Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam? The Shocking Truth Exposed!

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam?


instant cash solution scam


Looking for a new online money-making program seems pretty easy these days with the help of the internet. You can just type in a few keywords and you will be given plenty of results which will supposedly help you earn money online. But are the programs from your search result even legit? Are these programs really capable of helping you earn money online?


Well, the answer is that is quite complicated. But, yes, there are many money-making opportunities over the internet. You just have to do proper research and you will find a program that will fit your needs.


That being said, with every legitimate program, there are probably a thousand more scams, and this makes the search for a good product a nightmare. In every corner of the internet, you will always find something that only wants your money. You need to learn how to dodge these scams by properly screening them and using your common sense. I’ve been doing that for many years now, and today I am going to help you screen another product that claims to help you earn – that program is called Instant Cash Solution.


This product seems simple enough. No grand claims or anything. Just a simple product that claims to have found the “secret” to making money online. Behind the simple façade, is there actually more to this product than what it seems? We’re here to find out.


What Is Instant Cash Solution?


Instant Cash Solution is sort of an automated online money-making system that claims to help you earn money just by posting pre-written ads on social media platforms. The tagline on their website says “Become your Own CEO,” which is a bit weird since posting pre-written ads isn’t exactly a CEO-type job, but I digress.


If you read the description of this product by searching the internet, you will find that the description provided is somewhat vague and is actually very confusing. It says that it is an affiliate marketing program that can help you earn money but the bulk of that potential income doesn’t actually come from posting ads on social media but actually from the recruitment of other members. Granted, all affiliate marketing involves a bit of recruitment but this particular program seems to be pushing more on the recruitment part rather than actually sharing the knowledge to earn more money.


To be fair, a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there put a lot of stock on their recruitment process. However, if a particular company seems to only point out to recruitment as the sole option to earn money, that should give it away as a pyramid scheme. I’ve reviewed many programs before that only offers products to shield themselves from being branded as a pyramid scheme. They are still pyramid schemes, but they actively mask themselves from being branded as one because they have a “product.” From what I’ve researched on this program, it seems like it falls in the category of a pyramid scheme masking as a legitimate affiliate program. But before we do any conclusion, we need to dive deep into the intricacies of the program to make sure whether my first assessment of it is right or wrong.


How Does Instant Cash Solution Make Money?


According to the owner, Rich, you will earn a commission each time a person joins ICS program using your referral or affiliate link. Think of it just like any other affiliate program out there. When someone joins using your affiliate code, you will earn a commission that is dependent on the type of membership you have. Obviously, the main point of the program is to recruit more and more members. In turn, these members should also recruit more members, leading to exponential growth.


Can you spot exactly what the problem is with that approach? There’s only a finite number of people to recruit but this program makes it seem like there’s an infinite number of people to recruit, which is why the potential earning, according to their site, is quite huge.


There are three membership types to choose from:


  • Bronze Membership: $129
  • Silver Membership: $229
  • Gold Membership: $329


instant cash solution scam


Along with your membership, you will get training materials that should help you get started. This includes Text message script, email marketing tips, eBook library, Facebook training handbook, 24/7 support, and many more. Obviously, Gold membership offers the most features but you can get by just by using the Bronze but the rate of commission differs greatly.


As I’ve said above, according to the site, you will earn money if you post an ad on your social media account. That’s their hook. But once you watch their video, you will soon learn that a bulk of what you can potentially earn doesn’t actually come from ad posting but from recruitment. I will discuss in the section below how the real Instant Cash Solution works.


How Instant Cash Solution Really Works – Huge RED FLAGS


A huge chunk of your energy will be spent on recruiting other people to join your network, and this is by design. You see, you will not earn much if you just do your regular ad posting because the rates are super low and could even be considered slave labor. If you want to earn more, you need to recruit people to your network and once you do, you will get a commission. When your members recruit their own members, you will get a commission too. It’s very easy to see how this kind of marketing would net you more money in the long run. But here’s the catch – this is actually a pyramid scheme. I mean, just check the flow of money and see it yourself.


As I’ve talked about above, Gold membership offers a lot more features but what sets it apart from the other two types of membership is the percentage of the commission you will get. In Gold membership, you will get the full commission, and it’s considerably higher than what you would get if you were just a bronze member. The reason this is a red flag is this is another type of upselling. It’s not an “in your face” kind of upsell and is actually quite sneaky, to be honest. Because of this, you are almost forced into upgrading your membership because you will lose out a ton of potential income if you stick with the other two types of membership, Bronze, and Silver respectively.


This is not a Clickbank product that automatically allows a refund. You are not eligible for any kind of refund once you have purchased this product. If you are unhappy with the product that you got, you are basically stuck with it. As far as I know, there is no way for you to get your money back.


instant cash solution scam


Another thing that people in pyramid schemes don’t realize is getting leads actually takes a lot of work. There is already a negative connotation when it comes to the word pyramid scheme. Once you explain to your lead how they could earn money, it will become apparent that this system is indeed just another pyramid scheme. Once they realize this, they will quickly scurry away from the conversation because, as I’ve said, the pyramid scheme already has a negative image.


The Truth About This Instant Cash Solution


The truth about this product is it’s likely a scam. It has a lot of pyramid schemes qualities and if you are not careful, you will get suckered into its network. What’s worse is you have no way of claiming your money back because they have no money-back-guarantee. If in case you found this review and you already have bought the product, you’re out of luck because there’s no way for you to get it now.


If you are thinking of getting this product, my advice is to just opt for something else. There are a lot of other programs that don’t display that many red flags. I’ve actually reviewed hundreds of affiliate marketing programs and I believe myself as an authority on this industry.


In my years of reviewing products, I’ve seen many products come and go. I’ve seen all types of scams. I’ve seen many legitimate companies help their users make money. I’ve even seen good companies fail. What I’m saying is I’ve seen it all, and this company is not that unique. It’s a relatively old scam that they’re trying to pull on you. It’s best for you to be careful.


On a related note, as I’ve said, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products before and out of all of them, I can recommend only one — My #1 Recommendation. If you are interested in what I’m about to say about this product, just click the link above.

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