Is Enroll App Scam? Are Market Research Companies Worth It?

Is Enroll App Scam?


enroll app scam


You probably stumbled here on my website because you are looking for a new way to earn money online. Perhaps you want to earn a bit of pocket money for yourself since every bit of that extra money counts. It’s also fair to assume that you are here for my review of an app called Enroll, which is the keyword that I targeted for this particular article. Whatever your reasons are for being here, I implore you to stick around because I am going to discuss online money-making strategies that you can use, but before that, let me introduce you to the program that I’ve been using for the past few years.


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But for today’s review though, we’re going to look into some program that doesn’t necessarily make you serious cash. It’s just something that you do on the side – sort of like earning pocket money. You don’t have to do anything serious in order for you to earn. The payment is directly proportional to your efforts and since the work is easy, the payment will reflect that. I will talk about the payment structure in the later parts of this article. For now, let’s discuss Enroll App’s background.


What Exactly Is Enroll App?


Enroll is a type of app that basically gathers market data for its clients. Basically, what you do is install the app and answer the questions that will be given to you. All the answers you provide will be used as data points for better demographic targeting and other marketing gimmicks.


The idea behind this app is simple. It’s safe to say that 99% of the people you know own smartphones, which they have on most of the time. The key thing here is to make all these smartphone users a potential data point for companies to take advantage of. Now, if I say it like that, it may sound nefarious, but it’s actually far from it. They really only need some basic insights that you, as a consumer, can provide. It’s like market research but you get paid for answering.


How To Make Money With Enroll App?


As I’ve said, all you have to do is provide an insight into the client using the app. One good example of a simple task that you may get asked to do is identify which logo is better, or which tagline is more powerful, so on and so forth. There are more complicated questions but the line of questioning seems very similar to the examples I’ve given.


The questions are very easy, and to be frank, you can answer them for free. But that’s where the beauty of this app is – they claim to pay you for basically providing a seemingly innocent opinion.


Once you install the app, you will be given questionnaires that you have to answer honestly. Once you’ve answered the questions, you are eligible to some payment. The payment depends on the client and the amount of effort you’ve spent on that particular gig. Ultimately, the easier the questions are, the lesser your payment will be.


How Much Money Can You Make On Enroll?


Here’s the part where you’re most interested in, I presume.


But before I give any specific amount, I would like to point out that the earning potential will differ vastly, and that’s by demographics alone. Once you factor in your location, the deviation becomes even greater. But alas, I will still give you some estimated amount of what to expect when using this program.


Before you become a full member of this platform, you will have to fill out your profile to create a preference for you. You will be asked you age, location, birth date, name, and whatnot. It’s just like filling out a regular profile elsewhere. Another thing that you will get asked is how do you prefer to answer the questions – mobile or desktop? Choose the one you like and off you go.


Are you ready for the answer?


Turns out, you will make a whopping less than $5/month using this platform, and that’s if you’re lucky. There are times wherein no survey opportunity arises for weeks on end. To give you an idea, each survey pays around $0.5 – $1.50. You would be lucky to answer 5 surveys in a month. You usually get a couple, depending on your demographic.


I’m going to be straight now and tell you that this platform isn’t looking so good right now. There are plenty of better alternatives that give out more than 5 surveys per month, and some of them pay better, too.


Honest Thoughts About Enroll App


Sadly, I can offer neither good or bad thoughts about this company at all. It seems to be like this platform is a bit unfinished, as evident by the lack of surveys available when I joined. I can go as far as saying that that is its most glaring issue. The lack of survey options has greatly reduced the potential of this app.


To be fair, the app looks sleek and easy to use. But there’s not much “using” going on in there if there aren’t any questionnaires to answer, and opinions to share. It’s like reviewing a video game console without playing a game. I hope this makes sense.


Overall, there’s really not much to see on this app, and it shows. I’ve seen plenty of better apps out there. You are better off finding those instead. If you are interested in reading more about these opportunities, you can click here – my other reviews.


The Conclusion – Final Thoughts


To answer the question – is Enroll App a scam? The answer is a big NO.


It’s a legitimate program that could’ve been so much more but is held by the lack of available activities. Yes, you can earn money from it but it’s not enough to consider it a side hustle. For a side hustle to work, you actually have to earn something, even a small amount will do. For Enroll App though, that amount is so minuscule that you have a better chance of finding change inside your living room sofa.


As you can see, I am not impressed at all by Enroll App. It’s not a scam but it could very well be because I won’t be recommending it to anyone.


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