Is Get Clients a Scam? Here Are Critical Review Facts!

Is Get Clients a Scam?

Is Get Clients a Scam? Can you really grow hyper profitable online business using GetClients training program? In Get Clients review, I am going to give you a full rundown of exactly what GetClients is all about to help you make a sound decision.

Here are Critical Review Facts!

Hello everyone, welcome to my honest, unbiased and detailed Get Clients review!

Are you searching for ways to get more and more customers for your business via Facebook? Else, are you searching for an incredible way to make money on the internet?

Well, whatever the case, you have perhaps come across Get Clients by Dan Henry, and now the question that you’re contemplating on is whether Get Clients is a scam and whether it can really help you.

First things first, I must thank you all for taking your precious time to research before joining or investing in any course, be it a product or service.

Second, carrying out research about a platform before you join is ordinarily the best-proven tactic to avoid scams and make good money on the internet.

In a few, I will give you conclusive info about what this program entails, how it works, how to make money with it, its ugly truths, and whether it’s a scam or not.

It’s essential, to be honest with one another, the very last thing you need when it comes to online money-making programs is to waste not only your hard-earned money but also time, correct?

Let’s jump straight into what you are looking for, shall we?

Is Get Clients a Scam? A Quick OverviewHere are Critical Review Facts!

Name: Get Clients


Owner: Dan Henry

Price: $997 Plus

Summary: Get Clients is a legit program that can help you grow your online business to some extent. The program will teach you how to sell your courses, acquire local business clients and more. You have a limitless earning potential using the program. However, the major down side is that it’s just a course without actual tools yet it is charging a whopping $997. With such a high price tag, it’s hard to justify the cost. Especially when there are cheaper alternatives out there.

Overall Scam Rank: 5.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, if you have the money and want to consistent, high quality training.

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What is Get Clients?

Get Clients is typically an online platform that was started by LLC (limited liability company) known as Omni Marketing.

In simple terms, LLC is a business whereby it’s quite hard to authorize any legal action in the event you’re not contented with the product or service you purchased.

Get Clients primarily sells a product known as ’30 Day Agency.’ Generally, the course is available in documented PDF, pre-recorded videos, sales funnels, among other things. In most cases, you will be dealing with Facebook Ads.

Moreover, you will learn how to have your business recognized by local, abroad businesses and consumers. The platform has countless YouTube video advertisements offered by Dan Henry. Here, Dan claims to make around $2,000 every month by running advertisements for his consumers.

According to Dan, the process of configuring the ads takes roughly 10 minutes. He has also outlined the tactics that have assisted him in making over $2,000 daily.

Here’s a Short Video on Get Clients

Basically, allow me to be honest with you at this particular point; your success with Get Clients comes down to your adaptability, commitment level, and financial resources.

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How Does Get Clients Work?

To get started with Get Clients, you will have to register for an account on their official site and attend the introductory webinar. Afterward, you will have to choose the course you need to learn and then enroll to begin your training.

Generally, Get Clients provides and promotes two types of courses, the 30-Day agency, and the Sold-Out Courses.

Here’s a Short Video on Get Clients


What is the 30 Day Agency?

It is an online program designed for novices in the world of online marketing. As a novice, this course teaches you how to run social media advertisements, particularly the Facebook ads for small businesses, to help you get more consumers.

In addition to the collected data, these local businesses are more than ready to give between $1K and $5K every month for these kinds of services. Besides, you will get support from a huge number of successful agencies.

The good thing about this process is that the processes of consumer intake, sales, as well as customer fulfillment, are all automated.

How does the 30-Day Agency Work?

It usually begins with a username and password. Here, you will receive these credentials to enable you to sign in to the course area. There are several active agencies within the community area where you’ll be placed.

Additionally, you’ll have access not only to the private community area, but also personal coaching from a professional coach who makes a five-figure income from the program itself.

How Long Does it take to see the Results?

Averagely, it takes roughly thirty days for you to complete the entire program. Afterward, you can have your personal online business up and operational. Thus, it’s possible to start making money instantly after a month. However, based on your efforts, it can take longer.

Sold Out Courses

Just like the program described above, the Sold Out Course is typically an online coaching program that’s made to teach you how to create online courses on your own.

How does this Program Work?

With Sold Out Courses, you’ll first get a username and password. Secondly, you will get an inside member to show you how the processes work upon signing in. In this process, the inside member shows you how to receive coaching calls, bonuses, and private groups.

Notably, you will gain access to two weekly coaching calls; one from Dan Henry and the other one from a professional coach.

How Long will the Results Take?

Like the 30-Day agency program, it comes down to your work ethic and speed. Some individuals who signed up on the program allege that they started seeing beneficial success after a month. Others say that there’s an increase in their profits.

Besides the above training programs, Get Clients has YouTube videos, Facebook groups, and email support for their prospects and clients.

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How to Make Money with Get Clients?

Get Clients is ideal for users that are looking forward to making money on the internet. If you do not mind using thousands of dollars learning how to design and operate a digital marketing agency, then Get Clients is a perfect fit for you.

Furthermore, Get Clients suits you, especially if you’re a marketer who is looking forward to starting an advertising agency or even an agency that needs to receive much better outcomes.

Another thing is that it suits the individuals that have no problem in providing customer support after accumulating consumers.

Also, you may see this platform as a perfect fit if you have got a skill that you need to impart to other members. Here is where you design and sell online courses to make some cash from the internet.

All in all, Get Clients isn’t your thing if you find it hard, spending a lot of money and time on learning and implementation.

You also have to keep in mind that Get Clients is a very risky business model that has stiff competition. With this in mind, you will have to spend a lot of time and offer nothing but the best results to your customers to gain more trust and authority in the business model.

Thus, unless you are able, willing, and ready to do that, Get Clients is certainly not the best place for you to make money.

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Get Clients Ugly Truths Revealed!

It’s Very Risky and Costly

Unfortunately, any platform that offers high earning potentials also seems to come with high costs and risks. It is important to note that Dan’s programs are not cheap. In fact, the program is designed for users who are ready to spend at least $1,000.

Stiff Competition

It would be wise to note that you are not the only individual who is getting started into this market and attempting to look for business persons to help.

Thus, in order to become successful in this business model, you need to possess a colossal authority and perhaps earn an incredible reputation to gain trust.

It Can be Quite Irritating to Deal with the Leads

Immediately you start accumulating your leads, and it will come a time you’ve to maintain them. First, it will become your duty to answer all the countless questions they may be having.

Whenever you get minimal results for the consumers, it will only lead to more and more frustrations. If you receive good results, on the other hand, you will get a few questions to answer.


What I Like About Get Clients

  • The platform teaches you how to sell your courses.
  • With the platform, it will be easier to get the local business clients.
  • The taught strategies work perfectly.
  • It assures a limitless earning potential.


Is Get Clients a Scam?

Get Clients is a legit platform that allows you to make money on the internet. Nonetheless, it may turn out to be quite difficult to become successful with this business model, with countless users doing the same online.

With this, you must become extremely good at it and get reputation and trust for you to get the high-paying leads.

Without good leads, you will rarely make any substantial income via this platform. Furthermore, you can use a lot of time to learn and implement the training given by Get Clients.

All in all, if you have more customers, you can make some good cash. But again, you need to cough out roughly $1,000 or even more to buy the program and try whether it suits your demands.

If you find this too much money to invest in this program, there are other better alternative like my no.1 recommended resources which provides a free trial that doesn’t even required a credit card.


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GetClients at a Glance

Name: Get Clients


Owner: Dan Henry

Price: $997 Plus

Overall Scam Rank: 5.3 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, But Expensive Compare to Other Program Out There

Get Clients

$997 Plus





Overall Quality



  • Teaches You How to Sell Your Courses
  • Helps You Get the Local Business Clients
  • Limitless Earning Potential


  • Very Risky and Costly
  • Stiff Competition
  • Quite Irritating to Deal with the Leads

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