Is iMarketsLive A Scam?- Increasing Income or Losing Everything?

iMarketsLive Scam Review- Increasing Income Or Losing Everything?

Name: iMaketsLive

Website: imarketslive.com

Owner: Christopher Terry

Price: $195 (One time fee) + $145 monthly

Overall Rating: 5 Out Of 10

I know you are here to find out if iMarketsLive is a scam or not. There have been a lot of questions about the company, which I decide to answer from the research I did about the company.

If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

This is the case with iMarketsLive where it assuredly claims that you can make money by their automated trading system with no or very little effort on your part.

I will have to say you did the right thing by trying to know what you will love to put your money into is all about.

Not everybody does such research and they will end up claiming they have been scammed at the end of the day.

Within the following review, I’ll be showing whether iMarketsLive could potentially be worth your time or if you’re better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


What Is iMarketsLive All About?



iMarketsLive means International Markets Live and was founded by Christopher Terry in New York State on August 27, 2013.

It is a place for people that want to profit in the Forex market trades.

Immediately you register with them, they will help you open your Forex account with one of their brokerage firms. The professional traders will start helping you do the trading.

You can allow them to do trades for you or you begin to trade on your own once you learn the tricks. You can learn from their live trading room on how the professional traders are trading.

This gives you the insight to the trading options and they also offer other trading education tools as well.


What’s Included With The Purchase?

When purchasing the program, you will receive several things which include:

FX Signal Live

You get the iMarketsLive service that helps you to access to the various sell and buy signals sent by the traders.

Live Training Room

You can learn from the live trading room on how the professional traders are trading. It is hosted daily (Monday through Friday 8: 00 to 12: 00 PM EMT)

Harmonic Scanner

The Harmonic Scanner will automatically draw and labels different harmonic patterns in the Forex right on your MT4 platform.

Trading Education

You learn both basic and advance trading techniques about Forex trades and gain in-depth knowledge how to make the right decision in the Forex and Futures market.

Below Is A Screenshot Of Member’s Area.



How Do You Make Earn With iMarketsLive?

Just like any other multilevel marketing company out there, iMarketsLive comes with the comp plan.

You can make money as an affiliate by bringing in people onboard. With that being said, you will need to sign more people up to make more money. Make sense?

You can earn from the company through Recruitment:

  • Level 1:  You get up to 30% (which are members you bring onboard)
  • Level 2:  You get up to 10%
  • Level 3:  You get up to 5%
  • Level 4:  You will be paid up to 5%

You Can Earn Through Residual Income:

The residual income pays out is anywhere from $ 37.00 per week to $ 125,000 per week depending on your rank in their membership’s structure.

For example, a platinum 600 would earn $ 150 per week and a chairman 100 would earn $ 25,000 per week.

You get the residual earning by 3×8 matrix system. IMarketsLive pays up to 8% in every commission.

You unlock more levels by inviting more people. It is like this:

  • Invite two affiliates – You earn from level 1 to four of the matrix.
  • Invite six affiliates – You will be able to earn from the level 6 and 7 of the matrix.
  • Invite nine affiliates – You earn from the level seven of the matrix.
  • Invite twelve affiliates – You are entitled to earn on matrix 8

There’s No Comparison To My #1 Recommended Program For Making Money Online.


How Much Does iMarketsLive Cost?

There are two ways you can join iMarketsLive. You can join either as a customer or an IBO ( Independent Business Owner ).

Become a customer

This will cost you $195 to register and $145 monthly fee.You are not required to participate in compensation plan or IML opportunity.

They include the following:

  • FX Signals Live
  • Live Trading Room
  • Harmonic Scanner
  • Trading Education

Become an IBO ( Independent Business Owner)

The price of joining as an IBO is $210.00 and $ 160.00 monthly fee. The package includes everything in customer package plus:

  • IBO kit
  • Compensation plan


What I Liked About iMarketsLive

  • You can make money.
  • They offer highly effective tools and service.
  • You can learn both basic and advance about Forex Trading.
  • Live Trading.
  • No upsells
  • The owner is an experienced trader.


What I Didn’t Like About iMarketsLive

  • Expensive
  • Use recruiting based business model
  • They have a very short ( 7 days ) refund period.
  • Trading contains substantial risk and is not for everyone
  • An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment.


Who Is Exactly For iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive is meant for those are good at people skill and have a decent size of a budget.

If you have a decent size of a budget to invest and think that you are the next best recruiter, then this program may be for you.

Your goals once you get involved in the program is likely going to sell the system to others and push them forward to invest more in the company so you earn more commission.

If you don’t have decent sized budget and you don’t feel like selling the same services to other folks, then may not be the program for you.

This program is only good for those are willing to take a risk because there is no guarantee for any earning. You are totally in control of what you can earn.

Whether you believe this is the type of organization you want to get involved with is up to you. If you feel that iMarketsLive is better, by all means, go ahead. No one’s stopping you.


My Final Thought: Is iMarketsLive A Scam?

If you really want to be a good trader, then I will say that iMarketsLive is a good place to start from. iMarketsLive is very legit though many are blowing the trumpet that the company is a scam.

The reason is due to the lack of knowledge of how to trade or how the company operates. Most people will say the business opportunity make them successful while others while claim otherwise.

Even some claim their trading platform is only a trick that their interest is entering fee.

Since most of their members earn from their referrals, it’s clear that the company combines the word of the mouth with their trading option.

If you are looking for a way to make money online I think iMarketsLive is a good way to start if you can afford it.

However, if you are looking for an affordable alternative and a 100% risk-free to make money online, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation below.

It is completely free to join. No credit card or bank details required.

Do you happen to have any previous experience with iMarketsLive that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!






  1. Hi Muan,

    I like your post, it is a detailed review with every possible information one can give. I have always been interested in forex but it kind of scares me too, maybe because I have very less information and knowledge of where to invest.

    I think imarketlive can teach me how this thing works, considering the facilities they provide and as there is a referral system as well, I am pretty much positive about joining. Thank for the information!

    • Hi Hari S Nair, you are welcome. Forex trading can be lucrative if you do the right way. However, if you have very little experience you might loss a mount of money as well. First you will need to learn the rope to make a killing trades because Forex trading is risky.If you don’t want to risk your money, you can start making money with a 100% risk free Affiliate Marketing.

      To all you success!

  2. Hi Maun,

    I have just landed on your site and your review regarding iMarketsLive caught my attention. To tell you the truth, although I have very often been tempted by the Forex trading model, I always had the feeling that there are some high risks for a newbie, especially that there are a lot of scammers around. On the other hand, I see that you are also promoting an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate, now this is a company that might be worth joining. I have done some research on them, and to my surprise I have not found any negative reviews about them, which is very unusual. Are they that good?

    Thanks for maintaining such a very useful site and I wish you the very best.


    • Hi John,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I am totally agree with you. Online trading is very risky. I started doing the Forex, Binary, commodities trading since 2009, but I never made a consistent winnings. On average, I loose money because I had to paid for brokers service.
      I don’t recommend online trading simply because there are other better options out there like Wealthy Affiliate.
      You don’t need to duplicate your headaches.
      BTW, thanks for leaving a comment.
      Wish you all the best!

  3. Your website is very clean and you are doing a great job here. I have heard of online trading before but I was told that they are all scam. You have been able to prove through your article that iMarketLive is legit. I don’t like such business because of the risk involved and the possibility of losing money. This business is good for experience marketers and those who have many responsive followers. without a doubt, I prefer Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Osbenson,
      Thanks for leaving good words here.
      No, online trading are not all scams, but I won’t recommend it for a good start to make money online. You can make a massive profits or loosing everything.
      For newbies that wants to try their with online trading, I recommend to learn the rope first because to make a killing trade online is harder than you are going to hit by lightening.

  4. Hi Maun,
    I think this post is really helpful with a lot of insightful information. The price is a little bit high to me but I think after reading your post, I may consider it.

    • Hi Mila,
      First of all, thanks for stopping by.
      Online trading of any form is risky. I won’t recommend it unless you learn the rope. Otherwise you will double your headaches.
      Another thing is iMarketsLive is not a good starting point for your online career and thousands of dollars is loosing in the process.
      Please look for other options.


  5. Hello Maun,
    Thanks for the post and It is very informative as well. Big kudos to you for your advice that is straight to the point. simplify and well explanatory.
    I really appreciate that but in all your replies you keep saying learn the rope for Forex trade what are the options we have to learn and under which platform. I know you spoke about IMLive trading platform great eye opening which I am still thinking of joining hopefully will make up my mind soon. Hope to heart from you soon.

    • Hi Akpes,
      First of all, thanks for leaving good words here!

      I had been involved in several trading platform. I’m not sure how much you have experience in the online trading. Personally, I like Apiary Investment Fund because they walk you through step by step how to make profitable trading.
      They offer 14 days trial, if you are interested in doing online trading, you can give it a shot.

      I also like Autobinarysignals, I had been 4+ years now, but I do very little trading lately cause I do affiliate marketing full time online.

      If you are completely new with online trading, I would suggest you look for other options because online trading of any form is risky.

      Wish you all the best!

  6. Hi Maun, in your response to Milla about your recommendation to learn the rope first because to make a killing trade online is harder than you are going to hit by lightening.
    I want to ask for your help on how to help me in term of learning the rope. I just registered but needed your assistance on how to go about it not to lose my hard earn money.

    • Hi Julius,
      First of all, thanks for stopping by!
      First, follow iMarketslive tutorials closely. They offer very comprehensive training about the trading.
      Second, don’t place a trade more than you afford to lose.

      Personally, I just do the trading occasionally because of it hard to win the trades. I find an affiliate marketing is a more reliable source of income. It needs very little capital. There is no risk involved.
      Wish you all the best!

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