Is Honey a Scam? A Critical Review: Find Out Now!

Is Honey a Scam?Is Honey a Scam? A Critical Review

It is challenging to come across a market that has been on the rise since the invention of the internet than commerce. From the local shops in your area to the retail giants like Best Buy and Walmart, online shopping has undoubtedly changed the game when it comes to urging buyers to buy products from physical stores.


Amazon is the leading internet shopping store that sells almost anything you could possibly imagine. From garments to groceries, electronics to furniture – Amazon has essentially become a mega-corporation. According to eMarketer, Amazon accounts for almost 50% of each dollar spent online in the USA, and it offers over 500 million items. This makes it a preferred online destination for many shoppers.


Amazon isn’t the only store where shoppers have turned to for online purchases. Despite being a popular store for second-hand items, eBay has transformed into an international brand that sells both new and refurbished products. This enables you to save cash by acquiring your dream items at a very affordable price.


Best Buy, on the other hand, offers several online-only superb deals that simplify the process of choosing the best deals along the way. The eCommerce has dramatically become a big deal such that marketplaces such as Target, Dell, and even Walmart offer awesome deals regularly to rival Amazon’s Prime Day.


While many sales are usually superb, it is advisable to try to save some money by utilizing applications designed to search the best deals on the internet. By far, the most successful application now is Honey.


Simply put, Honey is an extension for popular browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari, and it enables customers to automatically scan websites such as Amazon and other eCommerce sites to find the best available deals on a particular item.


Honey notifies you if it finds a much better price being offered in another place. Besides, it also tells you of any available coupon code. After finding the coupon code, Honey automatically applies it to your order. Honey is undoubtedly a great tool if you are looking to save some money on online purchases.


But, of course, here is where your doubts come into action. How can you be absolutely sure that you are not being recruited into a scam application? Is Honey genuinely good at saving some cash, or is it just another illegitimate tool that wants to steal from you? Well, read on to find much more info about this unique product.


What is Honey?

Honey is an app that automatically searches and applies coupon codes for various online stores. The company was founded by George Ruan and Ryan Hudson in October 2012 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They currently have an A+ Rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


Here’s a Short Video on Honey

Honey has millions of users across the world, Honey has been into existence for many years now, and it’s absolutely free to join. Here is some useful information about this tool:


  • Honey is not only available to Google Chrome users. It also works perfectly across major browsers, as mentioned above.
  • As the LA Times ( denotes, shoppers can save an average of about thirty-two dollars a month when shopping online. To date, users have jointly saved millions of dollars through discounts.
  • The extension utilizes a type of crowdsourced technology to determine whether the coupon codes work or not.


When it comes to initiating an online purchase, the Honey extension applies any code it finds online automatically to save the buyers some money.


Because clients do not need to navigate away from the checkout page in search of exceptional coupons, buyers who utilize this extension from Honey are more likely to finalize a purchase than those who do not use this tool.


As seen earlier, Honey gathers info about the coupons that work correctly and those that do not and then provides them to their members. According to the company, the stored user data is not shared with any third-party at all.


Besides this extension, Honey also operates a site that promotes shopping deals. The program is popularly known as the ‘Honey Gold’ points, and the points are redeemable for free gift cards.


With Honey installed on your browser, you will come across a popup in the checkout stage of various online stores. You only need to tap on the popup, and the extension will attempt all known coupon codes and apply the best one automatically.


How Does Honey Work?

In this detailed review, I used Amazon to test how Honey works. All in all, if you are like most shoppers, you certainly perform most of your online shopping on Amazon. When you search for a product on Amazon and load it on the page, you will realize that some new icons are placed just below the name of a product.


The box on the left side carries the price history of an item, as well as the number of times that price alterations have occurred lately for your selected product.


You can open a link to Honey extension by hovering over this icon. But if you need to find out about the price drops, you will be required to open a new window. It is possible to view the price history of up to a hundred and twenty days on a detailed bar graph.


Generally, this is not the primary feature of this extension. Numerous services give customers Amazon price history without the need to be installed on the browser.


On the right side of price history, you will see a small ‘h’ that has a plus sign, which enables you to add products to your drop list. This is an incredible feature. If you register for an account with Honey, this feature can notify you whenever the price of a chosen item drops.


The feature isn’t perfect, but it does offer incredible features that shoppers wish Amazon would add on their website. Generally, it is a fantastic addition that makes it easy to track an item that you do not want to purchase at the full price.


Honey is also available in your shopping cart. Here is where the extension works most. Honey finds coupon codes automatically – fantastic, right?


Well, launch the extension in your browser, and it usually glows yellow when you reach the checkout stage. The extension will tell shoppers whether or not they possess a high chance of getting coupon codes for their products.


Even if the extension tells you that you possess a low chance, it is still advisable to try finding a coupon code. After starting the extension, it automatically starts running through feasible options for the coupon codes. It then immediately puts them into the item to save you some cash.


Here’s a Short Video on How Honey Works

The extension is not only fast but also easy to use. It only takes several clicks to save you some money. After searching for coupons, Honey will either select the best available coupon or inform you that you already have the best probable deal.


If you are an internet shopper enthusiast and you would like to save some money while shopping, it will be challenging to find a tool that works better than Honey.


How to Make Money with Honey?

So, it is essential to note that Honey does not help you to make money. Instead, it enables you to save money while shopping online. However, Honey provides ways to win instant promo codes, earn Honey Gold Bonuses, and also a specific percentage back.


You can gather many points via this extension by inviting your close friends to join Honey. For any person that registers and makes the first purchase, you’ll earn five dollars.


Honey also simplifies the sharing part by giving you access to a unique link after signing in to your account. You can share it directly to your Facebook page or Twitter accounts. Besides, you can opt to personalize your invite, which creates a particular referral page that you can share.


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Honey Ugly Truths Revealed!

Nothing is easy or free, especially when it comes to a primary application like Honey, which is available as a free add-on for the browsers. It is essential to be extra careful when entering your personal info to this extension.


As the saying goes, if you are not subscribing to a product, you are typically the product. There are certainly some doubts regarding your privacy and data when using this application.


As a result, let us discuss how this extension earns its revenue to maintain its operating cost while still making some profits. The company clearly says on its part that the collected user data is never sold or shared with third parties, and the organization embraces an extensive privacy policy.


Still, it is essential to keep in mind that the company does end up collecting info on you as you buy items online. The collected data is not as much as that obtained by Google or other related sites on the web. But if you usually avoid products such as Gmail, Honey is undoubtedly a recommendable tool for you.


Honey mainly generates its income by either featuring exclusive deals with chosen storefronts. With this, they typically create a deal with the company and then get an outlined share of the money you spend with the offered coupon code in return. Also, they make money via something known as Honey Gold.


All things put in place, Honey has shown that it secures your data and do not sell it to any third parties. However, if you are mainly concerned about your online privacy, you may not need to include this extension in your browser.


Also, some users allege that the extension did not help them save a lot of money. With this, the application may be worthless to you if you don’t shop online regularly.


What I Like About Honey

In general, Honey performs various functions for shoppers throughout the process of online purchases. As an extension that runs in the background, it automatically prompts buyers to check any active coupons that may be available in the database during the checkout processes.


Also, it shows the product price variances for long-term planning of purchases, and this allows shoppers to monitor the pricing trends with little ease.


Some purchases make you earn bonus points known as ‘Honey Gold.’ The good thing about these points is that one can redeem them for dollar amounts that are credited to gift cards for various stores like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Target, and Nordstrom.


Forget about searching coupon codes on Google. This extension automatically finds and enters coupons for you at the checkout stage when shopping at applicable stores on the internet. This application collects data about coupons that make you save money for free.


Is Honey a Scam?

Honey is undeniably not a scam. They’re a legit company based in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, the company is totally respectful of your privacy. Unlike other similar sites, Honey has undertaken essential measures to make it the best when it comes to matters of privacy concern.


The organization’s privacy policy is pretty easy to read and comprehend. According to the company, the info they gather goes towards crowdsourcing info and establishing a community as it relates to deals as well as working coupon codes.


Honey simplifies the process of collecting data and makes it as clear as possible. Also, if you do not agree to their privacy terms, you can easily uninstall the extension from your browser. Honey is a highly recommended app, but you shouldn’t use it if their terms and conditions do not agree with what you want.


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