Is Exitus Elite A Scam? Can You Trust This Program?

Is Exitus Elite A Scam?


exitus elite review


This is a review of a program called Exitus Elite. It is a program that is designed to help people earn money online by selling different kinds of products. It’s not a unique product in the sense that there are literally thousands of others just like it, if not more. The reason I am going to review this product is that there’s been a surge in its popularity for the past couple of years. Even though it was launched in 2014, only now is it starting to gain popularity.


But before we start with the review, I feel like I need to give you my qualifications. I’ve been reviewing online money-making programs for several years now. I’ve reviewed several hundreds of them already, in the 500s now, I think. Basically, if a product is generating a buzz online, I review it. I do that to help my readers and researchers determine if the product is worth their time. I can’t give you the exact figure but a good chunk of the products I review turn out to be just scams. A good percentage of my reviews turn to be mediocre programs. Only a handful of programs I can truly say are good, to the point of recommendation.


The hope for this program is for it to turn out as one of the good ones – and that’s exactly why we are here today. But first, I want to introduce you to one of the best programs I’ve come across in my career as a product reviewer.


My #1 Recommendation – It’s one of the first products that I’ve reviewed and it turned out to be one of the best products there is. I personally use it and have had many friends use it, too. They have nothing but good things to say about this product.


Now that’s out of the way, let’s start with the review.


What Exactly Is Exitus Elite?


Exitus Elite is a program launched in 2014 by a man named Paul Stevenson. If you do a quick research about Paul Stevenson, you will learn that he had been involved in many companies that are now defunct. That fact alone somewhat brings down my confidence about this product. To be fair, successful people sometimes do suffer a lot of failures before they find success, but I digress.


Once you go to the main website of Exitus Elite, you will learn that it actually does not say a lot about the product at all. They seem to only say vague things about the product, trying hard to avoid any specific about its function. I don’t know if that’s deliberate but from my experience, companies that are not upfront with how their company works seem dishonest.


If you are able to peel the layers though, you will learn that it’s actually an MLM company masquerading itself as a cash gifting business. This is not the first time a company has done this. Many MLM companies make sure to veer their image away from MLM and into something more acceptable. In this case, cash gifting business was their choice.


How To Become A Member?


To become a member, you must pay a joining fee of $100 but this is only for the basic membership. There are several upsells that you need to be aware of, the first of which comes in at $250. This includes several add-ons. Their next add-on is for $500 which includes a course along with a separate training program that you can use. Their final membership plan is $1000 is called Elite package wherein you will have access to all the training and courses and also a better compensation plan.


Now, the next question that you may think of is all those add-ons are worth it. Think about it – that’s a $900 difference. That’s huge.


exitus elite scam


What I Like About Exitus Elite


The only thing that I liked about Exitus Elite is you have the potential to make money – which to be honest, I can say to just about any MLM companies in the market today. If you manage to recruit a couple of active recruiters, you have the chance to hit it big because of the high payout threshold of this company. That being said, you would have to be incredibly lucky for it to happen. It’s a positive thing nonetheless.


What I Don’t Like About Exitus Elite


Based on what I’ve read about the product, their training module seems to be very dated. Most of the training they provide can be found easily on YouTube where it’s also free to boot. Something is not right when you pay $1000 for something that is already available for free.


Compared to other MLM companies, Exitus Elite does not provide actual tangible products. Instead, they only give their members several training modules and that’s it. The thing that you pay for basically is their promise to give you a valuable amount of training module which sadly isn’t the case.


This MLM company seems to be only about recruitment and nothing more. What you get from your membership does not really offer much value. In turn, your only option to earn from this program is to recruit. An MLM is not going to last a long time if the only way for you to earn is through recruitment. That is the case here.


The Conclusion


I’ve seen and reviewed so many MLM companies go up in flames because they focus on the ‘recruitment’ part of their business. There needs to be a balance. The best MLM companies in the business are those who focuses both on direct-selling and recruitment. Doing it this way allows for a more organic flow of products and money which is like Economics 101.


With all that being said, I simply can’t recommend this MLM company to anyone. There are a lot of better alternatives that you can find. If you are interested in learning more about my other MLM company reviews, you can go here.



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