Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam? Make Money While Playing?

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam?


game jobs online review


Product Name: Gaming Jobs Online

Price: $1 trial fee (for a week) + $27/month

Owner: Anonymous

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Verdict: A website that lures in people by using a misleading sales pitch.


Earning money through video games seems like a dream that many young adults often have. If you ask someone if they’d consider leaving their job to play games for money, many would say YES, unsurprisingly. That’s why companies like Gaming Jobs Online are gaining popularity online.


Many companies online are claiming that they can help people earn money online by playing games. Whether or not this is true still needs to be checked, and that’s what I am going to do.


This article is going to be a review of a company called Gaming Jobs Online. We’re going to look at its claim of “Get Paid To Play Video Games Today!”


But first, we need to ask the question, “is game testing even a career?”


The answer to that is YES. There are many people earning through testing games but there needs to be clarification about the actual job description.


Contrary to what many people think, game testing isn’t just playing games. It’s actually about testing bugs and ironing out the gameplay of the game that is being tested. In short, game testers are tasked to repeat the game over and over again to ensure that there are no weird glitches or bugs in place.


If you think this is a cushy job, you are very wrong. It’s a very taxing job, mostly because of it being so repetitive. Imagine repeating a game level for hours on end because the developers want to ensure that everything is running smoothly. That’s what 90% of game testing entails.


The question now is, “does Gaming Jobs Online actually provide you with that kind of job?”


To answer that question, I need to do deep research, and that’s what I’m about to do. To learn more about this program and to see if it’s worth your time or not, you should finish reading this review.


What Exactly Is Gaming Jobs Online?


In the section above, I’ve discussed what game testing actually is.


Gaming Jobs Online makes it seem like that’s what they are offering to their potential users. If you go to their website, you will see words like “earn while you play” or “discover how to earn money by testing games.”


The website looks professional enough so I decided to further my research and actually become a member. Once there, you will soon notice the sudden tone shift about the job description. What was once a focused “game tester” website has now become a generic online paid survey program.


That’s right.


This website is actually not exactly a gaming testing company but an online paid survey provider. While they also offer gaming questionnaires and surveys for their users, it is only a minor part of their operation. The fact that they use it as some sort of marketing headline doesn’t feel right at all.


What Do You Need To Do To Earn?


As I’ve already established that this website is not exclusively into game testing, but a generic online survey provider, it’s fair to say that I’ve crushed the hopes of my readers now.


If you are looking for a game test, then this company is not for you! But if you are looking to get some extra cash by answering surveys or becoming a part of a demographic study, then you should stay put and finish this review.


Here is the list of things that would help you earn in Gaming Jobs Online:


gaming jobs online pay rate


Are All Their Claims About Earnings True?


What you will notice about their claims is the range given so large. For instance, on their online survey page, the range is $5 – $75. They even have a “make up to $150” which is a bit misleading if I we’re being honest.


This could mean that there are some cases that can hit $150 but for the majority of the surveys, the rate is actually under $5.


Speaking from experience though, I can tell you that the actual average is way below that. If you read reviews and feedback, you will also get the sense that they are lying about the range. The true earning potential seems to be just $1 across the board.


Yes, that’s right! $1 for an online survey.


If you want to sign into becoming a test subject for a video game or movie trailer, the rate is higher but you won’t be able to hit that $25/hour mark they throw about. Not even close.


And the truth is, you’re unlikely to get the gig because the demand is so low, and the competition is so high.


Is This Program Free To Join?


Given that this is just another online survey site, it should be free, right?


Surprisingly, the answer is NO. This is not a free site to use.


If you want to access this website, you would need to get on their trial which costs $1. Should you decide to become a full-time member, you would need to pay $27/month. But take note though – the trial is only for a week and you will get billed if you fail to cancel before the 7th day.


You will receive a training material on how you can start your own gaming channel when you become a member. And while the actual content is actually somewhat informative, personally, I wouldn’t pay a recurring $27 monthly payment for it due to the fact that it’s not being updated monthly.


The Good And The Bad Of Gaming Jobs Online


I will list of the bad things about this company. I won’t expound each and every one of these issues because all of them are pretty much self-explanatory.


The Bad


  • Misleading claims
  • It’s not a “game testing” website
  • Fake reviews and testimonials
  • Has connections with other known scam companies
  • Even online surveys are scarce
  • Game testing gigs are basically MIA
  • It’s not a free site unlike 90% of all online surveys out there


Sample of a fake review from their website

The Good


The truth is, I can’t think of anything positive thing to say about this company at all. Perhaps this is due to the website starting with a lie outright. I mean, it claimed to be a website all about gaming but we now know for a fact that it isn’t true.


Final Thoughts – Should I Consider This Program?


Gaming Jobs Online is not a scam, per se.


However, I won’t recommend it to anyone. The sales pitch they use is misleading. It’s so misleading that even if are actually qualified, you won’t be able to get into a good game testing job using this company.


This website isn’t about game testing anyway. It’s an online survey or GPT (get paid to) website that is masquerading itself as a hip and cool company that is all about games.


You will soon learn that that is not the case. And as I’ve said, game testing isn’t some cushy job that you would enjoy. This industry has a high attrition rate because of the nature of the work.


Remember that you will be responsible for finding bugs and glitches which means that you should pour in hours and hours of repetitive work.


In short, Gaming Jobs Online is nothing but a bust.


How To Actually Make Money


I know that you are here because you are searching for ways to make money online. Unfortunately, you did not find it here because this company turns out a dud.


To tell you the truth, most of the companies I’ve reviewed are duds, and I’ve reviewed lots of them, more than 600 at the time of this writing. This just goes to show you how widespread scams are.


Luckily for you, with all this knowledge that I’ve gathered, I managed to build a list of trustworthy money-making programs. In fact, I’m using several of them right now.


And as a token of appreciation to you, because you managed to finish this article, I will give you my #1 recommendation and the primary reason I am able to make money online. Click the link if you want to learn more about it. If I can do it, you can, too!

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