Is Kindle Sniper A Scam? Can You Make Writing A Career?

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?


is kindle sniper scam

Product Name: Kindle Sniper

Author: Jonathan Green

Price: $37 + upsells

Rating: 4 out of 10

Verdict: It has some useable information in the training module but the outrageous claims put me off on recommending this program to my readers.


This article is a review of the product called Kindle Sniper review. It’s a new product that’s only been re-introduced this month of March.


If you’re thinking that this product is somewhat related to Kindle, you are partially correct. In their sales pitch, they make it a point to mention Amazon and Kindle whenever possible. Perhaps this is a way to make it seem like they’re connected with this company. However, upon closer inspection, you will learn that that is not the case.


This is just a teaser of what’s to come in this review. I will do a thorough investigation of this program to determine if it’s worth checking out or not. With so many products popping up left and right, it’s good to know which ones are good and which ones aren’t.


I’m not going to delay the full review further. Here it is.


What Exactly Is Kindle Sniper?


Kindle Sniper is a course, a twelve-hour long, five-module course, to be exact.


It’s a course full of content that supposedly teaches you how to make money writing articles. You must’ve already guessed that based on the name “kindle,” which is you didn’t know is Amazon’s reading platform app.


Most of us dread writing long articles but it’s necessary, almost a requirement if you want to succeed on the internet. You must have good original content to get noticed by Google. This course promises to teach you a more efficient way to write your articles and get you to earn money while doing so.


That promise is actually more than that – Jonathan Green, the program’s creator, promises to teach you a proven and tested way to get your product into Kindle’s bestseller list. Now, that is a pretty tall order, but if I’m being honest here, it has got me intrigued a bit.


Who Is This Jonathan Green?


If I’m going to be honest, not much is really known about Jonathan Green.


The information available about him comes from different websites that you know are linked to his product. In fact, if you do a Google research on “Who is Jonathan Green Kindle Sniper?” you will get results from websites that are praising his products.


Doesn’t that seem weird to you?


Now, if we go by what is written by these websites, we will learn that Jonathan Green has over 40 Amazon bestsellers, and a podcast titled “Serve No Master.” I actually listened to the podcast for a bit and he mostly talks about the Amazon publishing business. It seems like that podcast is linked to this product that he is selling.


serve no master


So much for his podcast being all about “networking with the world’s most influential people,” but I digress.


For what it’s worth, Jonathan Green seems like a real person and is a relatively successful guy at that.


What Do You Get Inside Kindle Sniper?


Kindle Sniper is a training module that uses video as its medium. Obviously, you will get access to those videos if you become a member.


The video training is divided into 5 modules which show you step-by-step instructions on how to get your writing at the top of Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller list.


Module 1


This module is an introduction to his methods. If you listen to the video, you can get a clear sense of how Jonathan Green is as a person. I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard to form an opinion on someone based on the tone and uniqueness of their voice. This video will help you form an initial impression of him.


Module 2


This is where the course finds its groove, in away. The author will now introduce you to the tools that he used and still using. But in actuality, it’s pretty obvious how he is just pushing these products to you because some of those are paid add-ons.


Module 3


This module is almost the same as the two above. It sorts of just echoes the age-old mantra of “master your craft.” It appears to be telling you everything without actually telling you anything. In short, it’s mostly just fluff and another way to get you to buy another add-on.


Module 4


This one’s about planning the launch of your book. This one’s actually pretty helpful, surprisingly. Plenty of authors botch their book launch which is why I reckon this is a good module to rid of your anxiety prior to the launch.


Module 5


This module deals with the aftermath of your launch and how to keep the hype going, or create one. It focuses on reviews and utilizing some form of social media control to create a favorable image for your company.


How Do You Become A Member?


Becoming a member is actually pretty easy. The only real information that you need is your email address, name, and a way to buy the program.


kindle sniper registration


It’s a new program. In fact, it’s not even week since its re-launch but it has created a buzz that made me take notice. This sort of feat is impressive on its own since it usually takes a year or even several years to make its brand felt. This product did that before it even launched.


Honest Thoughts About Kindle Sniper


This is a fairly new program so details about it won’t really surface until later after it’s launched. And the re-launch date seems a bit problematic because of the recent virus pandemic that has practically stopped all non-essential transactions.


Nevertheless, I will still try my best to give my honest thoughts about this product in the most unbiased way possible.


  • Jonathan Green looks to be a real person. Many programs today make use of a fake persona but that doesn’t seem to be the case here, which is good.
  • Easy to follow instructions. The training module is created with being beginner-friendly a top priority and it shows.
  • This program has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The training material seems too bulky. Much of the 5 modules of this program talks about some pretty obvious stuff that you don’t really need explaining. Many times, I felt like I was being lectured by someone condescending, which is not cool at all.
  • My gut says that there’s very little possibility of you ranking on Amazon Bestseller list if you aren’t truly a writer. Think of it this way – this program claims to have the power to make anyone into a best selling author. However, not long after this claim, the program creator says that the effort put in would dictate your success. To be fair, the latter statement is true, but if you think about it, that statement is made to somehow absolve him of the responsibility should you fail to crack the bestseller list.
  • The author will sell you something every chance he gets, which is all the time. There is a minimum of 5 upsells in here, and that’s not counting all his side comments about this one product that ensured his success. That seems excessive.


My Conclusion – Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?


NOT REALLY. Kindle Sniper is not a scam.


But would I recommend it to anyone? Unlikely. The only people I can honestly say would benefit from this program are those who really write.


For average people like us, cracking the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list would almost be impossible, unless we have some writer gene inside of us. Granted, you can always improve your writing but that does not always ensure that your success.


In a way, this product misleads its users into believing that anyone can become a bestselling author.




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