Is Evolution Travel A Scam? A New Kind Of MLM?

Is Evolution Travel A Scam?


evolution travel scam


If you ask adults what they want to do when they retire, a good majority would have “to travel the world” as their answer. It’s true. A lot of people love to travel and learn about other places, their cultures, languages, and people. It’s an exciting and unique experience that you only get to do if you have enough money because let’s face it, travel isn’t cheap. If you are traveling abroad, it will be a hell of a lot more expensive compared, to say, when you travel locally. Because of the cost of travel, only a small percentage could afford to do it consistently. Most of the time, people would look for discounts and coupons just to afford their travel or vacation because of how pricey it is.


Fortunately for you, there are plenty of companies that offer a discount, promos, and vouchers for travel. This company I am about to review is one of them. The name of the company is Evolution Travel which is an MLM company that will allow you to earn money via referrals and recruitment.


What Exactly Is Evolution Travel?


Evolution Travel is a company that will have you earning money by referring customers and affiliates. It’s an MLM company that is in the travel industry and niche. It’s a one of a kind program because most MLM companies have products and other items as offerings. This company, however, only has travel packages as their main item. You mainly earn by recruiting people into the program but that’s not the only option for earning. I will discuss their compensation packages in the next section of my article.


Who’s The Man Behind Evolution Travel?


David McCovy is the CEO and creator of Evolution Travel. This company is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada where it was launched back in 2015. According to the about page on their website, David is a lifelong entrepreneur who has ventured into numerous kinds of businesses that founded differing levels of success. Overall, David McCovy has become a figure in so many industries because most of his ventures have turned into great success.



Evolution Travel Products


Evolution Travel offers their members access to all kinds of discounts in the travel industry. Members will have access to discounts like:


  • Discount Flights
  • Discount Rental Cars
  • Discount on all kinds of bookings
  • Discount on Cruises


They are able to offer discounts because of their partnership with Archer Travel, a travel company that has been operating since 1952. Ron Archer, the CEO of Archer Travel Group, is a long-time partner of Evolution Travel which makes it possible to get the best discounts on the platform.



The discounts are very similar to the offers that more popular sites like Trivago are offering. And while Evolution Travel offers discounts like Trivago, they have other avenues of earning potential for their members. I will discuss it in the section down below.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?


At the time of this writing, the joining fee is $299 but you are eligible to a $30 discount if you join using an affiliate link from one of the members. Take note that this is an active membership MLM company which means that you will need to pay a recurring fee of $70 in order for your account to stay active. If you fail to stay active, any of your recruits or referrals will be put in the “pending” section, and will only be credited to your account when you resume your membership. If you stay inactive for too long or miss the membership fees for consecutive months, Evolution Travel can have your membership cut off instantly.


Evolution Travel Ranks And Commission Packages


Evolution Travel has an MLM compensation plan structure that gives you several ways to earn commissions. You can earn a commission if you directly refer a person or build a network of people under you. You can think of their compensation plan as an analog to the most traditional MLM scheme but their main product is travel discounts and promos.


Just like any other MLMs, there are several tiers or ranks that you can qualify once you reach a certain point. The higher the rank, the bigger the commission you get for every referral. I will post a breakdown of the different rankings below.


Overall, there are 14 ranks to qualify from, which are sort of similar if you think it. Basically, the more you refer, the higher your rankings will be. The first rank would be that of a Consultant which basically qualifies you once you sign up. The qualifications for the rankings would be more stringent, the higher up you go, with the highest being an 8 Star Platinum Rank, which needs you to have at least 100,000 downlines. This ranking is reserved only for the oldest and most active members.


  • Consultant Rank – You are qualified if you are a member
  • Executive Consultant Rank – You need to sign up 3 Consultants
  • Bronze Consultant Rank – You need to sign up 6 Consultants
  • Silver Consultant Rank – You need to sign up 9 Consultants
  • Gold Consultant Rank – You need to sign up 15 Consultants but 3 of those 15 must have a Silver Consultant rank or higher. This one is the hardest one to achieve on this tier since it will require that a part of the group is actively seeking recruitments.


The next tier of rankings would make you a heavy-duty member. Before you can reach this tier, you need to be an active member and more focused on building your downline as a whole.


  • Platinum Consultant Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 300 members
  • 1 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 500 members
  • 2 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 1,500 members
  • 3 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 3,000 members
  • 4 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 9,000 members
  • 5 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 15,000 members
  • 6 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 30,000 members
  • 7 Star Platinum Rank – Your downline needs to have at least 50,000 members
  • 8 Star Platinum Rank — Your downline needs to have at least 100,000 members


Honest Thoughts About Evolution Travel


  • MLM Compensation Plan


In my years of reviewing online money-making schemes, this is the first time I have come across an MLM product that is in the travel industry. Their items are discounts and promos which makes it a very unique opportunity for its members.


  • 2-Level payout system


They are a unique company but their compensation plan is very similar to most traditional MLM companies on the market today. They use a 2-level payout system which pays 80% of the booking sales to the referring member and 10% for the second level.



Evolution Travel also offers another kind of commission in the form of company bonuses each month to encourage their members to improve their performance. The actual amount can fluctuate since it is dependent on many factors. You can opt into this package once you reach an executive

Rank or higher.



Evolution Travel gives out bonus evolution travel to the top performers. These are given monthly. But these aren’t the only bonuses they give out because they often give out different kinds of bonuses depending on the performance of the company.


Honest Verdict About Evolution Travel


The information about this company is murky at best, with no available “real” review. Most of the reviews you would see on the internet are made by actors and bots, which makes me wary of the actual reputation this company has.


So, to answer the question – Is Evolution Travel a scam? The answer is an uncertain NO. On paper, it does not appear to be a scam. However, if you look in closely, you will see traces of pyramid scheme-ness on its compensation plan. They don’t really offer any products or items apart from these travel “discounts” and “promos” but they could just be saying that. It is possible that all of those are just front to make it seem like their program is real.


If you want a legit program that is proven to make you money if you stick to the program, you should take a look at my #1 recommended program. It’s a simple program that I’ve been using for some time now, and it seems like most of the people I recommended the program to are happy with it.


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