Is Hidden Gem A Scam?- Dream Or Scheme?

Is Hidden Gem A Scam?- Dream Or Scheme?

Name: Hidden Gem


Owner: Dana Owens

Price: $1- $149

Overall Rating: 2 Out of 10

The new opportunity of making money online is the Hidden Gem. And you must have seen their advertisement on social media or someone told you about them.

If you are here right now, you are probably doing some due diligence on this business opportunity.

I am glad that you have done your homework and you haven’t let your desperation to earn a quick buck get the best of you.

I will be going into the details of the entire process and operation of the Hidden Gem in this article.

This will enable you to know if it’s the best business opportunity for you or if you are better off exploring other options to make money online.


What Is Heck Hidden Gem?

Hidden Gem is a company in which the member of the platform pays to the upline or sponsor.



The name of the founder is Dana Owens and the top matrix of the earning is preloaded by the author.

This means that larger percentage of the money coming to the company goes to her while the other members are left with some few dollars or losses out.

This is how most of the matrix scheme operates, and once they lack in members, they come crashing like the others.

The founder has also been said to be involved in other company such as The Billion Coin, Vida Divina and Nspire Network.


What Are The Hidden Gem Products?

Just like Most MLM out there, Hidden Gem does not have a particular line of products.

They have no retail goods or service sold to any customers which makes me doubt the authenticity of their company because I don’t know how their member will make money with them.

The Hidden Gem affiliates only sell to people that are interested and if someone wants to join the company, eBooks and some ads credit will be given to them.

Products lines are absolutely key when it comes to MLM company, but you won’t find any form of one within Hidden Gem.

The thing that only makes MLM companies so effective is that the products they back up their multilevel marketing business model.

Without quality products, the company will be another scam just like other network marketing companies out there.


How Do You Make Earn With Hidden Gem?

Just like any other multilevel marketing company out there, Hidden Gem comes with the comp plan.

You can make money as an affiliate by bringing in people onboard. With that being said, you will need to sign more people up to make more money. Make sense?

The Hidden Gem gives money to their members using the 2×5 matrix. The use of the matrix is common in most MLM and nothing special in any way.

If you start as an affiliate, the company makes the affiliates to gift the new members $1. Once the affiliate sends such money, they are entitled to receive such from other people joining the company.

The other level works as follows:

Level Two requires affiliates to send $2 for them to receive four of such money from other members.

Level Three requires affiliates to send $6 for them to be eligible to earn such from other eight members.

Level Four requires affiliates to send $20 for them to have sixteen of that sent to them from other members.

Level Five requires affiliates to send $120 to have 32 members send such to them.



How Much Do You Need To Join Hidden Gem?

If you have been reading through the review, you will see the different money I listed to be gifted as an affiliate.

The least you can start with as affiliates is $1. And if you wish to increase your earning you will need to have about $149 to earn more.


What I Like About Hidden Gem

  • Low – cost to entry.
  • You can make some money
  • Work from home.
  • More flexible.


What I Don’t Like About Hidden Gem

  • Hidden Gem turn you to its customers.
  • You must have people skills. You will need to learn how to bring in others to the system and how to build teams in the process.
  • Recruiting others.
  • Hound families and friends.
  • You are not building a real business.
  • Direct marketing is not for everyone.


Can We Say Hidden Gem Is A Scam?

I won’t be surprised if you have read a lot review that says the company is a scam. Because I also think they are a scam until I did a thorough research about the company.


Final Thought: Is Hidden Gem A scam?

The hidden gem is a company in which it members pay directly to their upline or sponsors.

The top matrix has been preloaded by the owner which means that most of the earnings go directly to her, while other members earn a few dollars.

The problem with this kind of schemes is that when they don’t have more new members the system crash just like every normal Ponzi company.

That means all your efforts, and income stream is gone also in no time. I believe anyone can generate a good sum of income online but not with this kind of program, which your earning can be gone in no time.

Do you think it’s still a risk worth taking? Or do you love how they operate?

Owens will have already made a plan for herself by preloading herself at the top of the matrix and must be thinking of the next scheme when this crashes.

If you are serious about making money on the internet, I recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation below!.

And I wish you can make better choices from this review of mine. And if you are still interested in joining the affiliate of Hidden Gem, make sure you have a good command of marketing.

Do you have any personal experience that you would like to share about Hidden Gem? If you do so, I would love to hear about it. Your feedback is always welcome and it can help others from getting scammed by Hidden Gem.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



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