Is Epic CPA Alchemy A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Is Epic CPA Alchemy A Scam?- Important Review Facts!

Name: Epic CPA Alchemy


Owners: Flemin Goh & Liming Wu

Price: $8.16 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

There are just too many ” Epic CPA Alchemy Review ” with the word “bonus” attached to them. So, I decided to do one of my own with a more unbiased approached.

Rather than writing about how you can get a reward for signing up under my link, I would like to give you more information on this product so you can see if this product for you or not.

Within the following review, I’ll be showing you whether this product could potentially be worth your time or if you’re better off exploring other options to Make Money Online.


What Is Epic CPA Alchemy All About?

Epic CPA Alchemy is a new online marketing training course that was launched on March 16, 2017, by Flemin Goh and Liming Wu. Recently, there is a lot of noise around the internet.

They claim that their training will help you earn effortlessly $1,257 per day by following their method. You will never need to worry even if :



Bold claim. Let’s see how it stacks up.


How Does Epic CPA Alchemy Work?

Epic CPA is a 30- pages file in the form of PDF that will help you earn money by doing CPA marketing. This ebook includes the following content:



1. Overview.

This is all about the introduction to CPA marketing and the overview of the ebook. CPA stands for ” Cost- Per- Action ” when you finish an action for an ad in a CPA network, you will get paid by commission.

When it comes to CPA marketing, there are a lot of methods. On the traffic side, you can go with both free traffic and paid traffic.

In this course, you will learn how to do it with paid traffic and Facebook social ads.

2. CPA Network Account Acquisition.

This is all about how to register with CPA network. There are a lot of CPA networks out there such as Maxbounty, Peerly, are top ranking ones.

Others with CAKE tracking system like,, are also good.

They recommend using these CPA networks because these CPA networks are using CAKE tracking system that is compatible with Facebook tracking pixels.

3. Niche & Offer Selection.

Immediately after you get approved with CAKE CPA platform, you will want to select a niche or an offer.

They recommend you to pick up niches like education, insurance, home, credit repair and more.

4. Set Up Campaign Live On Facebook.

This is all about building landing pages and setting up your campaigns on Facebook.

For your landing page, they recommend you to use DreamWeaver landing page builder software or to use Instabuilder WP plugin.

You will learn how to create ad and ad images.

They also walk you through step by step how to set up your campaign on Facebook.

5. Campaign Optimization.

They show you how to increase your click-through rate by using the most important parameter like age groups, gender, region, and placement and device.

You will learn how to compare Cost- Per- Click in different regions to help you lower your CPC campaign cost.

6. Scale It Up.

You will learn how to scale up your campaigns. When you reach here, you will be ready to set up the daily budget to 2x, 4x, 7x, and then 10x. It all up to you.


Costs & Upsells Associated With This Program

The front end price of the program is between $7 and $9.97. However, the price always sits close to $8, but will not change that much.

It is pretty much common that you will see several upsells after the initial purchase. But lucky you, I am going to reveal them here.



Upsell #1. ( $17.97, downsell $13.07 ) Live Case Study.

Basically, this is an over shoulder video training. You will learn how to apply each step from the main product.

They show you exactly how they are achieving 1K profits per day with the method shared in the front end product.

Upsell #2. ( $29.97, downsell $19.97 ) Done-For-You Campaign.

You will get 3 complete proven done-for-you CPA campaigns currently that they are using and making huge profits.

You will get premium support for these campaigns and also get their previously released done-for-you campaigns as a bonus.

Upsell #3. ( $197, downsell $147 ). Premium Group Coaching.

This is a live coaching hosted for 3 months for a small group of people. Now, they set up this into 20-sessions as a coaching program.

If you’re looking for some private coaching with them, get ready to fork over $197 to do so.

If you were to add these additional features to the original cost, you’ll find that the price needed for you to make all of this work for you could be expensive.


What I Like About Epic CPA Alchemy

  • It has some information that actually useful for beginners.
  • The course is simple to understand and you get to learn step by step.
  • Good value for money.
  • I like the FB ads approach.


What I Don’t Like About Epic CPA Alchemy

  • No extensive training.
  • Outrageous claims of success- success overnight is not possible and any products that claim 1000’s of income in the first month is an absolute scam.
  • Sale page hype in some respects.
  • The price is around $8! Every system that been set up like this, do not work and the creators know.


Should You Buy Epic CPA Alchemy?

The core product consists of nothing more than a 30-pages PDF file with a few bonus attached to it.

According to the sale page, you are lead to believe that for under $10 you will start making money in no time.

This is a scammy price that has been proven to convert traffic into buyers for many years, and gurus are still using it because the price is so low and the promises are incredibly high making newbies fall for it every single time.

In my opinion, the course is nothing more than a ” charm and burn ” ebook because you will need to buy their upsells in order to sink your teeth into the meat of the training.

These are things you should keep in mind before you buy their system.


Here Is What I Really Think

All things considered I’m happy to say this is not a scam and probably worth the $8 bucks.

However, I cannot recommend it because it is easy to fall in the rabbit hole of up-sales especially if you are a newbie.

Their system relies on paid traffic. You can easily tie up thousands of dollars into this alone and if you have no idea what you’re doing.

You can really lose lots of money fast and this is what they fail to mention anywhere in the training.

I’m not saying it is impossible. You can make some money with the method they teach you, however, I don’t think you will see results as the creators say in the sale page because they are experienced marketers.

If you serious about making money online without upsells and hidden fees, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation below!

Do you happen to have any previous experience with Epic CPA Alchemy that you would like to share with everyone else today?

Tell me all about it in the comment box below! I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!



4 thoughts on “Is Epic CPA Alchemy A Scam?- Important Review Facts!”

  1. Very honest review. Thank you for that. It is in depth and very trustworthy. I am happy you provided both pros and cons also. It makes it easier to make a decision with the helpful information you provide. I also like how you give us your number one recommendation.

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks you are here.
      I always try to find the good in every program that I review and give everyone the benefits of doubt. I’ve very little good things to say about this program.
      This program is not a one stop for starting online business.

  2. Great post!
    Very informative. I really like how you are helping people not to fall in the many ‘rabbit holes’ of the internet and waste their time and money with something that’s not as profitable as it may seem. The internet can be full of good advantageous opportunities so awesome for you to point them in the right direction! 🙂
    Keep it up!

    • Hi Justine,
      First of all, thanks for leaving good words here.
      When I started out online a few years ago, I fell into the rabbit hole of upsells more than I wanted to admit before I found the program without upsells or hidden fees.
      That why I tend to recommend only legitimate program that without rabbit hole of upsells.
      BTW, thanks for stopping by.


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