Is Kindle Money Mastery a Scam Or Really Works?

Is Kindle Money Mastery A Scam Or Really Works?

Name: Kindle Money Mastery


Owner: Stefan Pylarinos

Price: $60 + upsells

Overall Rating: 65 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit

Due to various questions being raised about Kindle Money Mastery, I decided to give it a try and did some researches what the company do or sell to their prospects.

When you are on the adventure of making money online, you come into contact with series of scams in your journey.

There are things that indicate if a make money online opportunity would be a scam or not.

They claim to be an inspiration for those who choose to live an extraordinary life. In their products and website, and will show you the nitty-gritty and various tools for their customers to make a difference in their life.

What I am doing with this article is to provide you with various details to determine if Kindle Money Mastery is a scam or not.


What Is Kindle Money Mastery All About?

They introduce an idea of making money online to you through video tutorials by selling Kindle eBooks on the internet.

Immediately, you after register you want to click on the video tutorials and you will also be granted access to various support and membership area where help can be rendered to you.

They claim the video contain the step by step guide on how to write a book through to how to get them published and earn from them.

They also say they will walk you through the process of outsourcing the work by hiring a lot of freelancer on the internet for a penny per hour.

Am a bit skeptical about is the promise of making millions in few days.
The founder of kindle money mastery is Stefan who is an author, professional speaker, entrepreneur, internet marketer, and life coach.


Things You Will Learn?

From the Kindle Money Mastery site, you can see tons of scam products that people usually complain about online.

When I dig deep into various sources about their products, Kindle Money Mastery was found on Amazon.

Fortunately, I found a few reviews about the products with an introduction by the company.

Here are what you will learn :

  • How to Make Money With Amazon And Kindle Works
  • How you will earn from $400 per month to $4000 per month within few months.
  • Most Important Tips That Sell You Books
  • Reasons You Should NOT write Your Kindle Book
  • How to Outsource Your Kindle Job On Freelancing Websites Very Cheap
  • How To Get E-Covers for Less Than $6
  • Getting profitable Niche That Will Make You Money
  • Ranking Your EBook Cover On Amazon
  • Getting Best Selling Title For Your Books
  • Formatting Your Kindle Book For Publishing
  • How To Write A Sales Letter That Sells Your Book
  • Kindle Money Mastery secret of Getting A Good Review from Amazon
  • Setting Up Your Amazon Author Profile


Do Kindle Money Mastery Products Works?

Based on various researches I did and my personal experience, I was able to see that Kindle Money Mastery wasn’t a scam.

What was an outline and stated in the book are practical experiences from the founder himself, which will help anyone that apply it, get a maximal result.

The books are on Amazon presently for sale, and you get it through the Kindle Money Mastery site, where you have to go through some videos. You buy through the purchase button on the website.

You can pay one-time $60 or take a $7 trial offered when you try their product.

Since the founder never promises on its products that you will get tons of millions overnight, I will advise you to take up the hustling spirit to make something out their products.

Here is What customers are viewed about Kindle Money Mastery

Pros and Cons Of Kindle Money Mastery Program

Pros :

  • Step by step guidance
  • Teach you how to create, publish and sell ebooks on Amazon
  • Worth the price
  • Trial offers – 7 days for $7
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • The author is a successful Kindle’s publisher – he walks the talk.
  • Lots of contents
  • Video lessons, PDF formats, Audio interviews, Infographic

Cons :

  • K Money Mastery is centered only on non-fiction- mainly health, wealth and dating
  • Writing is more complicated than you think- It is not as easy as the author promises.
  • Bad advice on outsourcing- Stafen refers to Fiverr for outsourcing, but most of his books are written by himself. Good quality writing cannot be bought for $5.
  • Good writing can cost you thousands of dollars for entire books
  • Lack of step by step supports- most beginners fail


Final Thought: Is Kindle Money Mastery A Scam?

Based on my personal experienced with the program and some other customers reviewed about Kindle Money Mastery, I finally, came to the conclusion that the company is legit and not a scam like every other company out there.

Because the products they offer are real and their mode of operation is transparent.

Definitely, Kindle Money Master is a quality product that can teach you how to create, publish, and sell your ebooks online.

However, writing is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of stuff in the writing process like formatting, legal issues, various promotional strategies and more. To name a few, but this stuff is not included in the Kindle Money Master Program.

This is one program that should be approached with a careful and well thought out plan of action if you are new to writing and publishing ebooks.

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Have you had experience with Kindle Money Mastery? Or have any comments or questions, please leave them below. Your opinion is important to us!

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



4 thoughts on “Is Kindle Money Mastery a Scam Or Really Works?”

  1. Hi Maun,
    Thanks for the comprehensive review of kindle money mastery. To be honest, I never heard of them. But, with so many different programs and pitches of money making systems out there. Who can keep track? Anyway, based on your review, it doesn’t look like a scam, but then again I’m not sure I’ll be interested. Like you said, writing a good quality ebook is not easy, and I feel the competitive will be quite big. Unless you have a strong interest in writing your own ebook, I don’t know how appealing this system is. Thanks for your honest, cheers.

    • Hi Xdeem Li, thanks for leaving a comment. Kindle Money Mastery is a quality program and legitimate, but it works only if you are passionate about the writing. Writing is something more complicated than you think. You may need a lots of help and support to make it.
      That why most newbie fail.

  2. Hi Maun,

    Thank you for your honest review of Kindle Money Mastery. I agree that outsourcing some or all of the content is an option, however for an entire book would not be cheap. I have outsourced some of my articles and, depending on the level of technical knowledge required, can be anywhere from $20 to $80USD, and that’s just one article.

    Can you tell me if Wealthy Affiliate offers training for writing and publishing an ebook, as that is something I would like to incorporate in the near future.


    • Hi Adam, thank you for stopping. I am totally agree with you. Outsourcing for quality article can cost you around $100 or more. When outsourcing it is very you get what you want.
      Wealthy Affiliate offers some training about how to write the ebooks. You can check it out here.


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