Is Greedy Mentor Scam (New Iteration Of An Older Scam)

Is Greedy Mentor Scam

greedy mentor scam

Today, we’re going to review another service called Greedy Mentor which claims to help its users earn $1,000 per day using a brand new technology that does not require any skill nor experience whatsoever. It claims to be fully automated which basically allows its users to do anything they want and still expect a good return on their investment. This company has been getting a lot of buzz on social media platforms mainly because of the ridiculous claim, but is it really true? Can any program really make any person that much cash online?


I’ve been reviewing online money making schemes for years now and one thing is for certain – a lot of them are straight up cash grab or SCAM. Many of them make these outrageous claims to make people fork over their hard earned money because of greed. Actually, it’s not mainly because of greed but mostly because of FOMO or “fear of missing out” on something that could make them a lot of money. There are still a lot of gullible people on the internet and these scams target this demographic very well by using questionable marketing techniques. One of the most used tactics in affiliate marketing is making a big claim about your product. The more ridiculous the claim is, the better because their ultimate goal is to lure only the most gullible people on the internet. The more ludicrous the claim, the more gullible people they get to sign in.


What is Greedy Mentor?


Just like any other affiliate program or service available on the market, Greedy Mentor claims to earn you more than $1,000 per day using their “brand new technology” that’s only available for only a handful of people. Let’s just stop right there. First off, this is clearly a marketing ploy and you don’t even need a guideline to spot this marketing claim because it’s very obvious. This is an example of the ridiculous claims I am talking about. Companies like these pepper their website or landing page with bold claims about the money you can earn so that they could win your trust over, without having to first prove their claims.


The creator of Greedy Mentor is apparently a woman named Meghan Harper who claims to have created a program that will help you earn money 100% of the time. She claims to have invented a program that guarantees her every trade or bet to win the market. Unfortunately for us, Meghan Harper is not real. She is a fictional character conjured out of thin air basically. If you search her name on all major social media platforms, you won’t ever find a person that even resembles her. The name Meghan Harper is popular enough to make sure your search would turn up hundreds of thousands of results. This is ultimately by design.


In our red flags section, we will further discuss this mysterious Meghan Harper character and present evidence that she is indeed not a real person.


How Can You Make Money Using Greedy Mentor?


Based on the website, to earn your first paycheck, you first need to pay the company a membership fee, log into your account, then earn your commission almost instantly. The owner, Meghan claims to pay you until you become a millionaire.


That does seem like a very simple answer to a complicated question but that is what their site actually tells us. They don’t actually explain the mechanism of their system and instead tells us to just wait for the commission to start pouring in because that’s just what their system does. I know that this does not seem like a satisfying answer but this is all I could get from their website, and that again, is entirely by design. Most scam systems put out very vague information about their products to avoid getting scrutinized by people. Surprisingly, this seems to work since many people still bite on these scams because of gullibility and a general lack of information.


There are many holes in the way the system supposedly function. First of all, they claim to pay their users to direct traffic to their landing page. The reason this is a glaring problem is “directing traffic” is supposedly the function of the program. If their system is actually working, why not just use it to promote itself? Why even bother with recruiting people to direct traffic for them? And that’s not even their biggest problem. We will discuss the other problems down below.


Best Things About Greedy Mentor


The only real good thing I can think about Greedy Mentor is how easy it is to tell that it is a scam. This system is definitely a scam, without a doubt. Just before you sign up to pay for their system, they will send their terms and agreements which actually states that they do not guarantee their users to make money using their program. That is like the complete opposite of what they claim on their website. If you read the fine print, it seems like they are almost absolving themselves of all the failures that will be the direct results of their product.


It’s understandable that not everyone can make money but why make the 100% guarantee on the sales pitch? This is one of the classic ways of scamming people. It’s so easy to lure in people with cash along with the potential for high life that scam companies don’t even have to be too convincing but convincing just enough.


Worst Things About Greedy Mentor


We will go right back to the problematic owner Meghan Harper. Meghan Harper, like I said, is a fictional character. The picture used on her profile is a stock photo. You can do a reverse image search if you want but I will put a screenshot down below for you to see.


greedy mentor scam


Another red flag of this product are the tons of fake testimonials and reviews. On their website, you can find many testimonials that clearly show actors reading off a script. Do enough digging and you can find these actors on Fiverr. For those not “in the know,” Fiverr is a service marketplace that provides all kinds of service for the price of $5 or more. There are many video production services in there that scam companies like these seem to favor. If you want to do your own research, you can start by watching the videos on the landing pages of the companies you’re researching. You can then compare them to the biggest video production service providers on Fiverr. More often than not, you will get a hit within the first few pages of the said website.




Greedy Mentor is not the first iteration of the system. It’s actually, at the very least, already the second iteration with the first one named “Your Freedom Mentor.” As far as we are concerned, these are the same product but Your Freedom Mentor closed down almost a year ago. It’s now back again running the same scam but using a different name. Scammers are actually lazy in their work which is why almost all of the items on this product is recycled. Even the videos are recycled with some changes here and there. But overall, it’s the same scam.



Is Greedy Mentor Actually A Scam?


Based on my research, the answer seems to be a resounding YES.


It is almost undeniable that this program is a scam. There’s been a lot of companies like these popping up and I would be wary of them, too. This isn’t a new scam and has been around far longer than you can imagine. The reason these kinds of scams plague the internet is that there’s not one entity that could stop them. Our law actually has very little use when it comes to scams like these. They are considered small fry and our government would rather spend their time chasing the bigger fish but I digress. It’s actually very easy to spot these scams. All you have to do is use your common sense and don’t fall for the same outrageous claims that they’ve been using since time immemorial.


If you want a better program, you should do your research and read reputable sources online. If you can, you should stick with the most popular programs like Amazon Affiliates or Clickbank because these are proven to be legitimate websites. However, if you really want to make serious money, you need to find a program that sits in the middle of the pack, not too popular. This is where my #1 recommended program comes in. It’s actually a very good program that only a few affiliate marketers know of. You can take advantage of this by going to the site below.


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