Is Instant Traffic Jacker A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Is Instant Traffic Jacker A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Name: Instant Traffic Jacker


Owners: Glynn & Leigh Kosky

Price: $8 + upsells

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

Hello to everyone!

If you are here right now, you probably looking for an honest Instant Traffic Jacker review, isn’t it?

You have come to the right place.

Today, I’m going to tell you all about the Instant Traffic Jacker a training program that claims to help you earn $100 + every single day on complete autopilot.

In this review, learn everything you need to know before purchasing the program. And find out whether you will actually make money with it or if you are better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


What Is Instant Traffic Jacker All About?

Instant Traffic Jacker is a new online marketing training course that was launched on January 10, 2017, by brothers Glynn and Leigh Kosky.

They seem to be very popular on WarriorPlus as CPA guru. Some of their products you should try are $500 CPA Everyday, 250 Cash Magnet, The Commission Glitch and more.

They claim that their system has nothing to do with paid traffic, article writing, Bing or Google, Product Launch, Facebook Ads, Fivver, SEO, and Shopify.


How Does Instant Traffic Jacker Work?

This product consists of a step by step blueprint which comes in the form of a PDF file. You’ll also gain access to a series of videos that offer an over the shoulder learning experience.

Below is a screenshot of the member’s area.



In the member’s area, Glynn instructs you to follow 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1. Introduction and register for the webinar.
  • Step 2. Watch the ITJ course now!
  • Step 3. Your Product upgrade area.
  • Step 4. Access your unadvertised free bonus and resources.

Video Training :

  • Module 1. Choosing offers.
  • Module 2. Keywords research.
  • Module 3. Keyword research tools – quantity and competitiveness.
  • Module 4. Creating Video- recording, editing, and ranking.
  • Module 5. Optimizing and ranking.
  • Module 6. YouTube Live.
  • Module 7. Video Ranking. Also, related to YouTube video ranking.


  • Bonus #1. VIP getting started live webinar & special guest.
  • Bonus #2. Access to my product vault.
  • Bonus #3. Access to our private Facebook group.


Why It Seems Like A Scam?

I’ve been reviewing online money making a program for quite some time now, and I have seemed more than a few scams in that time.

Instant Traffic Jacker has the same appearance as many of the scams that will just completely take your money and give you nothing in return. Even though it is not ones they at least give you something.

It uses the same templates as many of these scams and uses some of the tactics.

  • Claiming that there are only a few 2 hours left.
  • Income proof.
  • A scary low starter price, only to sell you more later.



Upsells Associated With This Program

The front end price of the program is between $7.95 and $14.95. There are 4 upsells that you’ll encounter shortly after you join along with a down offer if you decide to turn these down.

Upsell #1: ($37/downsell $17 ). Instant Traffic Jacker Video Course.

Upsell #2: ( $27/downsell $17 ). The Zero Cost System Setup Guide and Traffic Rolodex.

Upsell #3: ( $17/downsell $7 ). Email Marketing Course and DFY Email Swipes.

Upsell #4 : ( $197/downsell $97 ). License Rights.



If you were to add these features to the main product, you will find that the price needed for you to make all of this work for you could be expensive.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with their upsells, but I do think if fair to mention so you know what you are in for after buying.


What I Like About Instant Traffic Jacker

  • The course is simple to understand and you get to learn step-by-step.
  • It has some information that can actually be useful for beginners.
  • Can make some money.
  • You don’t need expensive tools in order to get started.


What I Don’t Like About Traffic Jacker

  • The information provided can be found online for free.
  • Only basic training material provided.
  • Ton of upsells once you actually purchase it.
  • The price today is $0! Every system that’s been sold close to $0 does not work and the creators know it.


Should You Buy Instant Traffic Jacker?

This is another product you can gain access to fairly cheap, but once you join you are hit with upsells, after upsells and after upsells.

The core products consist of nothing more than PDF and a few videos.

According to the sale video, you are lead to believe that as a matter of fact, you can make money online without having to lift a figure.

If you’re familiar with how a system that is set up like this, this work then you know that this couldn’t further from the truth.

In order to fully unlock this course and sink your teeth into the meat of the training, you’ll need to upgrade your membership and opt-in for more expensive training.

This is something that you need to keep in mind before you even think about joining.


So, Is Instant Traffic Jacker A Scam?

All things considered, I’m happy to say this is not a scam and probably worth the $7 bucks. Like many businesses though, it will take time to learn and build your business.

Nothing is ever push-button easy so don’t be fooled by anyone saying it is. I’m not saying Glynn did that but take the online marketing with a grain of salt.

You can make some money with the method they teach you, however, I don’t think you will see results as the creators say in the sale page because they are experienced marketers.

If you serious about making money online without upsells and hidden fees, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation below!

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Instant Traffic Jacker that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



3 thoughts on “Is Instant Traffic Jacker A Scam?- Important Review Facts!”

  1. The fact that everything included in this package can be found online for free makes it a scam in my eyes. Any kind of training sold online needs to be jam packed with value before I would even consider paying $1 for it. I’m usually turned away immediately by anything that says “only 2 copies left”. I’m surprised you gave something like this a 4!

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for stopping by and share you opinion here. I am agree with you here a training program should be packed with value.

      I rated 4 on the scale of 10 which I means the program is below an average. You might learn one or two things, but it not make it great. Soon you might lost along the way and hate about online marketing.
      Btw, thanks.

  2. Thanks Dan,
    I am new at this and have been scammed before just lately.
    I started out in Feb/2017, thinking that these systems on line were all good.
    I didn’t think or know that I needed to check all systems out first.
    My upraising I was not tougher that people would rip you off.
    I was under the impression, that a persons word , was a good thing.
    When someone told you something that was the way it was.
    It’s a shame that isn’t so these days .
    With all that said , thanks for your advice.
    Sincerely, Lynn Walker Willis,


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