Is Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits A Scam? Learn The Truth!

Is Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits A Scam?


autopilot review


Product Name: Autopilot Profits

Author: Ewen Chia

Price: $37 plus plenty of upsells

Rating: 3.2 out of 10

Verdict: The cons outnumber the pros by a hefty margin. There are plenty of better alternatives out there and you should check those out instead.


Welcome to my Autopilot Profits By Ewen Chia product review!


But first, before we start, I must congratulate you on actually doing your research before deciding whether this program is a good fit for you. I’ve seen too many people fall into this trap of buying a product as soon as they are introduced to it. That’s not the right way to do it.


If you want to make sure that your money gets spent the right way, you must first do research on the company that you’re eyeing. Far too companies out there are just scams and are only after your money. The simple act of you doing prior research means that the chance of you getting scammed has been significantly lowered.


Of course, you can always determine if the product is a scam by yourself. However, that takes time that you could’ve used elsewhere. For convenience, it’s better to just read the summary or profile of the company you’re interested in – and that’s what I’m going to do.


I am going to present you with the facts to give you a better understanding of the company you are eyeing now. I will help you weigh the pros and cons to ensure that by the end of this article, you come out knowing if this program is for you or not.


What Exactly Is Autopilot Profits?


Autopilot Profits is a program created by Ewen Chia which claims to make its users thousands of dollars within 24 hours of buying the program. This is quite the claim, and I must say, there needs to be some sort of proof because claims that grand should always come with proof.


But alas, there really is no proof apart from a couple of screenshots (which you can fake easily) and their words. Should you hold Ewen Chia’s words in high regard? Well, that’s up to you. But personally, I rarely believe anything I see on the internet unless there’s some explicit proof of it being real.


Onto the claims – Ewen claims to make you up to $3,460.25 within 24 hours of purchasing the program. I don’t even know how they arrived to that number, but one thing’s for sure – something feels a bit off about this program.


In summary, Autopilot Profits is basically a course, an online training module, if you must, that supposedly teaches you how to go about online money making. Ewen claims to have found the ‘secrets’ of online money making and he’s willing to share it to you.


About The Author Ewen Chia


I am happy to tell you that Ewen Chia is in fact a real person.


It’s a welcome change to the usual ‘fake persona’ that’s been plaguing this industry for years. Usually, companies like this use a fake person which has become the standard for years now. The reason for this is they don’t want to be eligible for any lawsuits should their users turn back on them, which is usually the case here.


The fact that Ewen Chia is a real person is a welcome sight. Here he is below with celebrities.


ewen chia real


Now, I’m not saying that real person = legitimacy. I’m just saying that it being scam is less likely because they have a reputation to uphold.


How Does Autopilot Profits Work?


Due to the nature of this program – it being a somewhat ‘secretive’ system, the information about how it all works is pretty vague.


They have very basic explanation of how this program works but it doesn’t go beneath the surface. It offers an elementary level of understanding.


If you read between the lines, it’s about email marketing and how you can leverage this service to convince people to buy into the program. In short, it’s a course to help you become more convincing in your emails. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but it’s pretty much like that.


I feel like it doesn’t need an explanation as to how this is a problematic approach. You’re being told to trust into a program that claims to help you make your first million on the internet. All of that without providing actual proof. See, the problem?


How Much Does It Cost?


Most users only consider the cost but overlooks the time investment that you’re going to make. For instance, if the program has a 100-hour course, of course, you will need to spend that time studying the program. If the program turns out a bust, you did not just lose money but lost time as well.


For this program, the total cost is $37. But that’s just the introductory price, and is honestly quite misleading. This program is riddled with upsells that if you bought every add-on that it comes with, you’ll run a bill closer to $2,000.


All that from a $37 introductory price! How deceitful is that?


Below is a screenshot of each and every one of the upsells.


autopilot profits


Who Can Benefits From Autopilot Profits?


In case you haven’t figured out my stand on this company through my countless shades against it, I will tell you now – this isn’t a good program.


Ewen Chia is even using age-old scarcity tactics claiming that there are only 9 slots left when we all know for a fact that it is a lie. It’s a lousy method used by con men to make it look like their product is in demand.


That being said, I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this product to anyone. So, the answer to the question above is “no one.”


Red Flags About Autopilot Profits


The owner of this program claims to help you make $3,460.25 within the first 24 hours but we all know that his isn’t possible. What’s more, is Ewen claims that you will earn that much without doing anything.


What a load of BS.


That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. If you want to earn on the internet, you must be prepared to work hard, and products that tell you otherwise are lying through their teeth. If you want a program that tells you like it is, I can definitely recommend you something.


If you want an honest and trustworthy program, perhaps you would want to check out my #1 most recommended program. I’ve been using it myself for years now and it’s only given me good success. No outrageous claims, lies, or anything of that sort. This program will outright tell you that you need hard work to succeed – and that is telling the truth if I ever saw one.


Now, back to the red flags. Ewen Chia is no stranger to launching faulty or scammy products. In fact, he has launched closed to 15 affiliate marketing course, all of them pretty much a carbon-copy of each other. In his 20-year career, he has managed to launched 14 programs, and not one of them turns out good. This is because they’re pretty much the same.


But I got to give it to Ewen Chia – he’s a pretty good promoter and advertiser which is the only reason he makes that much money. You, on the other hand, won’t really make much if you buy his program. He makes money from you, not the other way around.


The Verdict – Is Autopilot Profits Just A Waste Of Time?


The answer is a resounding YES!


This program is a waste of time. You will have a better time spending that money on literally anything else that is not another marketing scam.


I’ve already linked a good alternative to this program above. Check it out if you want to see how real the program should perform. I’ll link it here again for you.


My Recommended Program


Back to Ewen Chia.


Can you trust someone to be your mentor if he has other 10+ similar programs that died out only a few years apart? This is evidence enough that this program is a ‘hit it and quit it’ type of system, and you don’t want to have this as your first affiliate marketing experience.

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