Is Inbox Blueprint Scam? Here Are What You Need To Know Today!

Is Inbox Blueprint Scam? Here Are What You Need To Know Today!


Let me ask you; if someone offers you a tool to make money while building your business at the same time, will you take it? Of course, most people will gladly grab it without wasting time. If you have been around internet marketing in the recent years, one term you must have heard a lot of times is email marketing.

Email marketing does not start today. As far as I can remember, it is as old as the internet itself. I remember the first time I started email marketing, it was a bit hard but later I got a tool that helped me make my first $10,000 in a month. I will tell you more about this later. Right now, let us get back to Inbox Blueprint.

In the past few months, there has been a lot of noise around this new product known as Inbox Blueprint. A lot of people have written to me asking me for my opinion on this product and if I actually used it. I want to write a review about Inbox Blueprint earlier. However, I don’t like writing about a product unless I use the product myself to have enough evidence and data in order to write an unbiased and honest opinion.

To be honest, I was skeptical before I finally decided to buy Inbox Blueprint and test it. Before writing my review, I made sure I used this product for at least 2 months. Below, you can be able to read my unbiased and honest review of Inbox Blueprint. This article will let you know if all this product deserves your investment and if Inbox Blueprint is a scam or not. Keep on reading to know more…


What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is an online program that teaches anyone how to build a profitable online business through email marketing. The program lets you understand the basics of email marketing. The logic is to know how you can create a huge email list from scratch and make money from your list.

According to a popular saying, every email address you have on your email list will make you a dollar (money). What this means is that if you have 20,000 email addresses on your email, you can potentially make at least $20,000.

Inbox Blueprint was created by no other person than Anik Singal. If you have been around the world of internet marketing, you must have heard his name mentioned in some quarters. Businessweek named him among top 3 young entrepreneurs and INC 500 has also on two occasions named him among top 3 entrepreneurs. No doubt, you will be learning from a guru himself who have done email marketing and succeed. If you have ever dreamed of making money through email marketing, Anik Singal without a doubt is the best person to teach you.

Inbox Blueprint has been now upgraded to Inbox Blueprint 2.0 with more value. The price has also increased with more value. We will take a look at what you will gain when you get Inbox Blueprint 2.0.


What is Inside Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Like I mentioned above, with the new Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you will be getting a lot of value. Below is a screenshot of the member’s area.



Some of what you will get when you pay for this program includes:

  • LaunchPad – Build 10 Businesses – 100% Automation
  • Proprietary Content Engine
  • Guided Assignment Based Training
  • Complimentary SendLane Start – Autoresponder – 30 days free
  • 12 months unlimited support bonus #1:
  • 12 months Lurn Masters Club Membership
  • Bonus #2: Traffic Academy Membership
  • Bonus #3: 6 Week Fast Start Program


The LaunchPad Software

This is software that was developed by Anik Singal. It allows you to create stunning landing pages and capture pages you can use to attract quality leads.

Propriety Content Engine

You will also get access to content that you can use for your email marketing. If you are not the type that likes writing content, this content machine will give you all the content you need.


You will get 30 days autoresponder for free. After the initial 30 days, a fee will be applied.

Bonus 1: Free 12 Month Membership – Lurn Masters Club

Bonus 2: Traffic Academy

Bonus 3: 6 Week Fast Start Program – Over The Shoulder Training



This is where it gets interesting. Inbox Blueprint is packed with tons of training on how you can build a massive email list from scratch and use it to make money. Anik Singal who is the person behind these training has made over $1 millions use the methods you will learn in from these training. Some of the training you will get include:



Training 1: Addiction Meter

Here you will learn profitable niche to select when you want to do email marketing. You will learn that not all niches are profitable. Note that email marketing requires significant investment, it is therefore important that you choose a niche that is easy to get traffic and make money.

You will also learn a few websites where you can select a product to make money within your niche. Make sure you go through this particular training. It is very important.


Training 2: The Bait

Building an email list is hard. You will learn to create mind-blowing landing and opt-in pages that will get you a massive number of subscribers. You will also learn how to add value to your subscribers by giving them free valuable information.


Training 3: Email Machine

Email machine teaches you to automate your email marketing business so you can make your life as simple as possible. You will learn how to set up an autoresponder to send automatic emails to subscribers and how to get subscribers automatically.


Training 4: List Relationship

Building list relationship is very important. Unlike other programs, Anik Singal will teach you how to create a superb relationship with your subscribers so that you can always make a sale every time you have a new offer.


Training 5: Payday secret

Now is the reason why you buy the course. You will learn to make money with your email list. This training contains everything you need to start making money such as:

  • Monetization with affiliate programs
  • CPA
  • Product launches
  • Webinars
  • Event-based marketing
  • Selling your own product


Training 6: Traffic

Of course, Anik Singal course also teaches you how you can easily get massive traffic to your opt-in page. You will learn the exact ways he uses to drive loads of traffic that are sure to converts.


What I Like About Inbox Blueprint (Pros)

There are a lot of things you can gain from this course. Some of these things include:

  • Complete email marketing training
  • All the tools for email marketing in one place
  • Quality training
  • Direct training from email marketing guru
  • Great value for your investment
  • 12 months of unlimited support


What I Don’t Like?

  • No free trial and refund
  • Training not beginner friendly.


How Much Does Inbox Blueprint Cost?

When Inbox Blueprint was initially introduced, the price was 3 payments of $97. However, the course has been updated since then and the price increased.

To get Anik Singal Inbox Blueprint, you will have to make 3 payments of $597 or a one-time payment of $1497. However, this price worth it. You will get the value of what you are paying for. Moreover, you will get access to all the tools you need to create profitable email marketing in one place.


Does Anik Singal Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Once you sign up, you will have access to 12 months unlimited support.


Verdict: Does Income Blueprint Work?

Yes, Income Blueprint works. The course was developed by a well-known and trusted email marketing expert. However, you will need to put in a lot of work. Make sure you don’t skip any training and ensure you apply the training as you go through them.

You will definitely succeed with your email marketing if you follow all the training on this course. Right now, this is the best program for building profitable email marketing. This course will make you a lot of money if you are patient enough to go through the entire training.

Have you had any experience with Inbox Blueprint? Or any questions. Let me know in the comment below.

Thanks for reading this review.

Wish you all the best!



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  1. Wow – I hadn’t heard of this service. I appreciate this review with the screenshots and pricing. I’m seriously contemplating the investment, just not sure about the right timing, but it’s helpful to understand how this could drive my site and business to the next level when I’m ready.


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