Is Legal Shield a Scam? No False Positive Review!

Is Legal Shield a Scam? No False Positive Review!

Is Legal Shield a Scam?


Welcome to my review of Legal Shield!


I am so glad that you make up your mind to so research on Legal Shield before blindly joining the network marketing opportunity.


There seem to be millions of people wondering how legal shield works, or whether the Legal Shield is legit or not.


Therefore, I thought of providing the following Legal Shield review to allow people to answer the question, “is legal shield a scam or not?”


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Legal Shield Review: What’s Legal Shield all About?

Legal Shield also called the pre-paid legal is a multi-level marketing company that offers relatively-priced legal services such as trial defense, legal advice and document preparation to the people who need them.


Here’s a Quick Video on Legal Shield.



These legal services are sold through the members who join their business opportunity. They are referred to as associates. Legal Shield offers prepaid plans where customers pay a monthly subscription and choose a specific plan.


In each plan, there are certain services included. The more money you pay, the more legal services you will receive. The reason why Legal Shield is called an MLM is that the members earn money from the people they recruit into the business.


Let’s Take a Look at the Pros Vs. Cons of Legal Shield


There are various reasons why a person would need legal help. However, hiring a lawyer is sometimes very expensive.


If you are looking for affordable legal services, Legal Shield is there to offer you the legal assistance that you need and at a very affordable price.


The following are some of the reasons why you should consider working with this company;


Provides a variety of legal services

One of the good things about Legal Shield is that they offer various plan options to allow customers to choose the ones that best suit their needs.


Apart from plans, the company also offers different products and services. For example, you can contact them for legal documents, real estate advice, will preparation, identity theft protection, speeding tickets, divorce advice, and many other services.


They are there to make it easier for their clients to contact a lawyer whenever they are in need of legal assistance or need answers to various legal questions. If you become a member, you will receive a toll-free number to your provider law firm.


The company offers all-around-the-clock emergency services

As a human being, you might need to access your legal forms and documents during the night or during the day. Since Legal Shield understands this, they made started providing 24/7 emergency services to their members.


The company has a phone number which clients can call at any time of the day in case of an emergency.


They have a mobile App

Unlike other MLM companies, Legal Shield offers a mobile App which is free. The app can be used by members with both Android and Apple gadgets. It ensures that the members get the assistance they need at any time of the day or night.


Another good thing about the app is that it has a feature where the clients can submit snapshots of speeding tickets directly to their lawyers.


Provide legal services at an affordable price

As a legal company, Legal Shield cares for its customer, financial-wise. The membership fee at Legal Shield is quite affordable, particularly for the people who do not have the money to hire a lawyer.


The cost is usually broken down into four options which are the personal/family plans, small business plans, commercial driver plan, and the identity theft plan.


The family plan goes for $24.95, while the business plan costs $39 and the identity theft plan going for $12.95 per month.


There are different services covered by these plans and according to me, they are worth paying for. Each client is a potential employee.


Therefore, Legal Shield takes care of its clients better than other competing MLM companies. On its website, there are more than one hundred and thirty positive reviews.


Also, the complaints are very specific and are directed towards a specific employee and not the entire company.



There are several reasons why I don’t think Legal Shield will work for you. They include the following;


Poor legal services provided

Since Legal Shield is an MLM, their main focus should be the products and services that they provide to the general public.


After checking different sites, and the Better Business Bureau, I have noticed that there are many complaints from customers who are pissed off by the services offered.


This is a good signal that the company is not concentrating on the core of their business. Half of your efforts will go to waste after the plans are canceled and the commission is returned.


It might be difficult for the associates to gain more business if all the public sees online are bad reports about the legal services provided.


It is correct to say that having a good business starts with a good product or service that the general public will want. If that desire is not there, there is nothing to build on.


Recruiting people sucks

This might sound personal but it is the reality of any MLM organization. It is the reason most people do not succeed in this game.


Most people are only familiar with a few family members and friends. Yes, you might network but your reach might be limited.


Almost everyone today knows about the internet. On the internet, you will find different platforms where you can market the services and get more recruits.


However, you need to be very good in internet marketing. You will not get much from just posting things on these forums.


Even if you get more recruits, you will soon run out of leads and as a result, you will fail to meet the necessary volume sales to help you move up the ranks.


Most people get discouraged and quit after they fail to climb the ranks from making their own sales.


Your whole team can be pulled from you

Since it is an MLM organization, you do not really possess your own business. This means that you can possibly be removed from the game.


For example, if you are unable to meet their sales criteria for three consecutive months, the whole team underneath you will be pulled away. Losing everything that you have worked so hard for in such a short time can be quite painful.


Another disadvantage is that the owners and the executives at the top ranks have the authority to adjust and manipulate the structure of the commissions anytime they want to.


They can do so without asking for the opinions of the associates at the base of the triangular pyramid.


I would advise you to avoid Legal Shield as much as you can if you do not want to have your business on the hands of someone else and allow them to have total control over everything that you have worked for.


Cancellation headaches

I have discovered that the most online complaints are about the cancellation process. According to Legal Shield’s refund policy, a member can receive a full refund if they cancel within the first thirty days of enrollment.


However, there are hundreds of customers out there who have complained about customer service issues when trying to cancel.


Some of them say that they are told to contact different departments and the people working in those departments are unreachable.


Who it is for

Legal Shield is definitely not for everyone. This pyramid scheme is for the people who want to become associates and earn extra income by promoting the coverage plans.


If you are looking for a job opportunity and you are good at marketing, networking and recruiting, this is the best place to be.


How Does Legat Shield Work?

As an MLM company, Legal Shield has a pyramid structure with few people at the top and thousands of other members from the base of the triangle.


The associates earn money through two different ways; the sale of the legal services or the sale of your recruits.


Here’s a Short Video on their Compensation Plan.



Let me explain to you how their compensation plan works;


Direct sales

As a member, you can earn 20% for all the legal services that you market and sell to other people. You get the full compensation package of a year’s plan in advance whether the customer pays for the plan or not.


However, if the customer cancels the plan before the year ends, Legal Shield will take back the commission.


Sadly, the largest percentage of customers unsubscribe from the plan because of the many complaints made about the poor-quality services the company provides.


If the customers you sold the services to make it through the twelve months and make a renewal, you earn extra income, called the renewal bonus, on top of the initial 20%.


Recruiting others

For new associates, selling the legal services to the general public might not seem very profitable. This is why they need the power of a team to make more sales than before.


You will be required to recruit people and build your team so that they can build their business under you. The more your team grows, the more you climb up the ranks.


For every sale they make, you will earn something from it. The ranks that you can be promoted to include the following;

  • Junior associate,


  • Associate


  • Senior associate


  • Manager


  • Director


  • Executive director


You will increase your income as you move up the ranks. This would mean that your team is growing deeper and wider. Associates can also earn other extra bonuses such as points.


If you save these points, you can get the chance to participate in contests, trips and other special promotions taking place.


Moving up the ladder follows a certain procedure. One has to have recruited a certain number of associates and made a specific amount of sales.


These sales can either be made by you or the associates in your team. Generating these sales through the team is easier than doing it yourself. this means that recruiting others comes with several benefits.


Legal Shield Support Service

Legal Shield has excellent customer service. You can visit their resource center in case you need definitions and explanations for complicated legal matters and topics. Their resource center is open both day and night.


What’s the Start-up Cost?

Legal Shield is all about recruiting people and making income. You have to multiply your sales through the efforts of other people. However, you have to incur a certain cost before you start making money. There are two options for the upfront cost:


Option one: $99.00

In this first option, you have to pay the ninety-nine dollars for you to join. Apart from that, the members have to pay an additional $20 per month to enjoy the Legal Shield advantages.


The services included in this package include getting an associate portal, online training, support center, weekly newsletter, associate perks and getting help from the sponsor, the team and the local leaders.


Option two: $249.00

Even if this option is more expensive, it has more advantages than the first option. After paying the initial cost, you get all the things in the first plan and an additional twelve months of Legal Shield advantage, with a value of $240.


As an associate, you are basically paying your monthly fee in advance and foregoing the $99 start-up cost.


Apart from the startup cost, you will also need to incur other costs such as clothing, fuel, and parking since you have to look good and travel to make presentations and face to face sales.


My Final Opinion: Is Legal Shield a Scam?

In my opinion, Legal Shield is not a scam. It is a legitimate business that is currently serving more than 1.7 million members in fifty states and four provinces.


Legal Shield has provider law firms all across Canada and the United States. This means that the legal support that the members get comes from qualified lawyers who are conversant with local laws and regulations.


However, there is something about them that feels weird. They do not have full disclosure about how you are supposed to become an associate and the amount of money you can earn from it.


If the opportunity was as great as they claim, then why wouldn’t they provide all the information about how to join?


Many people have joined this firm as associates thinking that it is a life-changing opportunity or the ticket to their financial freedom.


From what I found out, the reality is quite the opposite of what Legal Shield marketers say.


All the company does is give basic legal assistance to a person who needs it. That is why I think that investing your money is not really worth it.


Do you happen to have any previous experiences with Legal Shield that you would like to share with everyone else here today? Tell me all about it in the comment box below!




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