Is Freedom With Writing A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Is Freedom With Writing A Scam?

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam? Important review facts!

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Freelance writing has become one of the fastest growing jobs in the US. and countries in Europe and Asia. It comes with a great number of benefits such as you can get rid of the morning to evening job and gain healthy work-life balance, it can also help you achieve time and financial freedom all at the comfort of your home.


Are you looking for a way to make full time income or an extra bucks with your amazing writing skill? Then a freelance platform like Freedom With Writing may have come up on your radar.


You might ask what is Freedom With Writing all about? Is Freedom With Writing scam or Legitimate?

Is it a good starting point for a freelance writing career?


Freedom With Writing is a website that offers a list of companies hiring now for writers that you can sign up, choose your assignment, and get paid.


They also help you find other writing jobs and articles to help you become a successful, published, freelancer. All delivered through email.


Some of the popular paid publishing opportunities on their website include 28 publishers that pay $200+ per article, $10,000 writing contest on ‘Utopia’, 15 publishers seeking pitches (earn $1 per word) and much more.


However, Freedom With Writing reviews argue that FWW might not be all its cracked up to be. The many Freedom With Writing reviews online argue that the service they have received may be just a scam.


Writers complaints include hard to get writing jobs, no training, no support and the platform is only for experienced writers, not for a complete newbie to get started with freelancing.


But on the flip side, there are writers that praise the platform in their Freedom With Writing reviews saying that they are legit and free to join, the site recommend only legit websites, get tons of writing opportunities.


So, is Freedom With Writing a scam or is Freedom With Writing legit? Let’s take a look at the evidence to find out in the Freedom With Writing review.


In the Freedom With Writing Review, learn everything you need to know before you subscribe to them and also find out whether you will actually make money or it will just be wasting it.


So let’s get right to it!


Freedom With Writing Overview

Name: Freedom With Writing

Owner: Jacob Jans


Price: Free to Subscribe

Summary: No, Freedom With Writing isn’t a scam. They send you writing jobs and articles to help you become a successful, published, freelance writer. You can get started for free and started right away. You get a list of legitimate companies of hiring right now, so you can sign up, choose your assignments, and get paid. However, the major downside is that it is a platform that doesn’t offer training, tools and support. So, I would say it is great, but not for a complete newbies.

Overall Rank: 4.3 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but not for newbies

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Exactly What Is Freedom With Writing?

Freedom With Writing is basically a website which connects you to freelancing sites which then send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and the best articles they can produce. Basically, it is a web magazine for freelance writers.


The site contains a list of legitimate freelancing websites recommended by Jacob to help you get started a career as a successful freelance writer.


They provide with a list of companies that hire freelance writers in need of them. Their latest paid writing opportunities include:

  • 28 Publishers that pay $200+ per articles
  • $10,000 writing contest on ‘Utopia’
  • 15 publishers seeking pitches ( Earn $1 per word)
  • Chicken Soup for Soul Announces Last-Minute call for essays
  • 6 calls for Covid-19 related articles ($50- 500 per articles)
  • 25 themed called for submissions (No- fiction, essays, etc.)
  • 10 calls for short stories ($100 to $500 per story)


One of the main reasons people are starting to ask the question, ” is Freedom With Writing a scam? is because the site doesn’t offer you actual writing jobs. You have to sign up with their recommended third party websites to write for them and get paid.


Website like Freedom With Writing doesn’t have a great reputation for offering writing jobs and supports. so, is this Freedom With Writing worth join? I’d say more yes than no because you get a plenty of worthwhile insights about writing stuff.


While it appears that Freedom With Writing is a great platform that could help you make money from writing, many Freedom With Writing reviews tell of difficulties getting writing jobs, their third party’s client pay too small, and hard to made a decent income.


Yes, you’re getting paid by their third party’s client, but it is too small in most cases you’re better off trying something else.


Why Freedom With Writing such a big draw? It is because they don’t actually offer writing jobs. They are just link you with other freelance websites. No substance!


Another factors that causes many to pull trigger on Freedom With Writing promises even though they may wonder, ” is Freedom With Writing worth joining?”


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How Does Freedom With Writing Work?

Their registration process is fast and easy. You do need only an active email address to subscribe to them.


Immediately after you sign up, they send you a review of companies with freelance writing jobs, paid publishing opportunities, and articles to help you succeed as writers.


Here is a screenshot:

Freedom With Writing: Writer jobs offer


The more you sign up for their third party’s sites, the more assignments you’ll be emailed to you to do which technically means you can earn more money. One thing that is good about Freedom With Writing is that you can gain access for free which means no upfront fee.


When signing up to these sites, I usually prefer entering an alternative email in case I get spam. When I signed up to Freedom With Writing, I was given a list of freelancing companies which I would earn money.


If you want to know how to launch your freelance writing career, they recommend you to watch a free webinar how to get started.


Here’s a video their recommended free webinar

If you want to get your creative writing published, they also have Authors Publish Magazine website that you can sign up for free. The website will send you publishers that accept submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.


Our Freedom With Writing review found out that the website recommended legit websites that make it feel like there might not be a scam.


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Is It Safe to Sign Up with Their Third Party’s Client?

Among Freedom With Writing reviews, you will find that the site isn’t offer you writing jobs. Instead, they are just a middleman for other websites. So, you might ask, “is it safe to sign up for Freedom With Writing third party clients?”


The answer to this question is both Yes and No, because it depends on how their third party clients process your personal information. They might sell your personal info to other companies which result in lots of spams in your inbox.


I would suggest that you might think twice about the questions, “is it safe to sign up for Freedom With Writing third party clients” before you make a decision. Or you will want to read their clients term and conditions thoroughly.


FWW’s Privacy Policy reads ” Your personal information is never shared, sold, bartered, or exchange with anyone. We take your privacy seriously”. While this may see great, but it doesn’t necessary mean that their third party doesn’t sell your personal information to other companies.


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The Pros Vs. Cons Of Freedom With Writing


  • Free to sign up.
  • Minimum investment required.
  • You don’t need expensive tools or prior experiences in order to get started.
  • Not a huge amount of hype.
  • Offer some good advice on freelancing.


  • They make vague claims about earning.
  • They don’t offer an extensive training how to become a good writer.
  • They are just a middleman company. They don’t pay you or offer you writing jobs.
  • It’s not a viable business opportunity since you don’t own the website.
  • You can’t make a living with them.


Who Is Freedom With Writing For?

Freedom With Writing is meant for anyone looking to make extra cash as a writer and ultimately make a living through doing freelance writing jobs. Anyone can do it as far as you have a good command of English and grammar.


The only issue with them as a company is that they don’t pay you. Your earning is depending on their third party’s you sign up for.


Compare to most of the job sites out there that charge for upfront fees to sign up for them, you may go for Freedom With Writing. It’s all up to you.


Can You Really Make a Comfortable Living as a Freelance Writer?

Yes. Tons of writer work part time or full time and earn a decent income to help over the bill and generate streams of income from home. If you have the skills and the motivation, you are better give it a shot because the demand for good writers is endless.


Good writers are hard to find, especially for specialized niches. Don’t get me wrong. Every business and every industry needs good writers. Sounds great, right? It took me more than two years to find my favorite writer.


Then, you might ask, “how much you can make as a writer?” It depends on too many factors. A lot of writers are satisfied with low paying gigs and prefer anonymity. They choose simple projects for little money, to satisfy their needs without stress.


Some writers choose difficult task and land contracts with huge company and make a big money. In fact, what you make will depend on how good you are, what you choose to write, and how much you are willing to work.


There’re key ways to show that you’re an actually a freelance writer when you’ve never freelance wrote in your life!


Start With a Simple Website to Show Your Works

This is the simplest way to show your work. Building a simple website doesn’t cost a fortune. You can get started for free and it takes only 32 second to create a live website.


Give a plenty of time researching the topic you are going to write about. Write some samples and publish your work.  Good writers are straight forward, actionable, and dynamic. Even they can make boring stuff interesting and complex stuff simple. If you can do that you can be a good writer.


Apply for Gigs

Once you have writing samples to show, potential customers, you can start applying for gigs on freelance platform such as, Fiverr, UpWork, HireWriters, and more. Winning gigs depends on your ability to craft the perfect pitch for each website.

Start Guest posting

Guest posting is writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. It is a great way to connect with your reader and get your name out.


Writing with a reader in mind is critical to success. The goal is to establish a meaningful connection with your readers.


My Final Opinion: Is Freedom With Writing A Scam?

Freedom With Writing is very much like the various websites you find on the web that offer a list of freelance writing job opportunities.


They might not be a scam that we are all used to see online, but it is definitely you should be wary when you sign up to their third-party clients.


I don’t think they pre-screened the companies that they recommend you to sign up for. So, be careful of giving your personal information to their clients. That is unless you want your inbox full of spam email.


Another issue is you’re going to be able to depend on this for any real money because the pay from Freedom With Writing’s third party’s client is so low that isn’t worth your time and effort.


What Now

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Do you happen to have any previous experience with Freedom With Writing that you would like to share with everyone else here today?


Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



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Freedom With Writing at a Glance

Name: Freedom With Writing

Owner: Jacob Jans


Price: Free to Subscribe

Overall Rank: 4.3 Out of 10


Freedom With Writing

Free to Join





Overall Quality



  • Free to Sign Up
  • You Don't Need Specific Skill to Get Started
  • The Offer a Good Advices for Freelance Writers


  • They are Just a Middleman
  • They are not a Great Business Opportunities
  • You Can't Make a Living with Them

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