Is Income Shift Pro a Scam? (Another MLM Scam Exposed?)

Is Income Shift Pro a Scam? (Another MLM Scam Exposed?)


Is Income Shift Pro a scam?


Welcome to my Income Shift Pro review!


If you are here you are probably doing your homework on Income Shift Pro business opportunity. I am glad that you have decided to do research on this business opportunity before blindly joining the potential online business opportunity.


Some of the major questions that most peoples ask are, how does Income Shift Pro work or is Income Shift Pro a scam or not?


The following is a Income Shift Pro review that will help new people decide whether to join the system or not.


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Let’s take a look at the overview first…


What is Income Shift Pro All About?

Income Shift Pro is a content management software that helps you earn money by storing, organizing and managing the leads that you receive for promoting a financial/health-wellness MLM system referred to as MyEcon.


Just like other MLM businesses, recruitment is the major ingredient for making bigger money. You have to join as a distributor of the finance related products or and build an active team through recruitment.


If you create a big team, you move to a high rank, grow your business and make more money. The Income Shift Pro system was created to assist promoters to streamline the process of generating sales, conversions, and leads.


Additionally, the promoters can send follow up emails and engage with their list of subscribers.

Here’s a video on Income Shift Pro.


What I Liked About Income Shift Pro

I discovered this program six years ago when I was searching for a way to make money online without getting scammed. Although I have not personally used it, I can say that the system has several advantages, judging from what it has to offer.


It is a good affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of the businesses that continue to grow and get stronger every day. Some people even earn a living from this business.


This is why Income Shift Pro is worth trying out. In this recurring commission affiliate program, you will make five bucks every month as long as your subscribers remain subscribed.


This commission might not be so high but making the extra bucks every month is not such a bad idea for the myEcon members.


Saves time for myEcon members

Income Shift Pro is generally a good product for the people who are already members of myEcon. It not only helps them to increase traffic using some decent tools but also saves time for explaining the details to new prospects.


Note that Income Shift Pro already has templates containing messages to convince people to join. It means that you do not have to create the template yourself.


The autoresponder also makes everything easier because you do not have to compose new emails to convince leads to convert.


Writing new emails to everyone who is interested in joining could be an exhausting job. Therefore, I consider Income Shift Pro a good content management tool for myEcon pro members.


It provides training to the clients

Another good thing about Income Shift Pro is that clients gain access to lessons and training modules on how to become a member and earn money from the system. The twenty-five minutes training video also shows promoters how the system works.


Another advantage of these training modules is that they help you understand the right audience to approach. They are a good source of guidance on the best techniques to use to promote and advertise your affiliate link.


With good training, you are able to gain the skill to create a conducive environment where new prospects can come and seek your services. You can access the training modules from any digital platforms on the internet.


It is an organizational website that helps in generating income for the members

Online businesses have become popular these days because we are in the internet era. However, most people are reluctant to join it due to the fear of being scammed.


As a result, getting more people who are interested in myEcon is a difficult task in the corporate world. With Income Shift Pro, promoters can organize those leads keep in touch with them through emails and give them the guidance they need.


In return, the members are able to make more referrals. With many referrals joining myEcon as members, the members can generate monthly commissions.


What I Didn’t Like About Income Shift Pro

The following are some of the reasons why you should not think of earning money through Income Shift Pro:


It is used to promote an MLM

People who are generally not fans of MLM will avoid Income Shift Pro because the tool is used to market an MLM. I am not saying these business models are bad. In fact, there are many successful ones out there.


However, the fact that you have to recruit other people for you to succeed and earn commissions shows how difficult it is to make it work.


The Income Shift Pro is meant to make the job easier, but there is no guarantee that the system will work out for you.


You have to spend a lot of time building traffic sources or spend your money on ads to get traffic. According to me, MLM are not opportunities worth taking.


 The system is more expensive than you think

New people can be made to believe that they only need the twenty-five dollar startup fee for the Income Shift Pro. However, it is now clear that for you to use it, you need to be an existing marketing director for myEcon.


It means that you have to incur a lot of costs that you did not intend to for you to start using and earning money from this content management tool.


For example, the membership rights, which include the monthly incurring fee, the monthly Income Shift Pro fee, and the setup fee, add up to more than one hundred dollars.


This amount is four times more than the amount one is supposed to pay. Staying as an active member of the MLM and the Income Shift Pro requires you to pay an additional sixty bucks.


Promoters also have to pay other fees for the ads that they use to promote their myEcon business. Honestly thinking, this is a lot of money to pay for a traffic-creation business model.


It is an upsell for myEcon

Think that there is nothing special about Income Shift Pro. It is whether an upsell for myEcon, costing two-thirds of the price of the monthly fee of the system.


Promoters can choose to purchase it in order to save time, or even do without it. Either way, they will still earn money. You have to compare the prices and determine whether the system is worth your money or not.


Requires continual recruitment

Most people are confused by the payment structure and believe that they will get rich within a few months. What they don’t understand is that they have to invest a lot of time and money to get rich.


The money you make using the Income Shift Pro system depends on the number of people you recruit. You have to advertise your affiliate link on different sites and convince people to subscribe through the link.


If a lot of people subscribe, you move up the ladder and earn more commissions. This means that if people do not subscribe as members, you earn nothing from the system, despite spending a lot of money on the start-up fee.


Investing your money on this recruitment program is taking a huge risk because you could end up wasting it.


Who it is for

The Income Shift Pro is only geared to the people who are currently promoting myEcon pro. MyEcon pro is an MLM system where promoters have to recruit new promoters and show them how they did when they joined it.


It is important to note that these two systems were created by the same person. Before you join the Income Shift Pro, you need to be a registered member of myEcon pro.


Therefore, the people who can benefit from it are those who are good at making money through recruiting. It is a convenient home-based business for stay-at-home mothers and fathers, willing to make extra income from online marketing.


Income Shift Pro Training & Tool Overview

The process of using Income Shift Pro involves two basic steps. You have to sign up for both myEcon pro and the Income Shift Pro. After you have created an account for both systems, you need to make the necessary settings.


The Income Shift Pro will automatically start the process of generating leads and attracting new people to be interested in getting more information about how myEcon pro works.


You can then watch the sales video which is approximately twenty-five minutes long. The automation process makes everything easy because the promoter does not have to explain to all the new prospects about how myEcon works. All you need to do is send them the video and let them learn all the basic information.


Another good thing about the video is that it will do the talking and the selling for you. It teaches you how to successfully market the opportunity by using the Income Shift Pro software and the marketing tools that you will get from the back office.


Every promoter has an opt-in page. Whenever new prospects visit this page, they are requested to enter their email address so that they can gain access to the video and get introduced to myEcon as well as the Income Shift Pro system.


On the members’ area, there are several marketing training videos, leads management system, built-in autoresponder, landing page templates and a series of pre-written emails.


You will also find several bonuses and incentives such as free traffic rotator and access to the support group which has more than one thousand members.


After you have become a member of the Income Shift Pro, you can start earning money. For every person that you refer to the system using the affiliate link, you earn five dollars.


This commission is earned monthly as long as the person remains a paying member. Therefore, you have to market the affiliate program to all your friends and family members and ask them to join if you want to earn more income.


Income Shift Pro Support Service

The email templates make it easy for promoters and new subscribers to communicate with each other.


In case you are new and you are experiencing issues with the Income Shift Pro system, you want to cancel a subscription or you have queries to make, you can contact their team of customer support. They are very polite and will offer the assistance you need.


What is the Price of Joining Income Shift Pro

It is correct to say that the Income Shift Pro system was designed for people to promote myEcon pro. It means that you have to become a member of myEcon before you join Income Shift Pro.


Beginners are required to pay a setup fee of 47.90 dollars. This fee will grant you membership and get everything set up for you. Another fee of 34.95 dollars is required for you to remain an active member of myEcon pro.


This money also gives you the ability to earn commissions. Additionally, started having to pay for other basic services such as hosting and other hidden fees that you discover later.


Now that you are already on my com pro system, you have to incur a twenty-five dollar monthly fee to get started with the Income Shift Pro system and all the available software features.


In the members’ area, there are very many services offered and you can pay other small fees if you want to invest in all these services.


A certain friend of mine told me that they had to pay almost one hundred dollars before they officially started running with the Income Shift Pro system and earn money from it.


My Final Opinion/ Verdict

From this information, I can simply say that Income Shift Pro is not a scam because people make honest money online once they become members of myEcon. It is a software that promotes the myEcon system.


According to statistics, this MLM software requires a lot of recruiting for a person to start earning good money.


Personally, I feel that recruiting is not a solid business model because eventually, these programs will either be shut down or people will lose interest in them and think of other better ways of earning money.


For the six years that I have been in the online marketing industry, some of these recruiting business models continue to grow weaker by the day.


Additionally, advertising and promoting an MLM program is not easy because the first impression that people will have of you is that you are a scammer.


However, it is a good opportunity for people who are good at recruiting. To be successful in this field, you have to acquire the necessary marketing training skills, understand how to curb its challenge and convince more people to subscribe.


Have you had any experience with Income Shift Pro? or any questions, let me know in the comment below.




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