You can make money as an IBO or through points you accrue when selling their products.


You are required to make monthly business business inventory purchases. The amount increase with the rank level. For example, a level one associate is required to purchase 25 BV units, and a level three associate is required to make 104 BV units purchases.


The auto-ship purchase occur regardless of any remaining inventory you may have already in stock. If you experience a slow sales period, inventory can add add up quickly and be hard to get rid of.


Another way to make money is by signing up more people to join your team because their compensation is built heavily upon recruiting model. You will get a commission from any sales your team members make. As you team grows, you will earn more.


Keep in mind that you are responsible for training your team. As you may know, most multi-level marketing business teach new members heavily to market their business opportunity to their family and friends and offer little training beyond those warm market. This is  how MLMs work.


Here’s a Short Video on How Their Compensation Work

Retail Sales

Life Force International members are allowed to purchase products directly from the factory and receive a discount. Then find customers that will pay retail price for those products and you pocket the difference. The more personal volume you can sell, the deeper the discount.


Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus is where you will receive 55% for each person you bring into the company.


Achievers Club

This is where 15% of company First Time Order (FTO) BV has divided monthly among recruiters who have recruited members with an accumulated BV of over 750 BV (Business Volume).


Residual Income

You’ll receive a recurring amount of commission from other people you bring in who purchase any Life Force International products.


Infinity Bonus

You’ll receive Infinity Bonus if you were at level 4 (Bronze) to level 8 (Diamond).


Generational Power Bonus

This is where 12% of the company BV is pooled monthly payout is based on volume contributed by each leg to total volume.


3-Star Revenue Sharing Bonus

This is where 2% of company BV is divided monthly among 3-Star Diamonds. The payout is based on 70% of pooled being divided equally among earners and 30% being divided pro-rata based on organizational BV.


Crown Revenue Sharing Bonus

This is where 3% of company BV is divided among Crown Diamond. The payout is based on 70% of pooled being divided equally among earners and 30% being divided pro-rata based on organizational BV.


Ultimately, you success in this company is determined by what you do. It’s all about building a network of people all buying or using the products you are selling.


Your job is simple: provide information about your business, answer questions and objections, make sale, follow up, sponsor, train and support. Then you will make some money.


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The Pros Vs. Cons Of Life Force International


  • Make Money by selling real products.
  • Ten of thousand people promoting the products.
  • Low-cost, low-risk way to make extra money.



  • Their products are expensive.
  • Spends money on podcast, books, and seminars.
  • Life Force International turn you to its customers.
  • Recruiting others.
  • You are not building a real business.


Who Is Life Force International For?

This is for anyone that is interested in working from home and can do well with direct sales. Although the company is driving its recruiting model, the products make up for a lot of the selling within the company.


If you are tired of your current job and are looking way to make money from home, this may be a good opportunity for you.


Business like this is not for everyone, but if you do the right way and you give it your all, there’s nothing bad that can come out of a multilevel marketing business like Life Force International.


My Final Thought: Is Life Force International A Scam?

Life Force International is a good company offering products that are favored by ten of thousands of people around the world. It is a legit company with tons of quality products to back up its business.


But in terms of the business opportunity, my only issue is they use recruit business model. Being a part of multilevel marketing in the past, I am no longer interested in hounding families and friends.


There are much better ways to make money from home. And not all of them are required you to recruit others. I now do business online as my alternate to network marketing which beats the cold calling and meeting at coffee shops to present some products.


So, if you really serious about making money from home or want to build your very own business, I recommend to check out My top recommended work at home program. Get started for free and you will get a free website, free hosting, free resources and a very helpful community.


What is your thought about Life Force International or have you had any experience with it in the past? Why not share it and let us learn from it!


Thanks for reading.

All the best!



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Life Force International at a Glance

Name: Life Force International

Product Owners: Wayne & Gerri Hillman


Overall Rank: 4.8 Out of 10

Price: Vary

Verdict: Somewhat Legit, Need to Chase Down Sales to Make a Decent Income


Life Force International






Overall Quality



  • Quality Products
  • Great Compensation Plans
  • Free Business Tools and Reports


  • Require to Maintain Quotas
  • Expensive products
  • Recruiting Business Model

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