Is Kidazzler A Scam? A Surprising Answer!

Is Kidazzler A Scam?


kidazzler scam


I’ve noticed that there a lot of websites are popping up right now that claims to pay their users simply by partaking in simple tasks that they would otherwise do for free, like for instance, posting a status update on social media. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me but every time I read about a website that claims a version of this, my immediate reaction would be to ready my pitchfork because more often that not, that product is a scam. Don’t get me wrong, there are some websites, however rare they are, that does this effectively but you have to spend a lot of your time searching for this opportunity and even then, it’s not a guarantee that you will find it.


One program that is currently picking up steam is Kidazzler. It is another “get paid to do” website but upon closer inspection, there’s actually more to it than what is suggested. Read on further for more information.


What Exactly Is Kidazzler?


Kidazzler is a new website that is aiming to become the next Yelp or Google Places but it belongs in a niche of its own – and that is everything baby-related. Basically, Kidazzler is building a directory that consists of kid-related businesses because they want to be the biggest directory of kid-related stuff. This includes everything from kiddie barbershops to kid-themed restaurants. Now, you may wonder where is the money-making aspect in that? Well, they are using a form of crowd-sourcing where its users will be the ones scouring different places for kid-related businesses. It’s not a new kind of business move but it is certainly a unique concept especially since doing it this way would almost require a company to have a huge capital, which is very unusual in this industry.


Beyond the “Kidazzler wants to be the next Yelp” aspect, Kidazzler, at least on the surface, is a “get paid to” website similar to Workmines, wherein you are tasked with very simple but unexpectedly tedious tasks of adding business contact details related to children and parenting. This seems like an easy enough task that you can do without much thinking. However, once you start your research, you will soon find that it is a tedious job where you painstakingly repeat the same task over and over again. It’s just like an office work, but online. And from my limited use of the program, all of the kiddie businesses near my area are already registered, even the most obscure ones. Going by that, it would be especially hard for anyone, especially once the program has gained popularity, to register any business to the website.


Now, you may wonder if what they are paying is enough for such a tedious and menial task. The answer, as expected, is quite complicated. The answer to that question is dependent entirely on the user and how much work they have put into building the directory. I’ll explain more in the next section.


How Does Kidazzler Work?


The amount you will get paid depends on a lot of factors but the biggest one so far is the amount of new kiddie business contacts you can provide them. Basically, the amount of work you put it directly affects the amount you will earn. But that’s not all because the quality of the content you provide also affects your metric. If for instance, the business contact you provided avails of an advertisement deal from Kidazzler, you get a commission from that. If the company doesn’t avail an ad package, that’s fine because you still get the flat rate of $10 per business contact added. We will explore this later.


In your membership area, you can add the contact details of the business you want to add. They refer to this process as “locking in” a business. Once a business has been locked in, they are bounded to the account that registered them, meaning that they can never be re-entered again. This basically means that you have to always give out 100% original contact details otherwise, your account could get suspended. I have included a screenshot of their main dashboard down below.



What Types of Businesses Can You “Lock In”?


In general, any businesses should be register-able on the dashboard. But there are cases wherein a business can’t be categorized therefore, it’s better if you see the information yourself. I have included another screenshot of the main business categories allowed by Kidazzler.



How Do You Make Money Using Kidazzler?


Basically, you are going to get paid by the number of business contact details you have added. Currently, there is a cap of 65 contact per month which would limit your earnings to exactly $650/month. Take note that all of this is residual payments which means that you would continuously receive $10 per month for every business you register as long as they are operating. This would be a great passive income if you manage to register a bunch of new companies.


If you are concerned with the cap of $650/month, you can earn more if you recruit other members. You will earn a commission every time you recruit other members, and you will earn a percentage based on the number of businesses they “lock in.”


Locking In A Business – What Does It Mean?


Once you have lock in a business to your account, Kidazzler will contact them, telling them that someone has referred their business to their site, asking them if it’s okay for the company to be added to their directory. Of course, most if not all, would want to get their company listed. That’s extra exposure after all. One keynote though, the email address that is used to contact the business or company is the same email address you used to register to Kidazzler. This means that it is your email account they use when contacting businesses. For others, this doesn’t seem like a big deal but for others, this could be an issue. For instance, if you have added your place of work to Kidazzler, they will use your email address to contact this place, and in turn, exposing your identity as the Kidazzler partner.


The Final Verdict


When you look at this website at face value, it would seem like a scam. The recurring payment along with the unique payment structure makes it seem like a new way to scam people. In reality, it is just a simple website that is aiming to beat the market dominated by giants by employing the service of everyday people. It’s a mighty task, I’m not going to lie.


Overall, this company is not a scam. It is a legitimate company. It’s probably the best passive income opportunity right now. If you were able to get in when there are still a lot of slots available, you could have secured more than $650 per month easily. Let’s just hope that this company gets big enough to battle Yelp to keep continue paying its users.


It already started paying out its users and, in my research, I’ve not seen any payment-related issue, if there are any.


Of course, just like any program in the market, there will always be a hint of uncertainty about its future because the competition is super tight right now. It is trying to be the Yelp for kids and while I do some potential in that, I can also picture a massive failure as it fails to capitalize on the market. For once, predicting kids’ browsing patterns is almost impossible because of trends and constant change. But if they can pull it off smoothly, I can definitely see success on their horizon.


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